What To Wear With Leggings- Tips You Should Know About!

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Wondering what to wear with leggings? The article is for you!

The fashion industry has taken the world in storm, as people understand how our clothes and accessories also show a part of our personality! Our fashion tastes have evolved over the past decade, from frocks and traditional skirts to crop tops and dresses. 

The craze of this era? It is a legging combination! The trends have entered the phase where casual is the new chic. Wearing leggings of many colors and fittings is something you can experiment with. Here, we will look into some combinations and what to wear with leggings, outfits, and accessories. 

1. What to Wear With Leggings – Choices of Mix and Match!

Leggings have been used only in the recent past, the 1960s to be exact, but have been popular and stylish since then. They were originally created for the purpose of protection and warmth and to highlight an individual’s figure. A common option to wear with leggings was a plain buttoned-up shirt.

As time progressed, athletes used them for their elasticity, under skirts for protection, and so much more. Leggings were, and still are, considered to be one of the most fashionably casual and cute pieces of garment an individual can have. Hence began the mass production of leggings, the famous multi-purpose clothing style. 

In the past decade or so, the term ‘Jeggings’ has been hugely famous. The term is a blend of the words ‘jeans’ and leggings, for the leggings that appear to be made of denim material. The only difference between jeggings and jeans is that jeggings are made from much lighter denim, making it more stretchy, comfortable, and easy to be in. Due to their popularity, they are still worn as casually cute garments. 

what to war with leggings
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2. What Can We Wear Leggings With?

From a casual leggings outfit to some complimenting add-ons, let us explore some mostly used combinations on what to wear with leggings and some accessories that go well with each match!

2.1 Leggings with Graphic Tees:

This combination of fitting pants with a graphic t-shirt is an iconic combo that gives a casual, cute, and comfortable vibe. As graphic tees represent one’s personal choice and are guided by their own perspectives of the world, this match makes them stand out and unique.

Also, this option is very easy if you feel lazy and still want to look stylish. A look for you, at and out of home-ly stylish! This generation, though, prefers a casual outfit and prefers a graphic tee over plain long shirts to go for easy everyday wear.

Some accessories that will go great with this are a matching scrunchie, a tote bag, any set of simple bracelets, and anything minimalistic but still pops out. There are several ways to style them all together, but a personal choice makes it better!

2.2 Leggings with Oversized Hoodies:

This is one of the best leggings outfit options for the winter and the cool weather onset, as leggings and hoodies are both for warmth and comfort. This combination screams comfortable, laid-back, yet so attractive. It is often worn by university students for the above reasons and to make their outfits easier to style on a day-to-day basis. Oversized sweaters would do just right, too, long sweaters in particular.

Short hoodies are one of the best choices to wear with leggings for the vibe of cooler weather and comfort. This leggings outfit has been extremely popular with dancers, casual hikers, and athletes. Black leggings are the best for this!

Some accessories that would compliment this are white sneakers, a small sling purse or a waist bag, and your own set of minimalistic jewelry, like beaded bracelets and stud earrings. Such add-ons are perfect to wear with leggings on a lazy Sunday friend date or for a casual walk to the park.

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2.3 Leggings with T-Shirts: 

This is a more ‘in-the-house’ look, giving out a more sporty look. This is the most common combination and can be worn for any casual occasion, starting from yoga practice to an informal day out with friends or family. Leggings with T-shirts are usually accompanied by a jacket for a more formal vibe. 

Layering is a method that goes well with this. Using trench coats, cardigans, and jackets provides warmth during the cold and monsoon. This trendy look is elegant, comfortable, and really easy to choose from. 

With this particular look, any accessory would look good. It depends on the activity you are styling it for. A watch and a high ponytail would look great for a sporty look. And for a soft, self-care day out, a messy bun with simple jewellery would do the trick! A simple trick? A baseball cap would do the trick.

what to wear with leggings
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2.4 Leggings with Skirts:

Short or long leggings are worn under them to create the perfect style statement. It is for protecting and providing warmth for the legs. And it can be styled under skirts for coverage and cosiness.

The latter has been considered as the recent ‘K-pop trend’ , and is seeing a fan following of it, with short skirts, usually pastel themed, accompanied with a plaid shirt, genuinely a set of cute outfits. For the long skirts, it is normally matched with the colour of the worn skirt to give a sense of uniformity. 

