What to Wear While Golfing- Important Tips to Remember

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Have you ever wondered what to wear golfing or noticed a difference between the people on a golf course and those at other sports facilities?

Most of the grounds in sports facilities reflect a single bandwidth with players in routine attire. But when you visit the golf course, people wear random clothes, which suit their comfort to the best level. Furthermore, there is no particular dress code.

So, does that mean golfers don’t require proper golf attire? Well, they do. Every sport has a costume to mark their presence, and so does golf. So, scroll down and get a fact check.

The details to find the key to golf clothes treasure are explained below.

1. What to Wear Golfing– for Men

What to wear golfing
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Clothes will be the last thing on the earth for men to bother about as that is how easy-going they are. But who doesn’t want to make themselves look presentable just by putting in the least effort?

Let us explore the costumes to find a perfect fit for men.

1.1. Shirts

What to wear golfing
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What will be the first image that will flash in your mind after reading the word shirt? Typically, it will be a man wearing a long-sleeved tucked-in shirt. However, it is not a wrong interpretation entirely. Golf shirts are a bit twisted, not literally, but exceptionally.

They are collared polo shirts with either long-sleeves or short-sleeves, depending on the climatic conditions. However, you must make sure they are collared.

Furthermore, it is necessary to have a collar as it portrays a sense of respectability and professionalism. It can help project a strong impression on fellow players and spectators as a skilled golfer. You have now unlocked the mystery behind dress codes.

Additionally, you can wear different collared polo shirts based on climate. They are given below.

1.1.1. Half-Sleeved

What to wear golfing
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Collared shirts in hot climates must be half-sleeved and made of cotton cloth. Furthermore, they are the best choice to wear in the summer, as the cotton helps to overcome sweating. Undoubtedly, it is a plus point for a sports player.

1.1.2. Full-Sleeved

What to wear golfing
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Collared shirts in winter must be full-sleeved and made up of woollen material. Furthermore, it is important to wear warmer clothes to stop sensations of cold passing down the body.

For this reason, don’t forget to choose wisely.

1.2. Slacks and Shorts

What to wear golfing
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What will look good according to you, shorts or slacks? The decision is all yours. Yet, you can distinguish between both depending on the scenario.

Let us consider the different scenarios:

You are on the golf course on a hot day to represent your country in a golf tournament. What would you prefer to wear, comfy shorts or tight slacks? Undoubtedly, it will be the former.

On the contrary, if you are playing golf in 15-20-degree temperatures, you would be more comfortable in slacks as they keep you warm and can be the perfect fit for the season.

Furthermore, shorts for hot climates and slacks for colder are the ideal choice. However, decisions could vary based on one’s preferences.

Additionally, are you a person of colour? Different colours bring your clothes to life in different ways. Hence, you can choose light colours, namely beige and gray for summer and brown, blue, and black for winter.

However, most men wouldn’t bother, and shorts for them would look good in any colour.

1.3. Golf Shoes

What to wear golfing
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They are a vital riddle to solve the mystery of golf attire.

Isn’t the first question always, why do we need to wear golf shoes? Though some random sports shoes can also be a good choice, golf shoes have better grip, comfort, sturdiness, and much more.

Furthermore, golf shoes will make you confident and comfortable. Certainly, composure and concentration are the factors that count while playing golf. So, they can be game changers.

There are also both spiked and non-spiked golf shoes. So, which to wear and when?

What should be preferred according to you to play golf? If you make people do a poll, spiked might win. How is that possible? Because it is psychology.

1.3.1. Spiked Shoes

What to wear golfing
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They have spikes at the bottom. Some have soft spikes, while some have steel spikes. Professional players use soft spike shoes, and amateurs use steel spike golf shoes.

Due to the presence of spikes, they are the best sort for traction, preventing you from slipping. For this reason, golfers prefer them.

Furthermore, they are best suited for golf courses on high terrains due to their grip and compatibility, as old spikes can be replaced with new ones.

Though they provide traction, choosing them won’t always be the wise choice as they are complex to handle.

1.3.2. Spikeless Shoes

What to wear golfing
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As the name suggests, these shoes do not have spikes. They have rubber soles instead to provide traction. Therefore, they are more helpful and comfortable in driving ranges.

Furthermore, if you play golf only for entertainment, you may not visit the golf course that often. Hence, you would never regret buying spike-less golf shoes, as an ordinary walk in them is also a piece of cake.

But non-spiked shoes are useless once they lose traction. You may be required to replace them irrespective of your attachments.

Furthermore, golfers prefer spike-less golf shoes for proper golf attire unless they are professional golf players.

1.3.3. Golf Socks

What to wear golfing
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Is there something called golf socks? Are you confused? Having questions? How essential are socks? If you wear some random pair, what difference would they make?

Halt! Please. Your mind must be bursting with innumerable questions. Despite this, be at ease. Every attire has its importance, and so does this. The pair of socks you wear to a golf club for playing golf does make a big difference. How so?

