Why Rest is Key to Muscle Growth 

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META: Have you ever been so tired you feel like you can’t sleep? Your body needs to rest and relax. Just to switch off and dream, turning off your body and brain for several hours.

Have you ever been so tired you feel like you can’t sleep? Your body needs to rest and relax. Just to switch off and dream, turning off your body and brain for several hours. If you are going to the gym and lifting weights or even just doing cardio1, your body must rest as it is vital for your body to sleep. Sleep is essential for a healthy immune system2, stronger mind and body, lower stress, improved mood, and even a better metabolism. Do you need sleep? We explore this in this guide.

Importance of sleep 

When you sleep, your brain and body do not just shut off while you sleep. During the night, your internal organs and processes are busy at work making sure your mind and body are ready for the next day. Exercise that is challenging enough breaks down muscles, whereas rest helps our bodies to rebuild them. Continuous muscle breakdown could possibly prevent your progress if your workout schedule doesn’t include any growth days.

Our bodies replenish their glycogen stores throughout growth days. When you go to the gym and do a hard workout, you feel tired but once you go to sleep, it is the best sleep you can get. When you wake up the next day with a good night’s sleep you feel great the next day, happy and full of energy compared to if you don’t get a good sleep. When not having a good sleep you can feel overwhelming tiredness, possibly grumpy, or easily put in a mood and dissociated with little energy to do what you have to or enjoy. Sleep is the best form of rest for your body with several benefits.

The recommended amount of sleep an adult over 18 should get is 7 hours or more, and if you are between the ages of 13 and 18 you should get between 8 to 10 hours per night. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body won’t be able to heal itself and won’t be able to grow new muscle, so you won’t have the energy you need to lift as much weight. 

Muscle Growth 

When building muscle, it is important to eat healthy and continue your strength training, but even more so to get a good amount of sleep. You can also buy Canadian steroids for faster muscle growth. Search online for a trusted supplier.

If you are trying to get your dream body and you want to build up your muscle mass, you need to understand the importance of getting sleep as well as hitting the gym.

Performing resistance exercises helps muscles expand. Using free weights, weight machines, your own body weight, or resistance bands are a few examples of resistance training. To give your muscles time to recover from lifting you should get a good night’s sleep and consider only exercising two or three times per week, so you don’t over-train and overwork yourself.


If you are passionate about getting into shape or getting your dream body, then you must understand the importance of getting a good sleep and letting your body rest. This gives your body time to repair itself and leaves you full of energy for the next day and gym session.

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