11 Best Architecture Schools in Canada

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Canada. The home of professionalism acquires a list of leading educational hubs that offer world-class education to their learners. Not only this, but it also has the best architectural schools in Canada with top-notch records and education history across the globe!

 Pursuing a passion for architecture is excellent when you are in Canada. The country’s high-performance buildings and universities have the best infrastructure, quality, and methodologies for studying architecture. The Canadian Architectural Certification Board accredits Canadian universities with world-class architectural programs. 

Best architecture schools in Canada 

1. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia in Vancouver offers programs for buildings for both undergraduate and graduate levels.

UBC Learning Exchange is a community-based consultation program based in Downtown Eastside, and UBC’s Center for Digital Media on the Great Northern Way Campus is located in Mount Pleasant.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Best Architecture schools in canada
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2. University of Toronto

Toronto is one of Canada’s most famous cities in terms of architecture. Founded in 1827, the University of Toronto (U of T) is one of the world’s leading institutions of higher learning.

Located in the most diverse city in the world, the U of T is a place for highly talented people with a magnetic field of ideas and innovation and a beacon for design and installation.

Our tri-campus program is world-renowned for its history of exploration and innovation that provides students with a comprehensive global education and evolving educational experience.

Our incredible reputation has placed us among the top 20 schools in the world and for the first time among Canadian schools in the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings for the third year in a row.

Toronto, Ontario

3. McGill University

Another very Best Architecture School in Canada is the construction school that is often located in cities with a reputation for excellence. This is precisely the case with McGill University, Montreal. The school is also known for its strong (but very competitive) student financial aid programs.

Best architecture schools in Canada
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Based in Montreal, McGill University is ranked among the most prestigious universities in Canada, attracting thousands of international students from more than 150 countries each year and the highest percentage of Ph.D. students at any Canadian research university.

McGill University has a reputation for its 50 institutions and research centers, 400+ programs, a rich history, and a thriving alumni network of 250,000 people worldwide.

Montreal, Quebec

4. University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is renowned for its sophisticated curriculum among Canada’s leading construction schools. 

With the world’s most extensive co-op program (paid internship), you can enter up to two years of relevant work experience as part of your qualification, which gives you an advantage in your future career. Our network of more than 7,100 employers includes many of the world’s leading companies.

The masterclass facilities provided here prove to be one of the best architecture schools. Waterloo is ranked among the top 175 universities in the QS World University Rankings 2021 and the top 250 in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021. We are also home to Physics and Astronomy professor Donna Strickland, a Nobel Prize winner in -Physics in 2018 (only the third woman in history to do so).

Cambridge, Ontario

5. Carleton University

Carleton University offers a wide range of courses, including Construction and Career Studies and Continuing Engineering.

Carleton University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields, including Architectural Studies, Architectural Conservation, and Sustainability Engineering.

The university is home to more than 30,000 faculties. -Full-time students and a team of more than 900 qualified and specialized members. With excellent teaching facilities and modern infrastructure, it also makes its mark on our list of architecture schools in Canada. It has several international partnerships in more than 30 countries to facilitate research and exchange programs.

Ottawa, Ontario

Best architecture schools in Canada
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6. University of Montreal

Université de Montréal has successfully taught several students living across Canada and around the world. Its alumni include graduates working as government officials, academic researchers, and business tycoons. Many former students have found great prestige by working in government and other fields.

Montreal also came first in QS Best Student Cities 2017, the most student-friendly city in the world. Of its 3.5 million inhabitants, 800,000 were international students, and 220,000 received higher education. Both safe and affordable, Montreal is embedded in various arts and cultures.

The cost of hiring here is much lower than in other major metropolitan cities. At the same time, many international institutions, pharmaceutical firms, finance companies, and airlines are based here, offering students many job opportunities.

Montreal, Quebec

7. Ryerson University

Ryerson University is considered one of Canada’s leading construction schools and the Best Architecture School in Canada. The school offers bachelor’s and master of Architecture programs for architectural students. 

Here, students are allowed to connect with world leaders in government, business, culture, and health care at the campus entrance. Also, the campus has Ted Rogers Management School, Faculty of Communication & Design, Faculty of Community Services, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science, and Faculty of Science.

Toronto, Ontario

Best Architecture schools in Canada
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8. University of Calgary

In Canada, construction schools are not limited to the east and west coasts. The Master of Architecture program is a three-year course focused on construction and sustainability.

The University of Calgary is a leading Canadian university located in the most imported city in the country. Listed as one of Canada’s top ten research universities, the University of Calgary has 73 Canadian research chairs and more than 80 research institutes and institutions working to address ongoing and emerging social challenges.

The University of Calgary is developing into a global center of excellence, where more than 33,000+ students thrive on rich research and vocational programs. The university offers over 200 undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs. It provides a broader community for lifelong learning opportunities.

Calgary, Alberta

9. Université Laval

Also included in Quebec based on this list are Université Laval’s undergraduate programs and degrees in construction. 

The campus has an integrated science training program encouraging students to learn about anatomy. There remains the Montmorency Forest which serves as an open-air workshop and is also the largest teaching and research forest in the world.

Roger Van den Hende Botanical Garden is where students learn horticulture science with nearly 4,000 plant species worldwide.

Business executives at UL have provided several trading rooms with financial and operational data and the latest software programs.

As research forms the core of the institution; a Collaborative petrography laboratory, as well as a giant computer, LANTISS, Visual Center, photonics and lasers, archeological laboratories, and a highly efficient greenhouse complex are just a few aspects of the campus.

Côte de la Fabrique, Quebec

10. University of Dalhousie

Dalhousie is home to 13 Faculties with 200+ degree programs supported by continuous innovation in the classroom and a focus on shared learning. And as the leading Research University of Atlantic Canada, Dalhousie excelled in industry cooperation and opportunity.

90% of students participate in integrated learning, allowing them to learn from experienced professionals, gain the skills needed in their field of interest, and gain practical experience from professionals.

Dalhousie welcomes a diverse mix of students from right in Nova Scotia, across Canada, and around the world, with more than 115 countries represented. The university has four integration campuses at Halifax (Studley, Sexton, and Carleton) and the Agricultural campus. It also had 999 professors in 2017, and 92% have Ph.D. degrees.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Best architecture schools in Canada
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11. Algonquin College

The center is one of the best architecture schools in Canada, partnering with other well-known organizations and universities such as Carleton University, University of Ottawa, and Shopify. The center has three campuses throughout Ottawa and the Valley.

The hostel provides all the accommodation that students need. It also has car parks and pick-up facilities for local students. It started accommodation on the Canadian campus in 2003, accommodating about 1,050 students.

The campus has digital classrooms, restaurants, medical centers, and halls. Also, many cafes, restaurants, department stores, and chemical stores are located near the campus. Public transport is easily accessible to the center. The campus has a quiet study area.

Location: Ontario


Now that you are in the field of architecture in Canada, it is time to find out how to apply to some of the best architecture schools in Canada and hold a Canadian grading system.

Therefore, an architecture degree in Canada can bless a candidate for a job, as the demand for skilled workers is rising from the architecture schools in Canada. Apart from this, a construction course can offer some of the highest-paying jobs in the world, such as a building manager, interior designer, or architect. 

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