11 Best Beaches Near Montreal—You Must Visit

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Beaches near Montreal

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In the summer, Montreal city is a paradise, and when the heat becomes intolerable, the best beaches near Montreal are wonderful places to cool down.

Alfresco drinking at the greatest rooftop bars, diving into some immaculate Montreal pools and hitting some cold beverages in some Montreal parks while soaking up the sun is only rivaled by diving in the freshwater cascades and rivers in and around the island.

Whether you’re looking to unwind on the beach or cool down with a refreshing dip, the mix of sun and golden brown sand is still the best. Moreover, there are parking lots in the beaches, so you should not have any problem with your car.

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1. Best Beaches Near Montreal

1.1. Oka National Park

This park beach is 9.2-square-mile park, located 62 kilometers from Montreal, is a beach lover’s paradise.

What makes this beach recommendable?

Without a question, Oka National Park is one of our favorite fast beach vacations from Montreal. It not only has a beautiful beach, but it also has amazing views of Lake Deux Montagnes that captivate visitors.

Pedal boating, bicycling, kayaking, and canoeing are just a few of the outdoor activities available at the park.

Expert Advice

Hike the 2.7-mile Calvaire route to add some variety to your trip. This Sulpicians-built Stations of the Cross route is rather straightforward and leads to a beautiful overlook. What’s more, guess what? This viewpoint is ideal for seeing the sunset.

1.2. Plage Saint-Zotique beach

This budget-friendly beach is located along the St Lawrence River’s shoreline, has long been a favorite family getaway.

What makes this beach recommendable?

In a variety of methods, Plage Saint-Zotique will enchant you. It’s a great site for conventional beach sports because of its crystal clear water and gentle sands. A playground, hiking paths, boat rentals, a wading pool, and a splash park are among the many things available.

It’s also the safest beach for youngsters near Montreal, thanks to lifeguards on duty, shallow waters, and lack of waves.

Advice from a professional

To reach this beach near Montreal, you must purchase tickets online. Arrive early to secure a good beach location. Because it is such a popular beach, it is frequently packed, particularly on weekends.

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1.3. Jean-Dore Beach

The closest beach to Montreal is Jean-Doré beach, fonly 5 minutes from the city center.

What makes this beach recommendable?

Are you looking for additional lake beaches that are suitable for families? Consider going to Jean-Dore Beach for the day. This beach entices guests with its crystal blue seas and beautiful sands, as well as a 15,000-square-meter swimming area.

The nicest feature is that it’s only a short ride from downtown Montreal by public transportation or bicycle.

Advice from a professional

On this beach resort, lockers are available to store your belongings. If you plan to use one of them, just make sure you carry your lock.

1.4. Lac-Saint-Joseph Beach

This sandy beach at Saint-Joseph Lake is over a mile long and is rated “A” by Canada’s Ministry of the Environment.

What makes this beach recommendable?

The only area in Quebec where you may see authentic coconut trees is at Lac-Saint-Joseph Beach. These trees are still Instagram-worthy despite being imported. Of course, sports such as jet skiing, rowing, and water slides are available at this beach.

Advice from a professional

Explore out some other attractions or obstacle course in the vicinity when you’ve gotten your fill of beach and sun. Les Vergers Lafrance, Centre d’Interprétation de la Courge du Québec, and A la Croisée des Pommes are just a few of our favourites.

1.5. Saint-Timothée Beach

This lovely beach is located inside the St. Timothee Islands Regional Park and is known as the Caribbean of Quebec.

What makes this beach recommendable?

This waterfront refuge is the ideal beach for swimming around Montreal, with moderate waves and crystal blue seas. This cove, albeit not a white sand beach, is surrounded by lush scenery and is picture-perfect.

There is also a rescue team on-site, as well as a variety of leisure activities like pedal boating and kayaking.

Advice from a professional

Take a stroll along the 2.5-kilometer, level, multifunctional track that passes across two beautiful beaches and protected forests.

This route also provides valuable information on the park’s natural surroundings, thanks to the offered interpretation panels.

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1.6. Pointe-Calumet Beach

This unusual Pointe-Calumet Beach, located 45 minutes from downtown Montreal, attracts youthful visitors with its party atmosphere.

What makes this beach recommendable?

Pointe-Calumet Beach is the place to go if you’re looking for a fun weekend beach getaway from Montreal. This beach has hosted a variety of colorful events, ranging from festivals to concerts. There are also other interesting activities available, such as kayaking and water skiing.

