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Canada is a country of history and Edmonton is home to several amazing antique stores. We have made a list of a few of the best antique stores in Edmonton.

1. Best Antique Stores in Edmonton

There are many beautiful Antique stores in Edmonton.  Each of these antique stores in Edmonton carries antiques and displays items belonging to our past.

We will take a look at the 07 best antique stores in Edmonton.  These antique stores compete with each other for providing best of the items and lowest of the items.

So awaken the antique lover in you. Let us find out where the best Antique Stores in Edmonton are located in.

1.1 Classic European Antiques

Classic European Antiques are one of the most popular antique stores in Edmonton. It offers a wide variety of antique furniture and vintage collectibles.

Classic European Antiques are predominantly known for their wide collections of classic antique furniture, home decor, and housewares in gold coast.

Antique Stores in Edmonton
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1.1.1 Inventory

The store also boasts some decor items, classic antique items, retro pieces, and MCMs. Most of these are almost 80 years old. Their huge range of unique and aesthetic collections is a must-buy when you come here.

1.1.2 Speciality

Classic European antiques are home to an extensive inventory. It is a fantastic place to browse for different and unique antique pieces. They offer free European cookies.

You can even negotiate the prices here. It is a two-story store with an upstairs place. Do not forget to visit the upstairs.

The store has a beautifully decorated exterior. It makes the store look appealing, fascinating, and interesting. The antique pieces are also well-maintained.

Classic European Antiques


The antique store offers furniture at a reasonable price of high quality. The store also has some of the most antique pieces, such as wood-burning stoves and ovens, at surprisingly fair prices.

Classic European Antiques also offers some of the best antique furniture you won’t find anywhere else. Some of their best antique pieces include tea sets and bronze statues.

1.2 Old Strathcona Antique Mall

The old Strathcona antique mall is one of the best antique stores in Edmonton located in a wide area of over 27000 square feet. It is an absolutely beautiful place. It has many amazing collections of antique collectibles and vintage items.

1.2.1 Speciality

It is known to be one of the largest antique malls. You can get your hands on one of the best and finest antique items.

Antique Store in Edmonton
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1.2.2 Inventory

Old Strathcona Antique Mall is home to china, art glass, great collectibles, some of the best Vintage LP records, and sports-related old merchandise and memorabilia.


It is well known for its amazing collection amongst the antique stores in Edmonton. Their collection ranges from traditional antiques to a huge range of souvenirs and toys.

Old Strathcona Antique Mall - Edmonton, Alberta

There is something for everyone especially if you are a sports fan. You can browse their amazing collection of vintage sports items, such as hockey memorabilia and wrestling action figures.

They also hold a sale during special times of the year, such as during boxing matches. They hold an amazing sale of boxing-related antiques. old Strathcona Mall also boasts a nice range of beautiful antique jewelry and vinyl records.

1.3 Blue Jar Antique Mall – Antique Stores in Edmonton

The Blue Jar antique mall is an antique mall that has everything you can ask for. From beautiful glassware to old books, the Blue Jar Antique Mall offers everything a vintage enthusiast dreams of. You can browse in a hustle-free peaceful ambiance and spend hours in this antique shop.

Antique Stores in Edmonton
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1.3.1 Speciality

One of the best things about the blue jar antique mall is that price of every antique for sale is fair. The Blue Jar Antique store is located inside a vacuum store building. It is on a casual street nestled amongst some regular shops.

The mall was set up in 2010 and recently had a change of management in 2018. The Blue Jar Antique Mall continues to offer top-quality and authentic vintage/antique products that you won’t find anywhere else.

I got a Jar at The Blue Jar Antique Mall


Over the years, the Blue Jar Antique Mall has garnered a strong reputation amongst the antique stores in Edmonton. The mall provides quality vintage products at a reasonable value. It has a big space that accommodates around 40 vendors.

It is indeed a paradise for you if you are an antique lover. The staff is enthusiastic and passionate about their collection.

The reviews indicate that they are friendly as well. Even if you are not a collector, you will still fall in love with their collection.

