Waitress serving meals at Fredericton eatery Waitress serving meals at Fredericton eatery

Fredericton Feast: Discover the 13 Best Restaurants for a Culinary Adventure

Fredericton, also the capital of New Brunswick, Canada, is one of the major tourist attractions for people worldwide. There are many things to notice here, both in and around the city.

Moreover, it is home to some excellent restaurants, and if you are visiting Fredericton, you should consider trying out these restaurants.

1. 13 Best Restaurants in Fredericton

1.1. 540 Kitchen & Bar

540 Kitchen & Bar is one of Fredericton’s best and most famous restaurants. They serve delicious food and offer great customer service.

Furthermore, the menu provides various cuisines ranging from Canadian classics such as Mac N Cheese and the Classic 540 Burgers to exotic seafood and chicken dishes such as their Honey Glazed Salmon salad, and their delicious Mango Butter Chicken is to die for.

Apart from their vast lunch and dinner menus, the restaurants boast excellent snacks and appetizer menus, leaving your taste buds wanting more.

Right from the first time you taste these dishes, which include Asian favorites like pork buns and the classic American chicken wings, you will love each one.

Screenshot from 540 Kitchen & Bar website
Screenshot from 540 Kitchen & Bar

A perfect meal is incomplete unless paired with a great dessert or a drink, and 540 Kitchen & Bar ensures you can try both, from the finest wine to the smoothest and perfectly balanced Skor cheesecake.

Not only is the food delicious, but the restaurant also prides itself on using fresh local ingredients, which further improves the taste of its dishes.

1.2. Snooty Fox

The Snooty Fox restaurant is famous for serving fantastic food, especially the variety of sandwiches and handmade burgers.

They have a special “Pub Fares” menu specially curated to provide diners with classic dishes such as Fish and Chips, Quasedillas, and Shepherd’s Pie prepared traditionally.

Their main fare menu comprises dishes from all around the world, including Chinese food such as the Hot & Sour Cashew Stir Fry and the famous Indian Butter Chicken, along with their Canadian New York Striploin and the big old Rack o’ Ribs, which they serve along with their special Snooty BBQ.

They also boast various sides and specials, including many chicken wings options. Whether you want them dry-spiced or covered in sauce, you can find them here.

The Snooty Fox also serves some really good desserts, including their tasty Skor Cheesecake and special Snooty Supreme Chocolate Cake, which people like a lot.

So, if you want good food in the New Brunswick area, this is the place for you.

Screenshot from The Snooty Fox website
Screenshot from The Snooty Fox

1.3. Claudine’s Eatery

If you want to eat some great food, this is the place for you; just as the restaurant says, “We serve real food, not fast food.”

Claudine’s Eatery is a fantastic family restaurant in Fredericton with a lot to offer to people visiting Fredericton and locals alike. It has an extensive and carefully curated menu, sure to have something for everyone.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with a special kids menu, and their Signature Ceasers, especially the GOAT Ceaser, garnished with a lobster roll, buttermilk fried chicken, and maple chipotle bacon, is something that everyone should try.

Claudine’s Eatery specializes in egg benedict, serving in many variations from the Mushroom & Swiss Benedict to their special Shediac Lobster Benedict.

They also have an amazing selection of omelets and special kids’ breakfast sandwiches and pancakes.

Options for dinner are no less, ranging from burgers and salads to their seafood specialties such as the Jumbo Lobster Roll and a variety of pasta.

The kids’ dinner specials include burgers, grilled cheese, and chicken and fries, giving everyone in the family something they want.

They also serve fantastic desserts made in-house daily, including their dessert croissant and the delicious coconut cream pie.

And if you don’t have the time to visit Claudine’s Eatery, you can always order food from their website.

Edmonton Eats Fredericton, NB | CLAUDINE’S EATERY

1.4. Wolastoq Wharf

Wolastoq Wharf is one of Fredericton’s most famous fine-dining seafood restaurants. The restaurant offers customers various dishes during their lunch and dinner hours.

