What Is The National Animal Of Canada?

What Is The National Animal Of Canada
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Every country has its national anthem, national flag, a national symbol and national animal. Canada’s national sport is ice hockey and lacrosse. Canadian culture is rich and diverse.

Sir William Alexander, King George, Robert Stanley Weir, and King Henry IV plays significant roles in Canadian history. Their work is recognizable as yet. Every national anthem, national symbol, and the national flag has significance and meaning.

What is the national animal of Canada? We all know that Canada is full of multicolour and has two national animals. We will discuss each national animal in detail.

Official Symbols Of Canada

Canadian history is very rich, and Canada has a vast historical record. Over the last fifteen centuries, British and French expeditions explored and fought over different places within North America. Canada has a population from all over the world, and every person, irrespective of their background, has equal fundamental rights as a native citizen of Canada.

Canada is very colourful in terms of everything. Let’s discuss the national things of Canada.

1. National Flag, The Canadian flag

Canada’s very famous national flag is also known as the Canadian flag. The maple leaf tartan symbol is present in Canada’s national flag. The maple leaf tartan is present in red colour with white background. It is the first flag adopted by both houses of the Canadian parliament. The maple leaf from the maple tree is the official symbol of royal France.

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You can also find this flag symbol on royal Canadian regiment pipes, coat of arms, a royal military college, nova scotia and the North American empire. The red-white pattern of the national flag is also visible on the Canada general service medal.

2. Canadian National Anthem

The Canadian national anthem is the O Canada. The national anthem was originally commissioned by Lieutenant Governor of Quebec Theodore Robitaill in 1880. It also has the version of french lyrics. The national anthem music was composed by Calixa Lavallee, a famous musician born in Vercheres, Canada, east.

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3. National Sports Of Canada

Canada has two national sports. The national sport of Canada is icy hockey and lacrosse. The national winter sport of Canada is icy hockey, and the national summer sport of Canada is lacrosse. Canada declared ice hockey its national winter sport after much debate and discussion.

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4. Canada’s National Animal

Canada has two national animals. The first is the Canadian horse, and the second is the beaver. The Canadian beaver population is a uniquely Canadian identity. Penny beaver population is very special for the fur trade in the olden times. Selling beaver pelts is banned in the country. The Irish royal harp, along with the maple leaf of the maple tree, beaver dams, male beaver pelt, and french fur traders, is the Canadian heritage.

Canada’s national animal, especially the one male beaver pelt, has the royal proclamation according to the Canada act. Canada’s arboreal emblem has the symbols of Canada’s national animal. Canada’s coat of arms also has the character of a national animal. Canada’s coat of arms has four beavers symbol.

5. Maple Leaf Tartan

Besides the national symbol, national anthem, and national animal, Canada has various other marks, including the royal lion and maple trees. Along with all these, it is the most popular among the Canadian characters. David Weise created it in the year 1964. It was declared official in 2011, on the 9th of march.

What Is The National Animal Of Canada

Canada has two major national animals, the beaver and the Canadian Horse. The beaver is a large nocturnal and semi-aquatic rodent mainly known for building lodges, dams and canals.

Beaver is the world’s largest rodent, but the population of beaver pelts declined drastically due to extensive hunting. The beaver pelts got their national animal recognition due to their importance to the fur trade and the country’s economic development.

Sometimes the national animal beaver appears to be the coat of arms of the very old commercial corporation majorly in North American beaver. The Hudson Bay company was established in 1913; the beaver insurance company operated for many years.

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Beaver pelts have had a very significant impact on Canadian history. Due to Canadian history, the beaver is considered to be the national animal of Canada.

The national animal beaver on the provincial coats of arms represents national unity. The national animal was also on the first Canadian postage stamp in 1849. Besides the national animal and symbol, Beaver is also the symbol of many organizations and associations, including the Toronto police service, Canadian pacific railway company, Hudson’s bay company and Canadian military engineers, which mainly display the beaver on the Canadian armed forces coat of arms.

Beaver is mainly the symbol of the bygone era. On the other hand, polar bears are majestic animals that reflect the nation’s spirit. Polar bears are the winners and ruthless predators, and polar bears are supposed to be at the top of the food chain.

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Another national animal of Canada is the Canadian horse, which is visible on many national symbols of Canada. The Canadian horse is associated with agricultural activities and traditions. The bill, which was passed in the year 2003 by the government of Canada, declared the Canadian horse the national animal of Canada.

Provincial legislation recognized the Canadian horse as the heritage breed of Quebec. The Canadian horses are famous for their wavy mane and good, tall feet. They suppose to have endurance, soundness and hardness.

1. Beaver (National Symbol)

Beaver is the official and formally known national animal of Canada. It is the symbol of the sovereignty of Canada. The beaver receives royal assent in the month of march on the 24th of the year 1975. However, it has been part of Canadian history for a long time, as it has a very important role in the fur trade. Early European explorers realized that Canada was not very spice-rich orient; the main center of attraction was mainly the beaver population.

That is why the hunting of this animal increases suddenly, and it gains double the amount from its original purchase price in the late 1600s and starting of the 1700s. At that time, the fashion of the hat was very famous, which required beaver pelts, and these hats were very popular.

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The European and early french explorers realized the need of demand, and they soon sold beaver pelts around Europe at twenty times their original purchase price. Sir William Alexander, who was then granted the title of Nova Scotia in 1621, was the first to include the beaver in a coat of arms.

A new coin was also created at that time, known as Buck- which was equal to the value of one male beaver pelt. Conservative senator Nicole Eaton in a very large number, represents the beaver in the defended Canada colonial time.

2. Canadian Horse, National Horse

The first animal considered Canada’s national animal is the Canadian horse. The origin of this breed of horse dates back to the year 1665. Usually, at that time, the king of France sent horses from the royal stables to the new France. It was declared a national breed by parliament hill in the year 1909.

At that time, the famous breeds were Arabian, Barb, and Andalusian horses. Over the next few years, the horse’s species in new France developed in the isolated area, and due to that new breed formed, this breed gradually took up the shape of a Canadian horse.

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These horses are well-known worldwide for their endurance, intelligence and good temper. The government and NGOs made many efforts in the late 1800s and from the end of the 20th century to save this horse species. This species is now at the end of its extent; the government does so many things to keep it.

Final Note

Canada is very rich in its culture and its historical role play. It has a wonderful journey of evolution, and in this journey, this country evolved a lot and learned a lot from its past incidents. The different incidents tell us how this country overcome the different situations.

Every country has its history, and with the incident in that history, every country decided on some standards and its national belongings. The national anthem, national bird, and national animal come under the personal belonging of that particular country.

In this article, we discussed a brief overview of the national flag, national anthem, and national symbol; we also briefly discussed “what is the national animal of Canada?”

The national animal of Canada is the beaver and the Canadian horse. The animal beaver and Canadian horse have unique and identical features. And these two animals you can find on the coat of arms, on the royal union flag and in many more places.

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