Festival Fashion: Your Style Guide on What to Wear to a Music Festival

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All set for a music festival and wondering what to wear to a music festival? It’s madness, the energy that can keep themselves away from such an environment. Nobody wants to miss such festivals in summertime. There is no doubt that music festivals are prime events in summertime.

Do music festivals being prime events make your styling a complicated process? No, not at all, right? You will be attending those music festivals for a whole day in brisk sunshine to even colder evenings, all in the middle of the crowd. So it would be best to choose your outfit as comfortable yet stylish to stand out.

You can still style more efficiently with these outgoing outfit combinations that are both boho chic and lowkey comfy, which are discussed further in detail.

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1. Let’s Decide the Core of Your Outfit

The core of your outfit quickly describes your total vibe with that clothing. You can wear a free Bohemian look, a cowboy outfit, or any 70s rock band-like dress for the music festival.

We all know how important sometimes it becomes to keep up with trends and themes. You cannot spend your whole time researching but want to look great simultaneously.

Trust this, even if you are unaware of recent fashion coming from personal innovative styling, and it is easier if you think like this.

Above all, in reality, one does not need to dress up like an extreme cowboy or hippie; you know it will be off and weird. You don’t need to style a fancy dress competition but enhance your style freely. At last, a look can be anything inspired by the sole fact that it is not only a mere fashion but gives you a sense of self-expression.

2. Shine Out With These Styling Options

Music festivals are coming, and if you and your friends have decided to attend anyone together, save this article for the day. Start with determining your look from the basic themes provided below. And get ready to style your fancy outfits together.

Lastly, we dress for confidence and enjoyment, so don’t choose any dress that needs too much care or you cannot dance all your heart out on those trippy beats. Your favorite stars will perform all day, and you must be ready for the hectic show, so don’t exclude your comforts.

 2.1. 70’s Glam

How to Style ICONIC 70s Outfits!

A colored shirt with beautiful patterns can be an excellent choice for a music festival. You can express your style in selecting your outfit for this occasion. Look for colorful, printed button-downs; crochet tops with a ’70s influence, or other festival outfits that showcase your true personality.

If going selectively every element, let’s say taking pants. So wide-leg trousers with cuts and prints will add fun to your dress. Flair jeans or any of your favorite damaged or rugged ones from your wardrobe are also fit for festival season nights.

If bored with those long pants additions of the 70’s, who is saying to go all alike? Try your denim shorts with cowboy boots. The denim skirt with pretty cool flats is also a good choice for the festival season.

Now add statement jewelry for edginess. A baseball cap or any funky hat will balance the sober and give your clothing a delightful, funny touch.

2.2. Cowboy Look

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Yup, right festival time, why not dress up with a cowgirl vibe? Of course, you will rock in that super outgoing clothing. Haven’t you seen one in Barbie movie where Margot Robbie rocked in a cowgirl outfit inspired by it?

In recent music festival editions, people have started wearing pink more.so if you have one in mind, try it. It is trendy these days. Here are the things you must try for your help.

2.2.1. Denim Overalls

Commonly, we call that dungaree. It gives cowgirl vibes without too much effort. Certainly, denim goes well with every top wear. You can try it in pieces also, like with some country folk shirts. Add some jewelry for festive vibes.

2.2.2. Skirts

Denim skirts are a good option this festive season, as many things are back.

Like crochet tops, try out with a light leather jacket to add texture. Crop tops, band tee, and many beautiful cowboy tops with jeans and skirts are favorites of festival goers.

2.2.3. Jeans Shorts

A loose band tee will give you a chic look, but you also need suitable footwear. Try ankle boots and sandals.

A flowy blouse or crop top in bold colors is good for a bohemian look. Coo if you pair up your clothes with fringed sandals.

2.2.4. Cowboy Hat

You might need a cowboy hat or wide-brimmed hat to complete your look. On the other hand, not only will these wide-brimmed hats be your fusion of personal style and fashion sense, but they will also protect you from the sun.

Provide you cooling in the outdoor music festival. If you have already gone with too much and want to balance things, take any simple or funky hat with sunglasses.

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2.2.5. Bandana

A Bandana is a versatile piece in your styling; it can be your headband or go with your handbag. You can use it as your top or halter by tying it at the back or crisscrossing it and tying it at the back of the neck.

It would be best to wrap it around your tee or hat. It will have a more unique touch. Choose one that pops out in the crowd for the festive season, like in the way of color.

2.2.6. Ties to Tie Around in Style

Tie has an image of office wear in your eyes; no way, that is just an extra piece of layering around the neck. But here for you, there are many options available; you need to be creative:

You can use a thin script tie as a bracelet on your wrist. It will look fabulous. Additionally, you can use ties as hair bands over hats. Ice can give a Bohemian look by tying around as belts.

What to Wear to a Music Festival

2.3. Dresses

In dresses, you can go for vintage collections and maxi dresses. Dresses are loose-fitting and provide you with a Bohemian style. If old money is screaming in your mind, all the Gen Z crowd should try styling your vintage dress; be the artist yourself.

They had a flowing nature to your look also. At last, what are the things you need to remember when selecting one dress?

Furthermore, the color should not have many boulders because it will go off. Accordingly, you need to choose soft spring colors.

Additionally, Pattern dresses are a must in your list if you are looking in the dress section for this festive season.

Also, you can layer it up with a light denim jacket or belts. You can choose any comfortable footwear that is easy to wear to a music festival because it includes a lot of dancing and walking.

Choose a hat or funky sunglasses to add more style.