1.3.2 Inventory

You can browse their vast antique collections and never get bored. You can find collectibles such as vintage telephones, china bon sets, old books, furniture, globes, kitchenware, and even some intriguing pieces like lighting fixtures, lighting, and decorative items. It is a visual treat in Edmonton and a must-visit for antique lovers.

1.4 Ibon Antiques – Antique Stores in Edmonton

Ibon Antiques is a grand two-story unique antique store and presumably one of the most well-known antique stores in Edmonton. It offers a wide range of beautiful antiques, great vintage collectibles, home decor items, fashion-related stuff, amazingly done displays, and a pleasant ambiance.

Antique stores in Edmonton
Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

Ibon Antique is famous for its unique assortment of family-owned antique, curated items spread across 5000 square feet. It is a reputed family-owned business and a peaceful place to satiate your love for vintage and antique items.

Ibon Antiques is also known for its amazing range of vintage items that too at a relatively fair price, and you might even get lucky.

Especially the crockery and cutlery set are some of the exquisite items available here. With such a unique range of antique items, it is like a giant maze where you get lost. The glass cabinet is one of the best attractions here, as it has a beautiful collection of fancy butter knives you won’t find anywhere else.

1.4.1 Inventory

Ibon Antique also boasts some of the best ornaments you will ever see. Interestingly, these ornaments are separated into different sections by their eras and collections. The store has classes that teach about silver and dining etiquette.

The store has a unique and wonderful collection of exquisite jewelry and some of the best gifts you can gift your loved ones, such as antique perfume bottles, unique china, and an amazing range of new and old jewelry.

You can find clean and ready-to-buy items and especially the furniture range. The furniture ranges At Ibon, you can experience an immersive shopping experience as the store offers everything and anything any collector would like to buy. So if you are in Edmonton or around the area.

1.4.2 Speciality

Ibon Antiques is one of the best places where you should stop by and visit. You can just drop by the store to experience one of the most beautiful vintage items.

Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari Cup & Saucer


You can go home with beautiful vintage items that you can either keep for yourself, add t your collections, or you can gift the items to your friends and family.

1.5 My Grandma’s Attic – Antique Stores in Edmonton

My Grandma’s Attic is another one of the most famous antique stores that is located in Edmonton. It is one of the best antique stores where you can find some of the most unique and beautiful collections of vintage and antique items.


vintage glass oil lamp dark background
by Bergadder on pixabay

My Grandma’s Attic is a well-renowned family-run and locally owned shop specializing in quality giftwares and vintage and antique products at very reasonable and fair prices.

The store is a very well kept and organized place where there is everything for everyone. The store is very tidy and well maintained so that anyone who visits the store is comfortable and feels at ease while shopping.

1.5.1 Speciality

Grandma’s Attic is a unique antique store that gets its items from many places, such as resellers, auctions, factory overstock, store closeouts, and individuals. So if you are thinking of selling some of your extra vintage or unique items or have something vintage collectibles or even your homemade crafts and gifts, then you can contact the store.

The store is unique because they even provide the facility to ship their products. The best thing about it is that you do not have to spend any extra penny for the shipping charges as they send the items at exactly the price they will pay, i.e. price and shipping charges, and they won’t ask for any packing fees.

Their prices are set after conducting research and testing cleaning of the products to ensure that everything is up to the mark before its sale. Their prices might be a lil expensive, but that is because they conduct a thorough research process in the market, looking after the product and its condition so that its quality is not compromised, which is a big issue when you order something online from different websites.

1.5.2 Inventory

Some of their best antique stuff includes home furniture, old cook stoves, and pans. Stewing stuff, lamps, chairs, pots and pans, and various stuff you can imagine, each item with a past to tell and experience.

My Grandma

You can bring along your friends who love vintage items and your family members, especially your mom and grandma.

Grandma Antique boasts multiple vendors and a great range of different collectibles displayed beautifully and cleanly that you won’t find anywhere else at such reasonable prices. The items here are worth their price as they are all unique, well-maintained, and nicely kept.

All the antiques here will take you down the past eras, and it feels like a walk down history’s lane.

