What To Wear To A Hockey Game- Facts and Information!

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Sometimes you might think, “What To Wear To A Hockey Game”. Well, wearing the proper fit for a hockey game is an essential factor to consider for enjoying the game to its fullest. For major national hockey fans, out of any professional sports event, hockey is the most important sport where you want to look your best, whether it is for only a few hours.

Hockey is a type of sport where attire is one of the most important things to consider if you are going to watch a hockey game, it shows enthusiasm among the fans, and it helps to encourage the team players as well. 

In this guide, we will dive deep into the art of dressing for a hockey game and making the experience truly memorable.

What To Wear To A Hockey Game
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1. What Should I Wear To A NHL Hockey Game?

The NHL is a professional level of Ice Hockey and going to the NHL game is a big deal for many hockey fans, which makes the fit most important for the hockey game.

When you are going to watch your favorite team play in a hockey game, it’s cool to wear something that shows your support towards the team; it can be either the team cap, matching bandanas, hockey team jerseys, or painting your face.

As long as it is comfortable to wear for you to show team spirit, you can wear anything allowed inside the game court.

What To Wear To A Hockey Game
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2. Types Of Hockey Games And What To Wear (According To Their Type)

Hockey is a sport that comes in different styles, and each style brings a different vibe. Knowing about these different styles of hockey is important for a fan like yourself so you can rock with your outfit in the hockey game.

From energetic college games to fancy and professional leagues, let’s understand the different types of hockey games and what you should wear for each of them.

2.1. Professional Hockey Game (NHL and Beyond)

Professional Hockey Games like the ones in the National Hockey League (NHL) are quite grand events where the hockey players compete on the ice. These games are intense, and the fans spectating are quite passionate.

When going to these hockey games, it’s good to wear something that shows your love towards the hockey team and is quite warm that’ll help you to be warm.

2.1.1 What To Wear

At an NHL or any other professional game, you can wear the hockey team jersey, which can be special that represents the team and shows your enthusiasm. This a way to show you’re a big fan of the team.

You can also go for things that match the team theme, like bandanas, scarves, goggles, and caps, or if you wanna make things more exciting, you can also use spray paint.
These things will help you show support to the team and at the same time, look cool and stunning as well.

Hockey Game Outfits - 17 Tips on What To Wear To A Hockey Game

2.2. College Hockey Games

As the name suggests, these types of hockey games are not professional hockey games. These types of hockey games are organized at a college level. College Hockey games have a chill and friendly vibe.

These games are mostly organized for fun and excitement, and the atmosphere in these hockey games is lively, and you can wear as comfortably as you want in these games.

2.2.1 What To Wear

For college hockey games, you can wear anything that you like, and you can wear comfy. You can wear a team-themed jersey, hats, scarves, etc. College hockey games aim to have a fun and exciting experience. That’s why attire is not important in these games.

But yeah, if you like, you can wear clothes that show team spirit and support towards the hockey team and players.

What To Wear To A Hockey Game
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2.3. Minor League And Community Hockey Games

Minor League and Community hockey games give you a down-to-earth experience of the game. These games are usually organized in the local arena, giving you a cozy and comfy vibe where you can wear anything.

2.3.1 What To Wear

For these types of hockey games, you have numerous numbers of options for clothes. As long as you can think of a fit to rock on, you can wear that. Just make sure you’re dressed comfortably and according to the weather.

Wear a warm jacket, jeans, and comfy shoes to stay as cozy as possible during the game. To show your support towards the team, wear team color themes outfits which will make the spectating experience more exciting and enjoyable.

Rink-side runway: What to wear to a hockey game

2.4. International Hockey Games

International Hockey Games like the Olympics and World Championships bring teams together worldwide and make people proud of their country. These types of hockey games are big deals, so wearing an outfit that shows your support towards the team players is a must.

 2.4.1 What To Wear

When going to an international hockey game, you can wear a combination theme that shows your national pride in supporting your team. You can wear the jersey in your country’s flag color or put on a jersey that represents your national team.

Adding extra things like flags, caps, hats, bandanas, or things with your country symbol is a cool idea. Since these tournaments can happen in different weather, wearing a comfy outfit can be one of the main considerations while choosing an outfit.

3. How Low Does the Temperature Gets In Ice Hockey Game?

Ice hockey games are played in a cold environment to keep the ice intact. This means it can be chilly for spectators, so dressing warmly is important to enjoy the game comfortably.

What To Wear To A Hockey Game
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3.1. What To Wear?

Start by wearing layers to stay cozy. Wear a moisture-wicking base layer to keep dry, add a warm sweater or hoodie for insulation, and then wear a team jersey or jacket to show your team spirit.

3.1.1 Can I Wear Shorts To an Ice Hockey Game?

It’s better to be cautious about wearing shorts at an ice hockey game. The arena’s cold temperatures might make shorts uncomfortable. But if you really want to wear them, make sure to keep your upper body warm with layers.

3.1.2. Should You Bring A Jacket To An Ice Hockey Game?

Not bringing a jacket to an ice hockey game is like facing the cold unprepared. A well-insulated jacket keeps you warm and shields you from the arena’s cold drafts. A hooded jacket is even better for maximum warmth.

3.1.3 Can I Bring A Blanket To An Ice Hockey Game?

Many ice hockey arenas allow spectators to bring blankets. A soft, warm blanket isn’t just an accessory – it’s your defense against the cold and an important part of your game-day outfit.