Advice from a professional

Are you taking your children on a vacation to this Pointe-Calumet Beach? Even though it is marketed as an adults-only beach club, there is an area dedicated to families looking to unwind.

You might also visit the Super Aqua Club, which is kid-friendly.

1.7. Major Beach Lac-des-Sables

60 kilometers from “The City of Saints” lies Lac-des-Sables’ most popular & largest beach.

What makes this beach recommendable?

Major Beach is a must-visit for any list of the top beach vacations from Montreal. It’s the ideal cure to your hectic and stressful city life, being serene and private. If you become bored, you can go canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboarding.

Advice from a professional

For your retreat on Major Beach, you won’t need to bring much food. This beach has a picnic area, a restaurant, and a snack bar. If you wish to save money on meals, you may also utilize their grill facilities.

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1.8. The Clock Tower Beach

This waterfront destination has been open since 2012 and is one of Montreal’s newest beaches.

What makes this beach recommendable?

This urban retreat, which spans 3.2 acres, Clock tower beach provides plenty of room to relax and enjoy yourself. Swimming is not permitted, though there are misting stations where you could cool down. The beach also offers spectacular views of the metropolitan skyline.

Advice from a professional

The Clock Tower Beach is a great place to watch the Old Port’s stunning fireworks shows on summer evenings.

1.9. Plage Saint Gabriel beach

This stunning beach, which has an average depth of 90 feet and a land area of 6.5 square miles, provides plenty of adventure.

What makes this beach recommendable?

Intrepid travelers will enjoy themselves at Beach Plage Saint Gabriel. The beach is ideal for sailing, SUP, kayaking, and swimming because of its ideal conditions.

There’s a picnic area on this beach area where you can get a party vibe you can even relax and enjoy the view if you’re not in the mood for some splashy thrills.

Advice from a professional

For your safety and comfort, remember to bring sunscreen, food, a first-aid kit, and other necessities. There is no restaurant or concession on this beach, unlike other beaches.

1.10. Voyageur Provincial Park

This 3,620-acre park, which was opened in 1966, contains a few beaches and around 400 campsites.

What makes this beach recommendable?

Along the Ottawa River, Voyageur Provincial Park features four spectacular beaches. What’s more, surprise! Every beach has its grilling areas, showers, and water sports rentals.

When you add in kid-friendly playgrounds and fishing options, you have the perfect mix for a memorable family vacation.

Advice from a professional

Within the park, there isn’t a long, adrenaline-pumping path. However, there are a few short paths that allow you to appreciate the park’s splendor. The one-mile Coureur des Bois walk takes you through a variety of aquatic and terrestrial environments.

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1.11. Douglass Beach

Douglass Beach is located just 80 minutes from Montreal, is an underappreciated family vacation.

What makes this major beach recommendable?

Douglass is without a doubt one of the nicest beaches in Canada, located near Montreal.

This beach offers Volleyball courts, swimming, outdoor showers, lifeguards, beach volleyball, a snack bar, and picnic tables overlooking the ocean making this waterfront marvel ideal for families. There are also several walking trails near the shore.

Advice from a professional

Pay a visit to Lac-Brome, a tiny and picturesque village. Trust me when I say that the town’s attractions, such as the Brome County Museum, Les Champs Vallons, and Espace Mosaik, will delight you.

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If you’re in Canada and searching for a cheap destination to visit, the best beaches near Montreal is the place to go. The cultural significance of the city is very inspiring. To put it bluntly, it’s a mash-up of pleasure, festivals, the arts, and delectable cuisine.

Also, it’s practically hard to miss the golden sand beaches in Montreal, which are designed to capture your attention with their beauty and charm. Escape to these blazing beaches near Montreal for a laid-back holiday that will make you feel like you’re in a weird dream.

Montreal, a city brimming with pleasure, festivals, the arts, and delectable cuisine, inspires you to live life to the fullest. However, the excellent thing does not end there; there is much more to come.

Montreal is also famed because of its golden sand beaches, soft sand baches and the beautiful lawrence river, which give the usually grandiose and cultural city a tropical feel. Several beaches around Montreal provide a nice break from the city and a laid-back holiday.

Because Montreal is surrounded by water, it’s no wonder that it has a plethora of beautiful beaches. To escape the heat of the city on hot summer days, locals go to the refreshing waters of nearby rivers.

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