2.4. Crochet Back in Style

Crochet is an endless thread that adds a dimensional feature to your dress. One should not miss them they are opting for countryside music festivals because they show tradition. Crochets are available in various designs and lengths; here are some.

Crochet tops make them fun-looking outfits by trying them out with jeans and denim shorts—a maxi-length dress will give you a low-dressing style fit and is in demand nowadays.

Styling everything I crocheted/knit in 2022 // how to style crochet pieces 👗🌷

Crochet vests are best for adding vintage boho all together at once. One cannot believe how they turn out so stylish with a simple tank top and pair it with denim shorts or rugged jeans. You can try styling baggy jeans with them.

Also, Crochet dresses are see-through dress designs for a more whimsical look. They also come with sleeves and lining patterns, so check them once. Moreover, If you want more texture, add the same by layering with a leather or denim jacket.

You should wear a bright bikini set for your dress to pop out. Patterns will add more style.

2.5. Airy Look

An airy look Can be easily created by choosing flowy clothes. Innovate one by following tips: A Maxi dress with a wide-brimmed hat and gladiator sandals is the right outfit. Likewise, Boho prints on your loose-fitting pants with stylish crop tops with statement jewelry.

Additionally, Keep your makeup natural and style your hair wavy. You can try layered hair for these. It is a perfect guide for styling your layered hair. Layered hairs are full of drama, volume, and texture for a music festival. You can add braids.

A vintage tea dress is a beautiful floral dress; when tried with vintage boots, it feels retro. Choose a crossbody bag with a boho vibe to take care of your things, keep your hands free, and give you style.

3. Add Some Glamor: Accessories to Add to Your Look

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3.1. Sunglasses

They are essential for your facetious season because not only will they protect your eyes from UV rays, but they also act like a cherry on top. Choose sunglasses based on the frames which suit your face shape. Try to choose a pop color like brown or grey.

3.2 Hats

Many versatile hats are available in the market, but you need to be careful about the festival vibe. For one, in the day, you need a wide-brimmed hat, and for nights, you can get a glowy neon one to wear to a music festival fashion.

Go with neutral colors, add accessories like a bandana tie and belts, and always pin it for your safety. You can choose any funky cap, and a baseball cap will also be good.

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3.3. Jewelry

Multiple layering with various necklaces of different length necklaces. Nowadays, you have witnessed many events in the summertime, like Coachella.

You might have noticed Bohemian-inspired jewels everywhere. You can try a beaded one that looks super chic. Try out the choker if going with any airy look. The eye-catcher rings will be super for your free hands.

Keep the genre of music in your mind when going with anybody’s chain.

Try long or glittery dangling statement earrings, whatever goes with your wear. It would be best to try hoops because they go with the choker.

3.4. Scarf

If you think of a scarf that comes to mind, yes, those printed beautiful tiny scarfs you can tie around your neck and waist. Scarf as wristbands or around the hat are so versatile.

3.5. Wristbands

Yes, it is beaded to metal mix. Everything you need is in these wristbands. When you dance, wave those hands out, feel the dress, and all these accessories will vibrate. That’s what we want to wear to a music festival fashion. If you have used metal pieces earlier, try one with beads.

3.6. Belts

The leather belt is an easy option; try out any belt; the belt here is to keep your dress together. A belt will sometimes be a bandana or a tie, but it will be a fantastic thing to make your outfit boho look.

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4. Silly Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Whole Look

1. You are getting dressed too much, in a way, sacrificing your comfort. It can turn out you are now in the middle of a crisis. Imagine thousands of people, all that dress messing up, and you’re fed up because you can’t enjoy the music, which was the prime reason you chose to come.

Yes, it can be more frightening if your dress gets ruined due to dirt and all. If you go with heels or open shoes, your legs can turn out bad, so go for comfortable shoes.

2. Always remember the weather, your clothing choices must depend on that, take a raincoat with you if there is any chance of rain. For example, the recent Eras tour rained so that it could be yours, but if you check out the weather early, you can get ready for it.

3. Take a cross-body bag or any funky bag. Of course, there is always one friend we depend on for water and other things. Not only will the dress keep your things safe, but it will also be stylish and keep your hands free.

4. Apply sunscreen always for your skin protection. Those hats will block but not entirely, so be prepared with everything to stop the tanning you can get from sunlight. Because we all know festivals will come and go, but health is forever.

5. Don’t wear open-toed shoes. Most importantly, you need to choose comfortable footwear for comfort. Sneakers with extra soles or insoles are a good option. Super expensive sneakers can be left at home for other events if you want to protect them from dirt because, in that rush, you don’t know what’s next in which you will step.

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5. What is Your List of Music Festivals? 

1. Coachella

2. Glastonbury Festival

3. Lollapalooza

4. Tomorrowland

5. Burning Man

6. Ultra Music Festival

7. Bonnaroo

These are just a few examples; there are many music festivals. Get ready with your personally styled dress for refreshment activities, craft work, and food, and enjoy the day with your friends and family.

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6. Final Note

Music festivals like Coachella and other recent music events have seen a recent shift in fashion sense. This article has covered almost everything and has tried to focus on what we can do with the things that we have in our wardrobe. If we see fashion as creating our style, it is just a step more.

So, share this in your friend circle or with a best friend if you are attending any event shortly. Try these tricks to stay ahead of your peers without investing much time. This one is special because it captures all the vibes that you want to have around.

We have focused on many levels of your outfit, and we believe it assists you in styling. If you feel it matches your outfits, share this with your friends, comment, and like.

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