What To Wear To A Hockey Game
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4. Footwear Matters: Choosing the Right Shoes

When you’re getting ready for a hockey game, you might focus on picking the best jersey or staying warm with layers. But one thing you should never overlook is your choice of shoes.

Having the right pair of shoes can really change how you feel during the game, making sure you’re comfy and able to move around easily in the busy arena.

4.1. Why Do Your Shoes Matter?

The floor in the arena is made up of different things – it could be cold concrete or crowded areas with fans. Walking on these surfaces means you need shoes that give you both comfort and support. You’ll spend a lot of time on your feet, so having the right shoes is important for feeling good throughout the game.

4.2. The Cold Factor

One of the important factors to consider is the potential cold temperature inside the arena; the arenas can be really cold due to the ice. Cold floors can make you quite uncomfortable if you’re not wearing the right shoes. So, make sure to wear thick sole shoes that’ll prevent you from cold floors.

What To Wear To A Hockey Game
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4.3. Ease Of Movement

No one wants to cheer and wave uncomfortably while spectating your favorite hockey game in the crowd. That’s why good shoes, like comfy sneakers, are a must to wear to let you walk in the arena without any trouble. 

Whether you must dash quickly or jump excitedly, comfortable and good shoes have always got you covered.

4.4. Supportive Boots

Watching a game between a crowd can be very hectic, which makes supportive boots one of the main choices to consider while finalizing your outfit. These can keep you warm and steady on different levels of surfaces without any difficulty.

5. What To Wear To A Hockey Game? – Extras!

5.1 Enhance Your Style: Accessories For the Best

Beyond shirts and hoodies, accessories play an important role in creating a great matchday outfit. Consider adorning yourself with team-themed jewelry, bracelets, and even special sneakers. These subtle changes can add a personal touch when managing a team.

5.2  Prepare For The Weather: Prepare For Outdoor Stadiums

Some hockey games are played in open-air stadiums, which add an extra layer of weather resistance. In this case, wearing clothes and preparing for rain or wind is necessary. Waterproof jackets, thermal pants, and thermal hats form the basis of your overall look.

5.3 Dressing The Kids For The Game

There are other things to consider when watching hockey with the kids. Ensure your child is dressed warmly, and don’t forget to bring an extra blanket or jacket. Team-themed hats, scarves, and gloves can spice up game days.

How To Dress A Hockey Player

5.4 Pack The Important Items: What To Bring With You

Your game-day outfit is only part of the story. While preparing for the event, be sure to bring essential items such as tickets, ID, wallet, and special items such as signs or banners to support your team. Carrying a small bag with these items helps make it hassle-free and fun.

5.5  Capturing Memories

Hockey games are full of photo-worthy moments, from exciting goals to interactions with fans. Consider wearing an outfit that stands out in photos to make you look happy in light of the memorable game.

5.6 Balancing Comfort And Fashion

While expressing your team spirit is one of the main things to do, you should never compromise your comfort. Maintaining a proper balance between your fashion and comfort will help elevate your spectating experience to a whole new level.

Mixing and matching different combinations can help you achieve a look that’s stylish as well as comfy at the same time.

5.7  Theme Nights And Special Events

Many hockey games feature theme nights and special events for fans, inviting fans to show their creativity in their outfits. Whether it’s a retro night or honoring military personnel, these events give fans an opportunity to get imaginative with their outfit and add a twist to their spectating experience.

5.8  Matching With Friends And Family

Attending a hockey game with your friends and family makes things more exciting and enjoyable. Matching the outfits with your friends and family is one of the best ideas to create a unique group presence in the arena.

Whether it’s wearing matching color outfits or team jerseys, coordination can enhance your spectating experience to a whole different level.

What To Wear To A Hockey Game
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1. Should I wear a hockey team jersey in a hockey game?

When you want to show that you’re a big fan of a team, a team hockey jersey is one of the best things to wear. Putting on the colors and logo of your favorite team changes you from just watching to actively supporting them.

If you don’t have a jersey, that’s okay – wearing team colors or spirited accessories works just as well to show your support.

2. Should I Wear A Hockey Team Cap?

A hockey team cap is more than just an additional accessory; it works as a shield to prevent you from the cold while adding an extra layer of team spirit to your outfit. Whether the cap is symbolized with a team logo or with team colors, a cap can enhance your outfit’s appearance a lot.

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3. Do they offer snacks & beverages in a hockey game?

Hockey arenas become lively food spots on game days. You’ll find lots of different snacks and drinks you can buy to keep your energy up while you enjoy the game.

Whether you can bring your own snacks and drinks depends on the arena’s rules. It’s a good idea to check ahead of time. Some places might allow packaged items, but others might have rules against it. Knowing these rules helps you plan and ensure you have what you need during the game.

4. Can I wear something comfy to a hockey game?

Absolutely! Being comfy is really important at a hockey game. Even though many people wear team colors and stuff, it’s totally okay to go for comfort.

You can wear well-fitting jeans, cozy sneakers, and a warm sweater that looks good and keeps you comfortable.


Attending a hockey game is more than just a spectating sport- it’s a dive into a world of excitement and emotions. What you’re wearing is not just to cover yourself with. It shows your enthusiasm and your support towards the team. How you’re ready for different temperatures, you’re a part of the fan community.

Whether you wear a team jersey that shows your team spirit, wear comfy clothes, or wrap up yourself with a blanket to stay warm, remember what you wear to the hockey game adds the excitement that turns a simple game into a memorable moment that you’ll never forget.

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