What the Green Party Expects from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2024

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As Canada approaches 2024, the Green Party of Canada articulates a clear and ambitious vision for the nation’s environmental future, emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive action against climate change.

The party sets key expectations from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, urging a significant shift towards sustainability and environmental protection.

Amidst increasing global environmental crises, the Green Party’s agenda underscores the importance of political cooperation across all party lines to address these pressing challenges.

They call on Trudeau’s administration to prioritize climate change mitigation, invest in renewable energy, and enforce stricter environmental regulations.

The Green Party’s vision for 2024 demonstrates its commitment to protecting Canada’s natural landscapes, ensuring a sustainable future for future generations, and promoting a green economy that benefits all Canadians.

Enhanced Climate Action:

The Green Party calls for enhanced climate action by setting more aggressive targets for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions beyond Canada’s current commitments.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has taken a step toward improving climate action by implementing a nationwide carbon pricing plan.

Launched as part of Canada’s effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, this policy imposes a price on carbon emissions, providing a financial incentive for businesses and consumers to reduce their carbon footprint.

The carbon pricing mechanism is designed to help Canada meet its Paris Agreement commitments and is a step towards the more aggressive target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. This initiative reflects Trudeau’s commitment to effectively combating climate change by integrating economic and environmental objectives.

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Environmental Education and Awareness:

The environmental education and awareness aims to deepen public understanding of climate change, sustainability practices, and the importance of individual and collective action in addressing environmental challenges.

By incorporating environmental education into school curricula, community programs, and public campaigns, the government can foster a culture of sustainability and encourage citizens to adopt more eco-friendly lifestyles.

Justin Trudeau’s government has taken action in this direction by establishing the Climate Action Incentive Fund (CAIF). Although the CAIF is primarily a carbon pricing-funded rebate program, it also includes funding allocated to small and medium-sized businesses, municipalities, non-profits, and Indigenous communities for energy-efficient, cost-saving, and carbon pollution-reducing projects.

This initiative indirectly promotes environmental awareness by demonstrating the practical benefits of sustainability measures and encouraging broader participation in climate action efforts.

Indigenous Rights and Environmental Justice:

Indigenous rights within environmental policymaking are necessary to ensure that climate actions are equitable and inclusive, recognizing Indigenous communities as crucial stakeholders in environmental conservation and climate change mitigation efforts.

This approach involves consulting with Indigenous peoples on environmental projects, respecting their traditional knowledge, and ensuring their rights are upheld in decisions that affect their lands and ways of life.

One notable action by Justin Trudeau’s government in this area is the implementation of the Indigenous Guardians Program. This initiative supports Indigenous communities in taking the lead on conservation efforts within their territories, enabling them to monitor ecological health, maintain traditional knowledge, and protect sensitive environments and species.

The program acknowledges the vital role Indigenous peoples play in environmental stewardship and aims to empower them through funding and resources to manage their lands according to their cultural practices and ecological expertise.

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Sustainable Economic Policies:

The development economy that prioritizes sustainability and green jobs involves reshaping economic policies to support environmental goals, such as reducing carbon emissions and preserving natural resources, while simultaneously promoting economic growth and job creation.

This approach includes incentivizing clean technology industries, renewable energy projects, and eco-friendly practices across all sectors of the economy.

The Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change describes Justin Trudeau’s government’s efforts in this direction. This comprehensive strategy outlines measures to meet emissions reduction targets, drive innovation, and grow the economy.

A key component is the investment in clean technology and the promotion of green jobs through initiatives such as the Clean Growth Program. This program provides funding to support clean technology projects across Canada, aiming to reduce environmental impacts and enhance the competitiveness of the global clean technology market.

The Trudeau administration wants to make Canada’s economy more resilient and sustainable, so it is launching these initiatives.

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Plastic Pollution and Waste Management:

Establishing comprehensive strategies to reduce plastic pollution and improve waste management systems is crucial to environmental sustainability.

These strategies aim to minimize the impact of plastic waste on ecosystems, particularly oceans and waterways, and to promote recycling and the use of eco-friendly materials.

Justin Trudeau Prefers Environmental Progress Over Economic Progress

Single-use plastics are no longer permitted for administration. This measure, announced as part of a broader environmental strategy, seeks to reduce plastic waste by prohibiting the production, importation, and sale of single-use plastics such as bags, straws, cutlery, plates, and stir sticks.


In 2024, the Green Party likely expects Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to prioritize environmental sustainability and climate action.

This includes commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, investing in renewable energy, and implementing policies that support ecological preservation and biodiversity. Additionally, the Green Party may seek measures against pollution and water resources.

A focus on green economy initiatives, with support for sustainable jobs and industries, is also anticipated. Trudeau’s actions to meet these expectations will be critical to addressing climate change and promoting environmental stewardship in Canada.

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