Wolastoq Harbour offers various entrees, including their lip-smacking Lobster roll, Fish Burger, Fish and Chips, and many appetizers like the Shrimp cocktail and bacon-wrapped scallops.

A fine dining restaurant would be incomplete without some good drinks to accompany your food, and the owners of Wolataq Wharf had not forgotten this while curating its menu, which offers diners a wide variety of white and red wines such as Wine Men of Gotham Cabernet.

We urge you to visit this restaurant as it will leave you surprised and wanting more.

1.5. 11th Mile

11th Mile is one of the lesser-known Fredericton restaurants, but its food is so delicious that it can rival some of the most famous ones in Fredericton. This is a dinner-only place that serves some of the best dishes.

11th Mile is one of the best small plates in downtown Fredericton. It serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian specials, from its special Brussels sprouts to its seared salmon and pork belly.

Apart from its great food, 11th Mile is known for its craft beer scene and fine wines, including Yip Raspberry Cider, the exotic Banfi Col di Sasso, and many more.

Screenshot from 11th Mile wesbite
Screenshot from 11th Mile

1.6. The Palate

The Palate is another fine dining place known throughout New Brunswick for its craft beer scene. The restaurant is open for dine-in on all days except Sundays and Mondays and also provides the facility of delivery and takeout to its customers.

The Palate offers various cuisines, from Thai and Mediterranean to classic Canadian dishes. They serve some excellent soups, salads, and sandwiches during lunch and dinner hours, but their naan, pizzas, and bowls steal the show.

Moreover, they offer a lot of options for toppings for their bowls.

An interesting thing about The Palate is that they keep updating their wines and beers, and diners can ask their servers to brew a craft beer of the diner’s choice.

Not only this, but they also offer some great desserts that are freshly prepared, including their delicious Triple Chocolate Cheesecake.

You can always visit their website to get a good idea of their menu and prices, which they keep updating.

The Palate, Fredericton New Brunswick, Nouveau Brunswick

1.7. Isaac’s Way

Isaac’s Way might seem like your typical family diner, but it is anything but that. It has an exclusive range of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and evening hours.

Isaac’s Way has served customers in Fredericton for the past 17 years, and their ratings have always been as good.

They serve various dishes for vegetarians, vegans, and non-vegetarians alike. This includes their Court House Burger, made from grass-fed Atlantic beef, and different kinds of pasta such as their Chicken carbonara.

Isaac’ Way also offers some delicious appetizers, including dishes from around the world, like their Indian Chickpea Vegetable Samosas and their Chinese fusion Curried Lamb Spring Rolls.

They are also known for the vast array of wines and beer they offer their diners to enjoy with their exquisite meals.

1.8. Caribbean Flavas Restaurant and Catering

Caribbean Flavas Restaurant is well known in Fredericton and prides itself in serving different cuisines ranging from Indian and Caribbean to Middle Eastern and Halal.

They also serve fusion dishes such as their tasty Jamaican jerk chicken wings and Coconut chili tofu.

Screenshot from Saffron Indian website
Screenshot from Caribbean Flavas Restaurant

The Atlantic Canada region is famous for its Atlantic salmon, which they use in their mouthwatering Jerk Salmon Platter.

Not only this, but they also serve some delicious small bites during their lunch hours, including dishes like the Curry wrap, Island Jambalaya, Curry ‘Baskin’ Burger, and their Southern Fried Chicken on a fluffy Belgian Waffle.

The Caribbean Flavas is known for its friendly staff and excellent service, making everyone feel warm and welcome.

1.9. Saffron Indian Foods

If you want to eat delicious Indian food or Indian-inspired fusion dishes, this is the place for you.

They offer a wide variety of dishes ranging from the Traditional Indian dishes of curries and samosa to other Asian cuisines such as dumplings and fried rice.

They are famous in Fredericton for their tasty fresh food and excellent service. They serve a range of samosas, including the typical veg samosa and their unique Mix of Chicken and beef Samosa.

An Indian diner would be incomplete without its curries, especially butter chicken. This is something that Saffron Indian owners did not forget.

