When Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine?

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Valentine’s Day is considered a day for your loved ones and romantics. It is one of the best times to express your feelings to your crush or loved ones.  So, when do you ask someone to be your Valentine? The ideal answer to this question is one week before Valentine’s Day.

Give the other person time to wrap their head around what you confessed. It will also give you time to prepare for your date on Valentine’s Day if they say ‘yes’ or explore your options if they say ‘no.’

Also, some people ask someone to be their valentine in the first week of February, as Valentine’s Day lies at the end of the second week, which gives them enough time to decide on an answer.

However, asking a week before Valentine’s Day is still ideal. But showing your romantic nature in early February can be too early to ask someone for an exclusive date.

1. When Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine?

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by u_wljs6i9g79 from Pixabay/ copyright 2022

This is your time to start an exclusive romantic relationship and committed relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend and become the romantic couple you see all over the internet. It can also be the ideal time of the year to ask someone out on a first date.

If you have been in a committed relationship for a long time, you can ask your partner to be your Valentine easily.

Valentine’s week is your time to shine with your romantic gesture, and then plan a perfect Valentine’s Day date.

So, rather than answering the question: ‘When do you ask someone to be your Valentine?’ let us find out how to ask someone out for Valentine’s Day in different and creative ways.

2. Best Ways to Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine

A small yet meaningful gesture is all you need to make your crush, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife feel special. It is not the cost of the gift or gesture that counts, but the gesture itself.

Make sure your gesture is personal and not some general thing anyone can do.

Here are some ideas for you to try this Valentine’s Day:

2.1. Flowers and Chocolates

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay/ copyright 2017

Know your significant other and find their favourite flowers and delicious chocolates or kisses. Flowers and chocolates are both overrated and underrated gifts at the same time.

Flowers show effort and melt hearts with the simplicity of the gesture. Chocolates, on the other hand, are comforting and delicious.

Knowing one’s favourites shows you care and you remember things about them. You can ask your friends for help to find their favourite flowers and chocolates.

Even though no flowers can be wrong, particular flowers are known for being people’s favourites. Here are some of them:

2.1.1. Roses

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by schneeknirschen from Pixabay/ copyright 2013

Roses are known for their amazing smell and beauty. The red rose, in particular, is called the symbol of love. A bouquet of roses makes the moment more special.

2.1.2. Tulips

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay/ Copyright 2017

Tulips are one of the simplest yet most beautiful flowers. These show you put effort into finding something different and getting those to make them feel special.

2.2. Handmade Gifts

Make them a card, a bracelet, or anything that you can. It isn’t what you make that matters. What matters is how much effort you put into this gift.

2.2.1. Making a Card

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay/ copyright 2015

A DIY card is the simplest and cutest thing you can give them by making it yourself. Just some glitter, red sheets, and a good ‘Will you be my Valentine’ will do.

Maybe a pickup line or some hearts to make it funny yet cute. A Valentine’s Day card is a cute way to ask a girl or boy to be your Valentine. You can also find creative cards on Google to get some ideas.

2.2.2. DIY Jewelry

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by Nile from Pixabay/ copyright 2016

A new trend that has surfaced is making jewellery or matching bracelets for yourself and your loved ones.

You can get ideas from Pinterest and Instagram reels for what kind of jewellery your valentine might like. These jewelry can be made by hand. Many things can be made quickly that still show love and effort.

One such trending thing is a Morse coded ‘I love you bracelet’, that can be made by hand or bought at any store or on Amazon.

2.3. Write a Letter

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by Bruno from Pixabay/ copyright 2017

A letter is an emotional gift that connects your feelings with the other person through words. Being vulnerable and writing your true feelings can mean a lot.

Writing a letter is like pouring your heart out to someone without saying anything. Writing a letter is the perfect choice when you are not confident to say things to the person’s face.

Also, the letter, your diary, and the note should contain words poured from your heart as much as possible.

2.4. Use Your Talent

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by SplitShire from Pixabay/ copyright 2014

You might like singing, dancing, sketching, painting, or writing poetry. Use this talent and passion for someone special. Write something personal to them. This is your time to showcase something special to your loved ones.

A handwritten line says way more than something taken from the internet.

2.5. Plan a Treasure Hunt

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by Pexels from Pixabay/ copyright 2016

You can plan a treasure hunt and pop the question at the end of the hunt. Make enticing clues or plant gifts at the end of every clue.

The last clue can lead to you or a card asking: ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ or a secret private message they must decode.

Some examples of clues are here:

  • KNOCK! KNOCK! Look on the floor and put some flowers outside the gate.
  • You light up every room and put the next clue near the switchboard.

