Why is 11th November A Holiday in Canada?

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Canada takes advantage of a number of public holidays, some of which have vital significance and some that are considered holidays for the entire globe.

11th November isn’t a very well-known holiday worldwide, but in Canada, it means a lot to the people. In today’s article, we are going to look into this matter and what exactly the whole public holiday on this day in November is about.

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Let’s dive deep into the history and discover the secret behind why this day is a public holiday for Canadians.

1. What Happened on the 11th of November?

The story dates back to the First World War. You will find chunks of information on the Internet about these, but sometimes, the data is piled up so much that it is incredibly intricate and unintelligible. Thus, we have decided to simplify it for you.

As we know, the First World War took place between 1914 and 1918. Many nations were a part of this year, and many lives and energy were sacrificed. As per the census, there are around 40 million people in total that suffered the consequence of these wars, some fatal and some severely injured.

If you want to know the causes of the First World War, you can refer to this article written by Norwich University. Canada was partnered with the British, France, Serbia and Russia during the First World War.

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It is estimated that somewhere around 66,000 Canadians lost their lives in this war. This was a news of great sorrow to the nation. Canada, in the first world war however gave their ultimate best and were feared among the other troops, their military power, ways of attack, land forces everything excellent.

It might be obvious that this side won the war. But what exactly does the public holiday have to do with ending war?

2. What Events Took Place on the 11th of November?

So, to formally end the war, an agreement was signed between the Allied forces and the Germans on this day. 11th November marked the day when the war ended for once and for all, and it is said that it came into effect at 11:00 in the morning.

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This was the official ceasefire, so this day is commemorated in Canada.

3. What All Is Done on This Day in Canada?

This day is marked as a statutory holiday in Canada every year, giving respect to the armed forces and the lives lost in that period. On this day, you will see the flag of the nation proudly hanging from many different buildings.

You might be met with complete silence at the 11:00 hour of the day, as this was when the ceasefire officially came into effect.

This way, respect is paid to the armed forces of that time. Thus, it is known as “Remembrance Day” in Canada.

3.1. What Can You Do on Remembrance Day?

According to veterans.gc.ca, you can do several things from your side. It is essential to make something meaningful out of this day and teach several values to your kin and whoever is important to you.

If you look at the site we mentioned, you will see things like writing news, stories, articles, and pamphlets and sharing them on your socials. Even a small contribution is a significant contribution.

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You can get active in social groups, create slogans, or give away things related to this day. This role suits you perfectly, especially if you are a student in any institution. Check the site; there are some exciting ways of getting active and making sound effects.

There are many different ways to celebrate. Check out that site, and you will find many exciting things to do. Do not skip out on this. Not that it is some sort of compulsion, but making a contribution should be everyone’s conscious responsibility.

4. What are the Arguments Regarding Remembrance Day in Canada?

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Some people have argued that these holidays are not worth it and that children and people should be at their work. Why are they saying this? They feel that children and people will celebrate this day a lot better at these places.

They believe that when there is a public holiday, people are most likely to relax rather than learn facts and actually feel sorrow and grief for the lives lost at the war. That is why some believe that on these days, even though no work or school work can be given on that day, an informative event can be held.

This is how the issue initially erupted. But many still believe that this holiday is right and should be granted. If there was opposition to this holiday, there was also a great deal of support for this statutory holiday, and hence, Canada continues to have this public holiday.

5. Conclusion

We have given you some details about the historic event on November 11th at 11:00 a.m., which marked the end of the First World War. We’ve also listed the links if you want to learn more about the causes of the battle and anything regarding that period.

The article notes what Canadians typically do on this day and also what every citizen of Canada or the general public can do to raise awareness about this day. It suggests how you can get active and make some contributions from your side to educate others about this auspicious occasion.

There have been small arguments about holidays, but at the same time, people have condoned this statutory holiday to remember all of the lives lost in the First World War.

In brief, yes, the 11th of November is a note-worthy public holiday in the Canadian calendar.

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