Some skirts you can wear with leggings outfits are straight skirts, flared skirts, mini skirts, and translucent ones on pencil skirts. Black leggings are usually preferred here too! And black leggings are also advised to be worn under dark-coloured long shirt skirts for extra coverage.

Long, patterned skirts are usually for the traditional themes. Hence, people wear culturally significant jewellery. With the short skirt, the accessories include bracelets, cute hats, socks, sneakers, knee boots, and ones related to the concept of the outfit. 

2.5 Leggings under Shorts:

This is the go-to style for most athletes! An outfit that allows them to stretch and be flexible, provide coverage and help avoid injuries, and be super comfortable. A simple tee, a pair of shorts, and a set of leggings are easy-to-style outfits and do not hinder physical activity. Be it any occasion, this is usually worn to provide coverage to the legs, to avoid getting hurt, and to remain clean. 

With this, people wear a digital watch and a short jacket or hoodie. Men who regularly go to the gym also prefer this unisexual style. Even socks are added to make the entire look more casual. 

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2.6 Leggings for Traditional Wear:

In many nations across the world, leggings are worn under traditional outfits. An example would be South Asians prefer short tops to wear with leggings, like their traditional ‘kurti’. It is a similar case for Middle-Eastern cultures, cotton leggings, to be specific. In the traditional aspect, they are also worn under long skirts for the same reasons as mentioned above. 

Accessories that go well with such styles depend on each country’s uniqueness in jewellery and extra-fittings. They are usually accompanied by gold, silver, and antique jewellery, which are mostly reserved for special occasions like festivals. 

2.7 Leggings with Tunic Tops:

When you look back at the recent past, 7 years or so, the fashion industry has had a huge variety of tunic tops all around the world. A tunic top is a dress-like top that ends right at the waist. Leggings and this are perfect for a formal occasion, be it the workplace or a family gathering. The looseness of the top gives a flowy look to the individual, making it seem casual at the same time.

Some accessories that go well with this look are silver bracelets for darker tones and other colors depending on the tunic tone. Classy sandals will look gorgeous with this, and long earrings will give it a final touch. 

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3. Types of Leggings to Suit Your Style!

Leggings are available in almost every possible color and go well with any clothing type. Colored leggings can be worn under jeans to provide a certain level of comfort during the cooler weather. In countries like Russia and South Korea, they rely on leggings for warmth and still accomplish their definition of style. 

In the recent trends, leggings can also be styled with high heels, and black boots, and there are many types within:

3.1 Classic Black Leggings:

The solution to most worries is the pairing of anything with black leggings. It is the easiest outfit to style, from oversized tees to short crop tops and hoodies. A set of this will save you time and yet achieve the vibe you are going for. Choose the right top and jewelry, and you are ready to rock!


3.2 Sheer Leggings:

This type of leggings outfit is all about appeal, from shorts and skirts to jeans. It is a very versatile pair and can range in many colors. For an individual who wants to be, or is, positive about their body shape, wearing this boosts their confidence to the maximum. The vibe around them turns positive and empowering. Pairing them with ankle boots will surely compliment the entire beauty.

3.3 Ponte Leggings:

They are leggings made of thicker fabric than the normal ones, highlighting the pair’s fit more. You can wear any kind of top with it, to accentuate the body in general, helping build confidence. It is a double-knit garment that provides its sturdy nature and double warmth and comfort. 

3.4 Faux Leather Leggings:

A great way to add edge to your outfit is to style up a lace shirt or a long tunic top is to match them with a pair of faux leather leggings. People who love leggings definitely have a pair of these, like black leather leggings, in their closet, giving their outfits a shiny look; it looks great with chambray shirts, too!

We have to adjust to the rough material to wear leggings of this type. Hence, comfort is a little bit compromised here.

Faux Leather Leggings

3.5 Workout Leggings:

To fitness freaks, a pair of this is a must. They are made of fabrics that offer more space for breathability and flexibility, making you more comfortable with exhaustive routines. Such leggings are also extensively used for yoga, being ultra-soft, and some are even sweat-proof.

Many may confuse compression tights with leggings, but the tights are made to promote better regulation and are not usually used for out-of-gym activities. Wearing leggings for the latter situation are considered.

