What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? – 10 Best Outfit Ideas!

If you are planning to visit a Renaissance carnival and are confused about what to wear to a Renaissance fair, you are on the right page.

Medici collars, overskirts, V-shaped waistlines, doublets, elaborate patterns, royal colors, ostentatious clothing styles, rich heritage, culture, art, and literature; that’s Renaissance for you.

A period of cultural revival in Europe spanning from the 16th to the 17th century with a renewed interest in art, architecture, literature, and scientific discoveries.

Renaissance Faires or Ren Fair is the recreation of this classical spirit of the Renaissance era with an outdoor gathering including dressed-up fair-goers, music, art, theatricals, festive foods, and fun, lots of fun.

However, if you don’t know what to wear to a Renaissance fair; no worries.

In this article, we have covered 10 common outfit ideas and finally drafted a rule book that will help you ace your game.

1. What To Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : 10 Most Common Outfit Ideas For Renaissance Fair 

When preparing for the occasion whether you are an old-timer or just stepping into the world of Ren Faires, it is always overwhelming to choose the best outfit/dress for oneself.

What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : 10 Best Outfit Ideas!
Image by Elle from Pixabay

One that is right on your budget and also as unique as you are and that makes you stand out and gives your flair to the festival.

Down is the list of the ten common costume ideas for the Ren fair that are budget-friendly and as extravagant as the Renaissance period.

1.1. Peasant Costumes

Up for a simple comfortable fashion with dark colors, then this is for you.

Also, if you are planning for a peasant costume look then wear a cotton long-sleeved shift beneath, and then pair it up with a dark color blouse (rust, red, brown) and some authentic crepe fabric skirts.

What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : 10 Best Outfit Ideas!
Image by Elle from Pixabay

For men’s outfits wear a tunic or shirt with a laced-up or buttoned jerkin (vest) and a biggins hat, can add cloth hosen (stockings) for a more authentic look.

1.2. What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : Pirate Costumes

Have ever been fascinated by the Pirates of the Caribbean series? Well, then this is the best time to anchor your fascination and let your Jack Sparrow spirits come into play.

Furthermore, the pirate look will kick start your Renaissance fair experience and turn more eyes than your regular clothes for Renaissance fair cosplay.

What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : 10 Best Outfit Ideas!
Photo by 100 files on Pexels

To make yourself appear more into the character pair it up with different accessories like eye patches, hooks, a sword, compass along with your costume.

1.3. Elaborate Costumes

The elaborate costume is for those who enjoy the fancy regal look with heavy embroidery, built-in corset, accessories, jewelry, and everything that goes into creating a historically accurate Renaissance fair costume.

1.4. Victorian Fad

This contains the complex and intricate designs of the Victorian populous of the 19th century.

Also, it was an era marked by changing fashion and different styles giving way to various new trends and experiments in fashion.

What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : 10 Best Outfit Ideas!
Image by Mariusz Matuszewski from Pixabay

Elongated V-shaped bodice, long skirts, corsets, waistcoats, and calf-length frock coats were the fashion trends during this time.

1.5. What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : Tavern Wench

A Tavern Wench outfit is a combination of both seductive and sweet appearance.

An off-shoulder peasant blouse paired with a corset, long skirt, and a hat. Nevertheless, this could be a perfect wear for ladies and women, out to be attractive and approachable.

1.6. Witch Wear

Are there any Sabrina Spellman or Elden Ring fans out here? Witch or Sorceress dresses are widely known age-old costumes.

What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : 10 Best Outfit Ideas!
Photo by T Leish on Pexels

However, whether it is a Halloween party, a Costume-themed party, or Ren Faires, these outfits are the most preferred ones for all occasions.

An old-fashioned Victorian-style gown with a wide-brimmed witch hat, certainly a perfect combination of elegance and power.

1.7. Robin Hood

A legendary character of generosity and good deeds, a young man who robes the rich and distributes them among the poor.

Moreover, Robin Hood costumes are budget-friendly and easily available. Additionally, they can even be made with the inexpensive materials available at home.

1.8. What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : Shakespearean Style

One of the greatest dramatists and poets of the Renaissance era.

Also, Shakespeare’s plays were influenced by the Renaissance dressing trends and codes of that time.

What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : 10 Best Outfit Ideas!
Image by VLADISLAV from Pixabay

Moreover, if one is short for a historically accurate look then one should dive into the Shakespearean closet once.

From bonnets to gaberdine and sea gowns to gaskins (loose-fitting breeches) and petticoats, it covers all.

1.9. Viking Vesture

Having Deja vu of the drama series Vikings or Vikings: Valhalla because that’s where we are heading towards.

The seafarers of Scandinavia, who raided, pirated, traded, and eventually settled throughout Europe surely had a flair for clothing.

Moreover, Viking outfits were the favored choice for the Renaissance Fairs in the northern parts of the US and you can also pair it up with some comfortable shoes and other accessories.

What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : 10 Best Outfit Ideas!
Photo by Fernando Cortés on pexels

For men tunic, trousers, and a cloak whereas for women a strap close-fitting dress with a belt around the waist and small leather purses attached to it.

1.10. What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : King Costume

A king costume is a must for a Renaissance fair to complete its glamour and charm. Moreover, this attire is regal, luxurious, and attention-seeking.

Additionally, it is certainly a perfect traditional garb for those wanting to fully immerse into the spirits of the Renaissance and enjoy every bit of it.

What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : 10 Best Outfit Ideas!
Image by kirill_makes_pics from Pixabay

Moreover, with an aura and style of its own, this will make you stand out in front of other fairgoers.

2. What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair?: Your Rule Book for the Renaissance Fair 

If this is your first Renaissance Faire do not worry at all. Renaissance festivals are to club together, enjoy and have fun with open arms, and leave us to get you the best Renaissance outfit.

Additionally, the best thing about Ren Faire is that there is no perfect way of dressing.

2.1. Rule 1

Always visualize the characters in whose shoes you want to be. A Viking? Peasant girl? Or a royalty?

However, Renaissance Faire offers a perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and put down your ramp show. So, get inspiration from your Muses and go flaunt.

What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : 10 Best Outfit Ideas!
Image by Hollie Ramsey from Pixabay

2.2. Rule 2 

Never go bareheaded. In fact, always put something on your head, a cap, a hat, or a bonnet.

Additionally, you can also decorate your head with a flower crown and garlands.

Also, there are different varieties as well like straw hats, muffin caps, and coifs.

2.3. Rule 3 

If you are new to the world of Elizabethan England and fashion, then it’s better to own a few basic clothes and add-ons for a perfect start.

For example, a wardrobe with corsets, chemises, skirts, cloaks, leather belts and more.

What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : 10 Best Outfit Ideas!
Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels

2.4. Rule 4 

Don’t fret over tights. Moreover, it will be uncomfortable wearing them on a hot day.

However, women can wear flats or some comfortable leather boots while men can opt for full-length or half-length breeches.

2.5. Rule 5 

Cloaks are a must.

Certainly, cloaks have been a part of Renaissance festival costumes for quite a long time. Also, they add a sense of confidence, elegance, and power to your dress.

What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair? : 10 Best Outfit Ideas!
Photo by murat esibatir on Pexels

3. Ending Notes: What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair?

Indeed, the Renaissance is known as the epitome of fashion with its extravagant designs, bright colors, and luxurious fabrics as a result most modern-day dressing is influenced by it.

When making a presence at Renaissance fairs make sure to dress as marvelously as possible. Moreover, we hope the above commonly worn dress tips and tricks help!

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