It is fun to make a game and have the best time.

2.6. Go on a Romantic Dinner Date or Activity

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by Tatyana Kazakova from Pixabay/ copyright 2013

There are many dates, including picnics, hikes, beach dates, ice skating, or a good old romantic dinner date concept.

Advanced booking reservations are necessary to plan a suitable dinner date. Dinner can be a romantic date and the perfect time to ask someone to be your Valentine.

A quiet little romantic moment between you can also make a perfect setting for a question pop-up. To go into detail, these are some date examples for you to try.

  • You can take them to a beach or mountain hike if they enjoy it. However, in the case of the beach or hike, it is suggested to plan a backup plan in case the weather is not appropriate for such a date.
  • A heart-to-heart talk at the top of a hill will make the date more romantic.
  • If you can’t meet, you can plan an online movie date and send them some snacks to ask if they will join you for the same.

Also, if this is your first date with your potential partner, ensure it is simple and fun without any pressure.

Every Valentine’s Day date should be unique!

2.7. Buy a Good Gift

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by wichai bopatay from Pixabay/copyright 2021

Sure, most people love flowers and chocolates. But there are different likes and dislikes for everyone. The person you want to ask out might like sports or reading. So, why not get something related to their hobbies or what they need? Sometimes, a traditional romantic card will do.

It’s not about getting something expensive, but more about a gift that shows you know them.

Some common things that you can gift your partner are mentioned below:

2.7.1. Jewelry

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by Pexels from Pixabay/ copyright 2016

Buy a cute pendant, earrings, or a pretty bracelet that will remind them of you or something that reminds you of them. Find something matching their personality and what is trending.

2.7.2. Clothing

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay/ copyright 2017

Get a personalized tee or a cozy sweatshirt. Something cute and attractive will make a great gift for anyone. It will show that you want them to be comfortable always. You can also get relationship sweatshirts that you and your potential partner can match.

2.7.3. Soft Toys

When do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush from Pexels/ Copyright 2018

Get them a cute teddy bear or a soft toy they might like. This is an adorable gift that will remain attached to their feelings for a long time.

2.7.4. Personalized Gifts

When do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by alleksana from Pexels/ Copyright 2021

Get a mug with their photos on it or a cushion with a sweet message. There are many things to get your message printed on these days. It can be a tee, a mug, or even a keychain.

Get them something personal that will remind them of you every time they look at it.

2.8. Bake or Cook Something

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay/ copyright 2019

You can make a mouthwatering meal or bake Valentine’s cookies or cake to ask someone: ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ Cook some good dinner and pop the question when the moment feels perfect.

Cooking shows a personal touch of hard work and love, all put into one.

2.9. Create a Romantic Playlist

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay/ copyright 2017

Create a playlist of your favourite romantic songs for your loved one. It can be your very own particular Valentine’s Day version. It is one of the most musical methods to ask your crush to be your Valentine.

You can also put on some dancing songs. Creating a playlist will allow them to feel close to you whenever they play the same songs or playlist. Many artists can contribute to making your collection of lovely melodies.

2.10. Make a Video Message

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by honeycombhc from Pixabay/ copyright 2021

You can make a video message by taking videos and photos and making an edit for them or make a video of yourself asking them out.

This method is preferred if you are shy or cannot meet them before Valentine’s Day or in an online relationship. Make it unique and romantic at the same time.

Show them you are their fan and make a loving fan edit for them. Make it slow and romantic.  A video is worth a million words if made correctly.

2.11. Get Tips from Their Friends

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay/copyright 2017

Asking their friends will help you a lot. If you can contact a friend, it might just make your moment perfect. Learn their favourites and what they prefer on a date or as gifts.

Ask them whether they would like gifts or a grand gesture. This can establish a good start to the relationship. The friend can help you plan and execute the surprise. They can also help you with their whereabouts and favourites.

You can ask the friend if they like a low-key romantic date or something fancy and plan accordingly.

If you can’t contact someone they know, ask someone you know for tips and get them to help with the plan.

2.12. A Grand Romantic Gesture

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by Luisella Planeta LOVE PEACE 💛💙 from Pixabay/ copyright 2022

Have you ever seen a prom-proposal video on Youtube? No? Then it’s time to do so. Take ideas from those romantic and sweet videos. Make sure they have the best time. Here are some ideas:

  • You can draw a message from small things such as candy, cookies, or even small rocks.
  • You can take a piece of cardboard or some chart paper, write your message or question there, and take it to them with flowers or balloons and surprise them with the question.
  • If you are already dating someone, you can ask the servers at the restaurant you go to either design your message with ketchup or sing your question to them when they bring them the dessert they ordered. It can be extraordinary and a little fun.
  • You can plan a simple dancing date. Put on their favourite slow song and pop your question between the songs. It will be a sweet surprise and will shock them completely.