Some other types include mid-thing leggings, form-fitting leggings, ripped leggings, high-waisted leggings, iconic plain white leggings, mid-thigh and tight leggings.

what to wear with leggings
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3.6 Meggings:

Meggings are leggings specially for men,, and it can be said they are the workout leggings for them. Men have found it hard to work out in shorts, and even blue jeans were introduced on the runways in 2011, making leggings a more unisexual wear!

To see more ways to style leggings well, see below!

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4. Considerations to While Choosing the Best Leggings

Leggings are often considered a more comfortable, easy-to-use alternative to denim jeans. Legging outfits are for people who would love to go for an easygoing and chic look, hence a more casual and semi-informal style.

So, as we discussed what to wear with leggings, from cute outfits to wearing leggings of different kinds, many are hesitant when wanting to wear colored leggings and sticking to basics, so styling leggings is equally interesting to learn. What are some points to be noted?

To wear leggings comfortably, Good quality ones are the best leggings available, with the right amount of elasticity, breathability, and the right fabric choice. Choosing colors depends on your personal tastes and your wardrobe style.

As leggings are considered casual, having more than one pair is advised, especially the basic colors like black, dark grey, and navy blue. When you want to wear leggings, these colors are some that go with most of the tops they are matched with. A leggings lover has at least a black leggings pair, a pair of colors with darker tones, and one colored or patterned pair.

what to wear with leggings
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In some cases, leggings tend to tear due to excessive use, material quality or the fabric accumulating in areas like the thighs, knees or ankles. One should beware or such criteria while choosing a good pair of leggings.

4.1 Options to Consider

There is no one perfect top to wear with leggings. So, here are some more options that can be considered:

  1. Pairing leggings with ballet flats is a, yes! Ballet dancers are advised to wear tight leggings for ballet, and it does not hinder the flats and also gives them a lot of space to stretch, turn, and jump.

  2. Leggings a crop top/cropped hoodie is an outfit idea that can be considered a casual look and is often worn for short trips with friends during the summer.

  3. For leggings outfits that include a simple tee or a graphic one, you can consider a denim jacket, a long cardigan, a leather jacket, or even a long sweater.

  4. To go for a more classic look, we can replace skinny jeans with jeggings on tops to wear. This gives you comfort, warmth, and a fitting coverage without creases. Another option for a classic look is to pair leggings with an oversized sweatshirt.

  5. You can pair jeggings with tunic blouses and short ops. With the latter, layering can be done with jackets and short hoodies. And, if you can style it right, we can wear long shirts with it too!

  6. For formal outfit ideas, we can combine blazers, plain tops, and a pair of leggings for an office look. You can finish the look with pointed heels.

  7. If you are searching for options with heeled booties, knee-high boots, or tall boots, you can wear a plain top with jackets, blazers, trench coats, puffer jackets, and even sweaters.

In the 2000s, an outfit combination that was considered was a short dress with leggings. And if your choice of short dress is in a plain color, you can pair them with patterned leggings, the perfect mix-n-match.

what to wear with leggings
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5. The Conclusion

Through the article, we have seen some combinations that will look great with leggings, what to wear, and even jeggings! Styling leggings are an easy option. What to and when to wear leggings. The undertops, dresses, skirts, and leggings are versatile pieces of clothing with unlimited styling options. 

As we have looked into the major and frequently worn legging outfit choices, we should remember that leggings are a way to showcase our true personalities, tastes, and comfort levels. As they go well with any clothing, it is safe to say they are widely used worldwide. They are used as an alternative to skinny jeans and provide more comfort.

We have seen the type of tops you can wear with leggings and their varieties. We have to keep in mind the texture of the material the colors that we think will go well with our choice of leggings.

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So what to wear with leggings? What we think will be comfortable and beautiful, and the add-ons we choose to accessorize ourselves with. We are our first priority, and leggings outfits help us empower us more as individuals.

Leggings are seen as the perfect wear for constant travellers, picnic lovers, dancers and acrobats, and even stay-at-home individuals, encompassing a huge range of ages and body types and making us feel comfortable in our even selves. Leggings are the perfect everyday wear, especially for people who wear pants often. We hope we covered everything on what to wear with leggings!

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