These socks specifically target blood circulation and acceleration. Furthermore, golf socks contain active carbon that increases the activity of foot muscles. They help relieve fatigue, absorb moisture, and come with one in many structures. You can also wear them during other activities, including running, trekking, and exercising.

Furthermore, shoes and socks are a pair, so put a proportionate amount of effort into each.

You can try Nike socks in white colour, as they out-stand others. However, you can go with any brand. It is your choice.

1.4. Belts

What to wear golfing
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Wear comfortable belts and get a perfect swing. They hold an active importance in golf to provide flexibility as you bend.

Any belt would work depending on your golf style as long as it is comfortable and does have belt loops. These loops provide a perfect bend. Furthermore, they avoid marks and prevent pain in the stomach.

Golf-specific belts come in different ranges of colours, styles, and materials. Some all-time favourites are Puma, Adidas, and Nike. So, why are many people obsessed with Nike? There is no explanation.

1.5. Caps or Hats

Either a golf hat or a cap would be best to complete your golf attire. A cap adds stars to your golf look and prevents you from getting sunburnt.

1.5.1. Golf Hats

What to wear golfing
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  • Cowboy hats: Ten-gallon hats. Want to harm a golfer? First, pass through them.
  • Straw hats: Crew member of Straw Hats Pirates? One Piece is an anime with straw hat pirates. Signature straw hats have innumerable features as they come in flexible sizes and fit anybody. They are rounded and provide protection from the sun and prevent tanning.
  • Bonnie hats: Want to feel like a military man? Wear them.

This takes you back to the old military era. Officers with mustaches and long boots marched in squads, making addictive sounds.  Furthermore, they have a wide brim designed like a plate to protect you from sun and UV rays.

1.5.2. Golf Caps

What to wear golfing
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  • Flat caps: Soft fabric with portable size, simple professional look.
  • Baseball caps: Just because they are named baseball doesn’t mean they specify baseball. Professional golfers or seasonal, but most golfers match these caps with their golf attire.

1.6. Golf Gloves

What to wear golfing
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They aren’t that of a vital accessory. You can strike well even without them. Furthermore, if you are a skilled golfer, they won’t make much of a difference.

If you are an amateur, spend a bit on golf gloves. They will help you get a grip.

Also, pay a little more attention when buying gloves. They are a great help. There are a variety of golf gloves made of leather or other synthetic materials to wear on the golf course.

If you are right-handed, wear one glove in your left hand and conversely. However, some winter gloves can be worn in pairs on both hands, as that is how they are designed. So, they won’t let you appear like a fool. However, it is a rare sight.

2. What a Man Should Not Wear Golfing?

What to wear golfing
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Everything has do’s and don’ts. So does- what to wear golfing.

Every minute detail matters when you wear golf clothes. You need to consider even minute points while deciding your golf attire, or they might restrict you from playing. Some of those points are given below.

  • Loose jerseys: Men in loose sports jerseys are a great sight. They look fashionable, but a big no to wear them on the golf course. Furthermore, loose jerseys give a sloppy look and are not acceptable inside most clubhouses and dining areas. So, dress accordingly.
  • Untucked shirts: Tuck in your polo shirt, or guards might throw you out for inappropriate dressing.
  • Tracksuit tops: There is no doubt in them being a comfortable choice, but they are not so perfect for golfing. For now, keep your tracksuit tops locked in your wardrobe.
  • Ill-fitting shirts: In warm weather, your half-sleeved polo shirt should be three-quarters above your elbow. Or they might not welcome you.
  • Printed logo shirts: Avoid getting your shirt printed on the back or front with vulgar language and logos targeting a specific group. You might end up offending someone, and boom! A free tour to jail.

2.1. What to Avoid during Winters?

What to wear golfing
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  • Denim jackets: Undoubtedly, Denim is a friend forever. You might be reluctant to choose between jeans and a golf club. But, golf clubs do not allow denim. Thus, you have to choose one. Furthermore, most golf courses don’t allow you to use denim jackets as outerwear. It is not deemed as decent golf attire to them. This is one of the golf club preferences, and you should abide by it. There is no choice granted.
  • Hoodies or sweatshirts: Do you love walking around like a ghost in oversized hoodies? They are one in a million. Despite this, you reluctantly have to change into decent golf clothes before going to a golf course. Furthermore, sweatshirts and hoodies are not a part of golf attire. So, a big no to them.
  • Avoid over-wearing: Just a layer of sweater, windbreaker, or a fleece vest would be nice.

2.1.1. Bottomwear

  • Tight bottoms: Don’t wear jeans, tight pants, or tracksuit trousers. They can hinder your bend and movement. Also, don’t wear shorts that are very long or tight. Long underwear would be a better option. And three is a bad omen. No three-quarter-length shorts, please! Do you wish to show off your gym or cargo shorts? Please don’t.

2.1.2. Footwear

What to wear golfing
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Flip flops, thongs, and sandals are a no-go. They can have an impact on the turf of the golf courses.

