What to Wear in Morocco? A Comprehensive Guide

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Nobody wants to miss a holiday, and especially a trip to Morocco is an undeniable offer. A trip always has so many things on a checklist. They include booking tickets for travel, accommodation during your stay, places to visit, and much more.

Here is the most critical question: What to have when you visit so many places? The same applies to a Morocco trip. Don’t stress your brain with this simple question. This article has exclusive travel tips to help you decide on this.

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1. The Kingdom of Morocco

Morocco is widely known as the Kingdom of Morocco. It is a country in North Africa, in the Maghreb region. Two water bodies beautifully surround this country. They include the Mediterranean Sea in the North and the Atlantic Ocean in the West. The other two sides have vast lands, including Algeria in the East and the Western Sahara in the South.

Morocco is a conservative country spread across a vast area, with at least 37 million people residing there. Even though its official religion is Islam, and its official languages are Arabic and Berber, French is also widely used for communication. The capital of the Kingdom of Morocco is Rabat, but the largest city is Casablanca.

Apart from Arabic, Berber, and French, English and Spanish are considered foreign languages in Morocco. The other religions in the country, apart from Islam, include Christians and Jews. This country is currently under the Alawi dynasty ruled by King Mohammed VI.

Before the Arab rule, this country was ruled by Romans until the 5th century. This country is famous for its Mosques, Palaces, Riads, and Medinas. The Moroccan country is known as the “Kingdom of the West.” It is known as the “Kingdom where the Sun sets.”

The Moroccan economy is flourishing only due to agriculture, phosphate minerals, and, most importantly, tourism. Despite its flourishing economy, the country is under the poverty line due to unemployment and illiteracy, especially in the rural areas.

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2. Moroccan Culture

Moroccan culture comprises Arab, Amazigh, and Andalusian cultures, influenced by African culture.

Typically, culture includes language, customs, beliefs, architecture, music, poetry, food, and, most importantly, the dresses they wear to represent their culture.

Even though people use many languages to communicate, only two are known as the official languages. The two official languages are Modern Standard Arabic and Standard Moroccan Berber. Apart from these, the foreign languages include French, Spanish, and English.

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Morocco was initially under the rule of the Romans. Only after the entry of Arab literature was introduced in the country. Most of the literature is written in Arabic only. Even the music of Morocco, including Chaabi and Aita, is highly Arabic.

There are many art galleries in Morocco. These art galleries consist of ancient, modern, and contemporary art. Moroccan arts also have a touch of European culture. Apart from these arts, tattooing is a tradition in Morocco, especially in the rural areas.

Morocco has a diverse cuisine. A traditional Moroccan platter includes Arab, Berber, and Mediterranean cuisines. Most foods consist of figs, olives, dates, and poultry products.

After learning about the country’s diverse and conservative dress culture, I find choosing what to wear in Morocco challenging. Let’s check out some of the outfits to wear in Morocco.

3. Traditional Clothing of Morocco

It is not mandatory to follow clothing traditions to spend time in Morocco. Arabs and Muslims mainly occupy the Moroccan country.

Arabs and Muslims are known for their conservative and orthodox thoughts. Their clothing style in the ancient days was also orthodox. Here are some basic clothes which they adored.

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3.1. Djellaba

The word “Djellaba” means a garment worn by traders. In Moroccan culture, this is a garment worn by both men and women. It is just like a shrug which we wear over our clothes. Djellaba is a one-piece, long, loose-fitting robe with full sleeves.

This garment, worn by most people, is now worn only by mountain dwellers of Morocco. It also has a hood which protects the person from cold weather. The material in which the Djellaba is made keeps the warmness within the body, thus protecting the wearer from a cold climate.

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3.2. Kaftan

Kaftan is similar to Djellaba, but it is worn only by Moroccan women. The Kaftan is adorned with jewelry. Kaftan is differentiated from Djellaba only due to the lack of a hood. This kaftan is made of wool, silk, or cotton.

This kaftan was introduced in Morocco by the Ottomans. The word kaftan means one-piece traditional fancy dress, a suitable name for this garment. Kaftans are always woven in bright colors to mark their elegance.

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4. What to Wear in Morocco?

The answer to this question varies based on different factors. It is important to remember that none of the countries in the world has a specific dress code, and the same applies to Morocco.

There is no proper dress code to follow.

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Morocco is known to have a “Hot Summer Mediterranean Climate” or also known as the “hot desert climate”. So, the outfits you choose should be comfortable to roam around in such a climate. Also, if you plan to visit rural areas, you should dress appropriately.

Let’s see some outfits for men and women in Morocco.

4.1. What to Wear in Morocco as a Man?

The priority when you are packing your clothes for a Morocco trip should be given to t-shirts. The Moroccan climate is known for its insanely high temperature. It is better to opt for a half-sleeve and loose T-shirt to survive the heat of Morocco.

4.1.1. Suggestions for Outfits

Polo shirts are much preferable when you consider your comfort. They are lightweight and comfortable to roam around.

When you think about your bottoms, make sure they are not suffocating or congesting you. Khaki pants are a good choice to wear in Morocco. Clothing options are limited for men.

What to wear in Morocco
By fauxels at pexel

Even though Morocco is famous for its hot climate, it has winter like any other place. If you are visiting Morocco during the winter months, carrying a jacket or blazer is a must. Just like the summer, winter also is experienced to an extreme, but the duration is less.