They serve an array of curries, including their Paneer Makhani, considered one of the best in Fredericton.

Apart from these traditional Indian dishes, they also serve specials like the fabulous Chicken Dum Biryani and Asian classics like dumplings and Asian fried rice chicken.

Screenshot from Saffron Indian website
Screenshot from Saffron Indian

1.10. The Cabin Restaurant

The Cabin Restaurant is the perfect place for you if you want to start your day off with a tasty meal. They are famous for their omelets, pancakes, and especially Eggs Benedict.

They offer diners every possible type of breakfast, starting with their Sausage and eggs or their fabulous steak and eggs and delicious fluffy pancakes topped with butter and honey.

This is not where you will find fancy and overcomplicated dishes, but simple and good soul food, which we crave at one point or another.

1.11. STMR 36

STMR 36 is well known across Fredericton as much for its good food and excellent service as it is for its upscale bar. The restaurant is open weekly to cater to your demands and bring you the best food you have tasted.

They serve excellent sandwiches and burgers and offer customers many North American classics like the 36 Rub Pork Ribs and Charred Half Chicken.

STMR 36 also has to offer a kids-exclusive section with dishes that we all liked growing up and will surely attract children’s attention today as well.

The STMR 36 Bar is a major attraction, which serves customers an exquisite selection of wines, craft beer, and special bar-exclusive dishes, including Double Crunch Fried Chicken and the mouthwatering Blooming Onion.

Screenshot from STMR 36 website
Screenshot from STMR 36

1.12. William’s Seafood Restaurant

This is by far one of the best seafood restaurants in New Brunswick and is perfect for seafood lovers. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients from farmers across New Brunswick and the best fish from the Atlantic.

They serve everything from clams and shrimps to scallops and lobster rolls. They also offer daily specials for their customers every week, including the Burger Platter on Mondays and the Seafood Platter on the weekends.

A Canadian diner will be incomplete if it doesn’t serve fries, poutine, and onion rings, and to no surprise, all this is served at this place.

They also have special “Above the Water” and “On the Shore” menus offering fast food diners like Hot dogs, Grilled Cheese, and delicious chicken platters.

They also have a special “Kids” menu that offers smaller portions of dishes like poutine and grilled cheese for children and a “Treats” menu, sure to attract the attention of kids and adults alike with its thick milkshakes and creamy ice creams.

After all, who can say no to a glass of tasty milkshake topped with whipped cream?

1.13. Moco Downtown Fredericton

Moco Downtown Fredericton is one of the highest-rated restaurants in New Brunswick, and rightly so, considering the fabulous food and excellent service. This is precisely the fine dining experience that you want.

Moco Downtown is an Italian-Canadian diner serving the best Italian cuisines one has ever tasted. You can order any pasta, from creamy Mushroom ravioli to tasty Shrimp spinach, Fettuccine, and lasagna.

They also serve a variety of meats, including their lip-smacking Beef Tenderloin and the Salmon Piccata.

We urge you to visit this place as it will be an experience like never before and will leave you craving more.

2. Special Mentions

Apart from these restaurants above, a few more Small Plates and diners in Fredericton are worth visiting if you are on a trip to New Brunswick.

2.1. The Hilltop Maritime Tavern

This is a typical bar & grill that offers customers cuisines like Burgers and Steaks. The place has an excellent atmosphere with live music and dance.

2.2. A Bite of Beijing

A Bite of Beijing is famous for its tasty Asian food, ranging from dumplings to jibing. Not only are the dishes mouthwatering, but the service is also excellent.


Fredericton’s culinary landscape is rich and diverse, and if you are on a trip to Fredericton or are a local who hasn’t yet tried out these restaurants in Fredericton, we urge you to try them out.

These restaurants cater to various tastes and preferences and will offer you a memorable dining experience.

So, whether you’re a foodie, a traveler, or simply someone seeking a tasty meal, Fredericton’s restaurants are ready to satisfy your taste buds and leave you craving more. Bon appétit!

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