What Color Shoes to Wear with Navy Dress? 8 Stylish Ideas

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Who doesn’t like a navy blue dress? From a bold ensemble to a chic and classic look, navy blue dresses can be a perfect choice for every look you are aiming for. As the navy blue color is neutral, your footwear or shoes influence your overall look the most. The color coordination of your ensemble is what is responsible for reflecting your personality.

So, here in this article, we will discuss different types of stylish shoes that you can match with your navy blue dresses to get a royal yet classy look!

1. Navy Blue Dress with different Color Shoes

To begin with, there are plenty of types and colors of shoes that you can pair with navy dresses. To begin with, blue shoes always come to mind with a dark blue dress. Because who doesn’t like monochrome outfits? Then we have nude shoes, silver shoes, black shoes, including them, and some more. You have a bunch of shoes.

In addition, you can pair shoes of different colors with your navy outfit and make a new combination for diverse occasions. A navy dress provides a wide spectrum of choices to pair with.

2. Choose the right shoe for your navy blue dresses

Now, get ready with me to explore some mind-blowing fashion possibilities with your navy dress. We will use your navy dress as canvas, and shoes will be the colors throughout this article.

2.1. Blue Shoes

To begin with, we have the blue shoes by pairing blue-on-blue combination to create a monochrome ensemble. Monochrome looks are renowned for making your ensemble visually appealing.

Unlike other, monochrome looks never go out of fashion, and you can pair various navy dresses with blue shoes. From a navy cocktail dress to a casual outfit, you can pair shoes or heels to your outfit according to a particular occasion. For men, dark shades of formal blue shoes go well with a navy suit.

For women, this combination is elegant and harmonious. The blue color of the dress balances the color of the shoes. You can ace your look by considering a few fashion tips mentioned below to make this combination work for you:

2.1.1 Styling Tips : Color Coordination-

It’s always a safe choice to consider the shade of your dress and shoes when wearing a monochrome outfit. The shade of your dress and your shoes should go together if the shade is different. Hence, a navy blue dress goes well with royal blue or cobalt blue heels or shoes to make you look stunning. Texture –

To create a bold and sophisticated look, it is really important to experiment with different textures. You can opt for a suit, patent blue heels, and a navy lace dress.

They create a contrasting texture and complement each other beautifully. For suits, clean blue shoes would be great to balance the texture of the overall look. Accessories-

Adding simple accessories to your blue-on-blue look will take your monochrome outfit to the center stage. For women, metallic accessories like gold clutch or silver jewelry can make your ensemble shine. Make-up Accordingly-

One can try a blue eyeshadow for fun, but neutral makeup shades should be preferred. It can include nude lipstick with a subtle eyeshadow to balance your overall look.

2.2. White Shoes

Choosing white shoes or white heels is a smart and elegant choice. The combination can be worn on both a casual occasion and a formal occasion. In addition to this, the pairing can be classic and fresh, according to the dress style and occasion. But pairing a navy dress with white shoes can sometimes be tricky.

Navy dress with nude shoes
Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on Pexels/ copyright 2018

By adding a touch of sophistication, white shoes can elevate your look. This combination is surprisingly effortless and suitable for both men and women. So, we have some styling tips and some mistakes to avoid, which are mentioned below.

2.2.1. Styling Tips: Color Coordination-

Firstly, pairing white shoes with your navy dress is already visually appealing and is a beautiful contrast. And if you want your shoes to stand out, choose an off-white shoe or clean white heels. Accessories-

Additionally, silver accessories like silver earrings or clutch will complement your white sandals and add a little shine to your ensemble. Men should avoid wearing black accessories, as it will unbalance the colors of your outfit. Make-up accordingly-

Use nude or soft pink tones for a fresh and balanced look, as neutral makeup will accompany the duo. Also, avoid dark or heavy makeup to keep up the balance of colors in your look. Pattern-

Opt for solid white sandals or shoes if your navy dress features patterns or prints. And with a blue suit, clean white sneakers go well.

2.3. Black Shoes

Woman in Blue Dress Summer Vacation Garden
Image Source: Freepik

Black shoes with the navy dress are timeless, providing a classic and fresh look. Usually, black heels go well with all-color dresses, but with a navy dress, it looks stunning. Black shoes with a navy dress are already a bold combination that can make you stand out.

You can consider wearing black-colored shoes with your navy dress or suit on various occasions. And you can change the style of your ensemble with black shoes according to the occasion. Also, avoid making mistakes by following the few fashion tips mentioned below.

2.3.1. Styling Tips: Maintain the classic elegance-

To begin with, opt for black heels or pumps with your navy dress. As well as black shoes can add a touch of classic elegance to your navy outfit. Accessories-

Moreover, Complete your look with neutral accessories like silver jewelry or a black clutch. These accessories do not overpower your ensemble while adding a touch of refinement. Occasion-

Additionally, always wear the right style of combination with your black shoes for the occasion accordingly. Stilettos or heel pumps are best for a formal event, while flats or block-heeled sandals are best for casual outings. While for men, formal shoes would be safe to pair with.