Since Grandma’s Antique is such a big store with different sections accommodating different vendors selling a wide range of antiques, one needs at least 2-3 hours to take a tour of this place. Therefore, if you are ever around the area, you must visit this store.

1.6 Junque Cella – Antique in Edmonton

Junque Cellar is a beautiful antique store in the old Strathcona city of Edmonton. Junque cellar is a treasure as it boasts some unique antiques, such as old furniture from the 70th century to modern-day antiques; you can find any kind of vintage item you can think of here.

Best Place For Vintage Finds in Edmonton! | Junque Cellar

This store has a wide range of antiques, from home decor to gift items. Junque Cellar has everything you need whether you are looking to re-decorate your house, giving it a retro and vintage look, or only you want to gift some beautiful and unique vintage pieces to your friends and family on their anniversaries.

1.6.1 Speciality

Junque cellar is also home to an amazing range of vintage jewelry which makes for a perfect gift. The unique store has old-attic vibes as soon as you enter the stairs. At first glance, it combines a garage sale and a museum.

The store is every collector’s paradise as it offers almost anything, from the funky and colorful to the aesthetic and classic. You might even find things you might have never seen or heard of before, as their collection is very diverse such as unique clothing, shoes, books, cassettes for music lovers, and even vintage phones and cameras.

1.6.2 Inventory

The store offers every antique you can ask for. From your grandma’s, such as the vinyl- kitchen chairs and the antique furniture, wall clocks, sunglasses, typewriters, and even decorative pieces to the vintage weigh machine from back in time.

You can also see plenty of different toys in their toys collection, some of which will surely make you nostalgic. It is like a trip down your memory lane which will remind you of your childhood and make you relive the joy of being a child. Some of their toys are ping balls, pigs, and a yak-bak.

1.7 Rocky Mountain Antique Mall

Rocky mountain antique mall is one of the most visited and famous antique stores located in the Edmonton area, it is a very popular place among collectors. It is located in the south of Edmonton and is spread across a huge area of about 12,000 square feet.

antique stores in edmonton
by rockymountainantique.com

Rocky mountain antique mall is one of the most visited and famous antique stores located in the Edmonton area, it is a very popular place among collectors. It is located in the south of Edmonton and is spread across a huge area of about 12,000 square feet

1.7.1 Speciality

Rocky mountains antique mall is one of the biggest antique stores in the whole of Edmonton and so one of the most famous ones. It is situated approximately in the center of the city of Edmonton. However, it is far from the main shopping area since it covers a huge space.

The mall is a wonderful place to visit for the antique enthusiast. The place is like Pandora’s box with a plethora of antiques and vintage items to choose from.

The huge mall has over 90 vendors spread over a big area of around 12,000 square feet. It gives massive space to set up their stalls and ensures a diverse and fun experience for everyone.

1.7.2 Inventory

The inventory of the mall consists of unique furniture, advertising tins, books, glassware, jewelry, coins, glassware, and a lot more.

You will find all sorts of vintage stuff, such as vintage dolls, radios, and even things like old magazines, cash, and calendars, which are hard to find nowadays.

1.7.3 Staff

The staff is known for its friendly and helpful nature and can guide you through the big mall. The staff has also kept the mall well-organized and clean.

The antiques and vintage collections are also well-maintained.

What is even more amazing is that they keep updating or refreshing their collections, so whenever you visit, you will always find something new and exciting that will leave you wanting to return.

The staff is well-learned about the antiques.  Don’t be surprised if you find the staff going out of their way to help you. The staff will be happy to take your queries and doubt.

2. Conclusion – Best Antique Stores in Edmonton

Edmonton has a huge number of antique stores, some of which are very well-known, such as Ibon Antiques, classic European Antiques, rocky mountains, and my grandma’s Attic.

These are some of the best antique stores in Edmonton that you must visit if you are a collector of vintage or antiques, as each store has a diverse range and collections.

All antique stores in Edmonton are heaven for the enthusiast. Even if you are not a collector, you will still love the antiques in these stores. You will not be able to resist them.

Visit antique stores in Edmonton with your family and friends on your day off.  We are sure that you will also become a fan of the antiques.

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