Also, avoid steel spike shoes if you don’t want pores in your foot.

2.1.3. Headwear

Wear headphones and get your head and phone separated. Isn’t it a good deal?  And no long hats, as they hinder your sight and deviate your focus.

3. For Women Golfers

Women have countless choices when it comes to clothes. They have additional golf clothes to add to their golf attire. So, what do female golfers wear?

Most of the steps are the same as above. Even so, there are some minute pluses and minuses.

Here is a guide to what girls and ladies can wear to golfing.

3.1. Upperwear

What to wear golfing

Photo by Jopwell from Pexels/ Copyright 2018

Similar to what has been already covered for men, collared polo shirts are a green flag for women too. Additionally, blouses and collared tops are also good to go.

Ladies, summer days are best for sleeveless golf shirts. However, tucking-in culture still counts.

3.2. Bottomwear

What to wear golfing
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Women have a lot to choose from for the bottom wear. But, especially for golf, there are skirts, shorts, and trousers to choose from.

Can’t predict men, but women surely can’t go wrong with colors. Task handed down to you ladies!

Short skirts should be above knee-length, or long skirts should touch the upper part of the shoes. No less, no more. Additionally, the dresses should not lie above your kneecaps.

(A tip: Buy skirts and dresses with built-in shorts).

3.3. Footwear

3.3.1. Golf Shoes

What to wear golfing
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As listed for men, spiked and non-spiked shoes will work based on the level of professionalism and area of the golf course for women golfers too.

Ladies surely know how to handle pointed shoes. But, it is golf.

Steel spike or soft spike golf shoes, which will be a better choice for women? Soft spiked shoes may have an upper hand.  They provide sturdiness and traction and might avoid serious injuries.

However, spike-less golf shoes are all in one pack with traction, comfort, and minimum chances of a foot injury.

3.3.2. Golf Socks

What to wear golfing
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Any pair of white golf socks would work as long as they look good, are comfortable, and can absorb moisture away from your feet.

So, just match them with your outfit, and you are all set.

3.4. Other Accessories

3.4.1. Gloves

What to wear golfing
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Wear them to avoid blisters and get a grip. Golf professionals don’t prefer wearing them as they feel the need to grab the golf stick with bare hands for a perfect shot.

3.4.2. Hats or Caps

What to wear golfing
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Baseball caps are most preferred, but visors are also allowed.

3.4.3. Jewellery

How can a woman avoid wearing jewellery? So, golf clubs don’t entirely restrict them.

You can wear comfortable jewellery that is not too loose to go missing.  Also, ensure not to wear something too tight to leave a mark.

4. What a Woman Should Not Wear Golfing?

4.1. Upperwear

What to wear golfing

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  • Tank tops, halters, tight tops, or anything besides these that are tight.
  • Fur jackets, denim jackets, or hoodies are not acceptable.

4.2. Bottomwear

What to wear golfing
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  • Mini-skirts, tracksuit trousers, or very long gowns and dresses.
  • Even if the world is ending, avoid wearing tight jeans to a golf course.
  •  No leggings, cargo shorts, cut-offs, drawstrings and running shorts.

4.3. Footwear

What to wear golfing
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Please, ladies, don’t wear heels to the golf course! Flip-flops, thongs, or sandals are also a no-go. Most golf courses do not allow heels as they can destroy the green and could throw a putt off-line.

Hence, avoid wearing long flashy socks, as they might be a problem for the eyes.

4.4. Accessories

A big no to expensive jewellery. Never wear heavy jewellery to any game. They might go missing or can even hinder your concentration and your swing.

5. What to Wear Golfing if it is Your First Time?

What to wear golfing
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If you are an amateur, don’t put much emphasis on extras. Checklist the necessities. Any collared shirt, shorts, compatible shoes, a pair of socks, a basic cap, and you are good to go.

Furthermore, if it is your first time playing golf, you can skip some parts of your outfit. It won’t be a big issue.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

 Are jeans allowed while playing golf?

Most golf courses do not allow golfers to wear jeans as they are tight and uncomfortable.  However, some golf courses might have a different set of rules. Therefore, before you join, call the club and ask all the relevant questions.

Why do professionals prefer to play without gloves?

Gloves play quite an important role when you are an amateur. They can help prevent tan lines and blisters. But professionals take off their gloves to feel the golf stick and to have an actual grip and sensation of swing passing down the body.

7. Conclusion

The most important part of visiting a golf course is to meet new people, make connections, and learn the game. Your golfing journey will include unexceptional life experiences that can assist you in upgrading yourself. Furthermore, playing golf can have many health benefits. Visit the course more often, and you will become more familiar with the golfing culture and know what to wear golfing. You sure can outshine others.

At first glance, no one can assess you. This is where your clothes play a vital role. The way you dress defines your personality and makes you feel more confident. Furthermore, don’t you want to present yourself in the best way possible? All you have to do is follow the steps above. Also, never neglect comfort and satisfaction, as they are at the forefront of clothing choices.


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