In case of a romantic gesture, ensure you practice well for the actual day.

2.13. Ask Over a Simple Cup of Coffee

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by Pavel Jurča from Pixabay/ copyright 2016

Ask them to hang out with you and take them out for coffee. Pop the question over a simple conversation without making it a big deal.

Some people prefer simplicity over grand gestures as they get embarrassed easily in public. Ensure they are comfortable and feel connected to you during your conversation.

Keeping it simple can make it easy for them as it won’t put too much pressure on anyone.

2.14. Ask Them over a Text

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay/ copyright 2016

Yes, you can even ask them over a text or curate a romantic large message!

Sometimes, it can be awkward for you to ask someone out, especially if you are an introvert. You can also approach them online and make it simpler for yourself.

Asking over a text can be tricky, as showing effort over a text is a hard job but not impossible. Craft the message in advance in your note. You can make it funny and flirty at the same time.

Display something that suits your writing style and not just copy something off the internet as it shows a lack of effort. A simple note can contain more feelings if you know what to say.

Talk to them with an open heart and draft a perfect message.

2.15. Surprise Them with a Delivery

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by Klára Sedláčková from Pixabay/ copyright 2023

If you prefer to do this over a distance, this is the best idea for you. Send them some flowers, chocolates, cards or a gift. Surprise them with the best possible thing. Keep it simple and still keep it sweet. You can even get food from their favourite restaurant or a place you know they will like.

In addition to the delivery, get the delivery service to write a note along with your gift and keep your message unique and short. Many forms of gifts can be sent. Even some snacks could be a great idea.

2.16. Dress Your Best

when do you ask someone to be your valentine
Image by Елизавета Кардасева from Pixabay/ copyright 2015

A good outfit also speaks a lot. Put effort into dressing up when you ask them out to impress them and make them feel that this is not just a routine day but something special is going on.

A good outfit says you want to impress them and want to go out with them. Similarly, remember that first impressions matter, and how you present yourself while asking the person out is vital.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Can you know if they will say ‘yes?’

You can never know if they will say ‘yes’ until you ask if they will be your Valentine. Creating a romantic setting for them will certainly urge them towards a ‘yes’ rather than just a simple: ‘Will you be my Valentine?’

Sometimes, you may receive hints, including wanting to spend time with you and complimenting you when they like you.

What if they say ‘no’?

First, act kindly and not create a scene if they say ‘no’. It is significant to ask the question in the best way possible, but having the guts to receive a ‘no’ is equally important.

It is hard to hear a ‘no’ to something you put effort into, but sometimes things don’t work out. So, don’t get disheartened. You will eventually find someone to spend your Valentine’s Day with. Just remain patient.

You can also have a personal day on Valentine’s and pamper yourself rather than asking someone else.

Is there any best method to ask them out?

There are various methods mentioned in the article to ask them out. However, if they are your person, any method you see fit will be the best. Go with your initial feelings, and don’t overthink it.

Get this relationship advice from someone with previous experience and knows the person you want to ask.

If you think you know them well, then do what feels right. But, if you haven’t talked much, either go with a general approach or ask their friends what your person prefers and make it the best day possible.

How do you write a perfect message on the card?

Make it heartfelt and personal. Don’t forget to add enough romantic elements to your writing.

Express what you like about them, why you want to go out with them, why they should be your Valentine, and when you started having feelings for them.

4. Conclusion

When do you ask someone to be your Valentine? It doesn’t matter when you pop this question to your loved ones. What matters the most is your time spent with them. If you do not get an answer on the spot, be patient and wait for the reply.

Try different creative ways to ask them out this Valentine’s Day. Eventually, you will understand the person’s love language.

People already in committed relationships can also surprise their girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife with a perfect date. You can also try the traditional method and take them to their favourite restaurant and have a good time.

Some good food and a few other romantic elements can make your evening perfect.

There are endless techniques to ask someone to be your Valentine. And what they like depends on their personality and yours. Generally speaking, it is essential that the feeling comes from the heart.

Then, a heartfelt question would receive a genuine answer and is much better than hollow efforts. So, ask someone you like and would love to do these efforts for.

If someone is shy and likes simple things, you can also directly approach them and pop the question in a sweet, romantic manner. Lastly, I hope you have a good Valentine’s Day and celebrate it with your potential partner.

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