Opting for a sleeved t-shirt or a button-up shirt is a clever choice during winter in Morocco. Don’t forget to pair your shirt with a medium-weight or a lightweight sweater to keep you warm. Pairing up your long-sleeved shirt or t-shirt with thick jeans completes your look.

Let it be summer or winter, but a scarf or a hat over your head looks good in both weathers. A scarf around your neck in the winter keeps you warm and completes your look perfectly. Shorts are avoided in the country’s rural areas, respecting their culture.

Similarly, it is impossible to find Moroccan men wearing t-shirts or sleeveless shirts. As a tourist, you can wear a sleeveless shirt paired with shorts. If you want to blend with the native people, opting for a shirt with sleeves paired with long pants is better.


4.1.2. Footwear for Men

When you are confused about your sandals, let me give you a tip. Comfortable shoes are preferable to roam around the streets of Morocco. Among shoes, it is better to choose lightweight walking shoes.

When you wear light-coloured clothing, pairing them with a light jacket and sneakers looks good. Last but not least, if you are interested in trekking, don’t forget to pack your hiking boots.

So finally, a man who is going on a trip to Morocco should pack the following things to be perfect:

In Summer

  • Loose shirts and t-shirts
  • Pants(Khaki pants)
  • A hat

In Winter:

  • Jacket
  • Sweater
  • A Scarf


  • Walking shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Hiking boots

This packing list will be an appropriate choice for packing your bag.

4.2. What to Wear in Morocco as a Woman?

A woman’s biggest problem is deciding on an outfit to wear. Due to this, their packed bag has so many things that most of them would not be needed at all.

Morocco is a Muslim country that provides limited options for women in the context of dressing appropriately. Here are some suggestions for deciding what to wear in Morocco.

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4.2.1. Dresses

They help you survive the heat. Women in Morocco don’t wear fitting dresses which show their body shape. There are no restrictions for tourists and women to dress up. These maxi dresses will be a great choice if you want to blend with Moroccan people to enjoy their hospitality.

Maxi dress is breathable clothing that helps you survive Morocco’s heat. If you are unwilling to wear a single piece, you can wear maxi skirts with a top you choose.

If you plan to visit Morocco’s religious and ancient sites, it is better to dress appropriately according to their traditions. Blending with the natives avoids unwanted attention in a new place. Wearing a Cardigan over your outfits would be a great choice.

4.2.2. Tops

You cannot always roam around in single-piece dresses. They can be comfortable for some time but not all the time. Just imagine you climbing the snow-capped mountains of Morocco in long dresses; it will be ridiculous. So here are some options to choose from.

boho style guide woman 2023
By Engin_Akyurt at pixabay

Even Though female tourists have no clothing restrictions, female travellers should dress conservatively to avoid unwanted attention. As a tourist, you can wear any top, such as crop tops, tank tops, or any other tops, to visit the tourist places.

When you visit the Sahara Desert, it is better to wear a loose top to protect you from the hot sun. It should also cover most of your skin to avoid tanning. Tourist places in the Blue City are blissful, with people from different countries. So it doesn’t look odd to wear any top among them.

4.2.3. Clothing in Rural Areas

When visiting Morocco’s rural places, avoiding tank tops or crop tops is better. People in rural Morocco are conservative.

A top with long sleeves until your elbow, which doesn’t show your body shape, will be the perfect outfit to roam around in the rural side. Don’t bare your shoulders by wearing a top with spaghetti straps. Instead, have a scarf on your shoulders.

Loose tops are preferred for modesty and to protect yourself from the sun’s scorching heat. It is even better to wear a loose top with an attached cap like in a hoodie but lightweight. The covered head reduces your dehydration.

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Now, after knowing the options in tops to wear, you will be confused about what to pair them with. It is an expected question from a girl. Girls’ minds can’t help but be always ready with questions. Here are some suggestions for selecting your bottoms.

4.2.3. Bottoms

The climate in Morocco is the major deciding factor in dressing. You should choose your clothes depending on the weather. If you are visiting in the months of Summer, which are the maximum in Morocco, don’t forget these suggestions.

Loose, flowy pants should be your first thing while packing. It is because you should be comfortable while roaming around the streets of Morocco. Pack your flowy pants to survive the heat. If you want to follow the culture of Morocco, then you should avoid wearing shorts.

It is not a restriction for tourists to wear shorts, but if you wish to enjoy local customs and their hospitality, it is better to mingle with them.

Especially avoid wearing shorts in rural places. The shortest length of pants here is mid-length. The same applies if you opt for skirts. Ensure your bottoms are made of natural fabrics to keep you comfortable. Comfortable bottoms help you enjoy your camel ride and your hiking.


4.2.4. Footwear

Instead of searching for perfect sandals, opt for comfy shoes that look good with your outfit. Comfortable walking shoes are necessary to roam around the streets of Morocco. You can also pack some lightweight sandals that don’t make you uncomfortable.

Pack your high heels only if you plan to visit some restaurants or go on a date. Flip flops will be a better choice in footwear. Pack a pair of hiking boots as you cannot miss a Trek on the high Atlas mountains.

5. In Conclusion

Morocco is a country with a conservative culture. So, choosing outfits to wear in such places is tedious. Despite their local culture and traditions, there are diverse choices. As a tourist, you have no restrictions to follow in Morocco.

All these exclusive travel and packing tips will help you mingle with the locals. If it were your first trip to Morocco, this guide would have helped you.

Choose the right things to pack. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags appropriately and enjoy your trip to Morocco with family and friends.

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