2.4. Nude Shoes

Firstly, we know that no other color of shoes with a navy dress is better than nude heels. The color combination of nude shoes and navy blue dress stand out gracefully. You can make a stylish statement effortlessly with this sophisticated pair.

Navy dress with nude shoes
Photo by Luna Joie on Pexels/ copyright 2023

Furthermore, it is worth noting that there are numerous nude shades. For a harmonious look, you should choose one that closely matches your skin tone.

Also, nude shoes can visually elongate your legs and create a seamless silhouette. In addition, I have some styling tips for you to follow when dressing up.

2.4.1. Styling Tips: Accessories-

First and foremost, to maintain the focus on your navy dress and shoes, go for neutral accessories. A subtle gold jewelry or nude clutch can perfectly complement your navy outfit. Consider dress length-

In addition, choose between nude heels and flats depending on the length of your navy blue dress. Generally, shorter dresses can be complemented by chick and comfortable nude flats.

Long dresses are perfect for adding a touch of elegance. For men, nude suede shoes can complement your navy suit.

2.5. Hot Pink Shoes

pink running shoes black background
Image Source: Freepik

When hot pink shoes are paired with a navy blue dress, you can have a burst of bold color with your stylish choice. To keep up the vibrancy of the combination, you can consider prints and patterns in your navy outfits.

A floral design or subtle pink pattern can be effortlessly combined with your navy blue dress. Furthermore, balancing the shoe color with the navy color of your dress is equally important. Please consider a few styling tips mentioned below.

2.5.1. Styling Tips: Accessories-

In addition to your perfect shoes, adding minimal accessories such as metallic jewelry will be best. Occasion-

With the dress code and occasion, choose the perfect match of your shoe size accordingly. Wear Strappy Sandals or pumps for formal events and pink shoes or flats to add a playful element to your casual outings.

Hot pink shoes are not suitable for formal blue suits. Try pairing it with casual outfits only.

2.6. Gold Shoes

Now we have one more choice next in line: gold heels. You can exude timeless elegance and luxury by pairing gold shoes with a navy blue dress. The combination of dazzling golden shoes with a navy blue dress is an eye-catching and luxurious combination.

If you want to enhance the cohesiveness of your ensemble, opt for a navy blue dress with gold embellishments. In addition to makeup, go for soft and natural tones, as it will enhance the sophistication of the ensemble. Look for the styling tips mentioned below.

2.6.1. Styling Tips: Accessories-

Firstly, Accessorize your navy dress with rose gold jewelry, statement earrings, and a clutch. Or add a gold belt that complements your gold heels. Occasion-

One can wear heels according to the occasion and personal taste for formal events. Strappy heels are perfect. For a more casual occasion, gold flats or block-heeled heels are best. Also, avoid pairing it with navy suits and formal outfits.

2.7.1. Silver Shoes

I have another dazzling shoe for your favorite navy blue dress: silver heels. Silver shoes not only embellish your navy dress but also make your blue dress elegant. Pair a navy blue cocktail dress with silver heels for a bold look.

silver high heels white background
Image Source: Freepik

Furthermore, according to length, silver heels can elevate the glamour of a floor-length navy blue wrap dress. And to add a charm to a shorter dress, silver pumps are perfect. Lastly, consider a few styling tips mentioned below.

2.7.1. Styling Tips: Accessories-

Adding shining silver accessories like silver jewelry or a metallic belt can harmonize your navy dress. Occasion

When it comes to occasions, silver strappy heels are ideal for formal events. For casual outings, silver flats or blocks are ideal. But silver shoes are generally not suitable for formal occasions. Makeup-

Complete your look with subtle makeup tones, and amplify the radiance of your navy dress by adding a little shimmer.

2.8. Brown Shoes

Start with brown shoes; they provide a warm and inviting vibe to your chic navy blue outfits. When wearing brown shoes with a blue dress, one should always wear a darker shade for a balanced and sophisticated look.

Considering the length of your navy dress with the brown shoes or boots you are wearing is a smart choice. For shorter dresses, opt for brown heels or ankle-length boots. But for long gowns, brown heels are ideal. Additionally, consider a few styling tips mentioned below.

No shoes other than brown shoes pair magically with a navy-blue suit. It complements the color of the navy suit and makes your ensemble classy and balanced.

2.8.1. Styling Tips: Accessories-

Accessories that align with earthy tones should be chosen with this color combination. Wooden jewelry or brown leather complements the brown color of your shoes. Makeup-

Wearing a neutral makeup palette with warm, earthy tones will enhance the warmth and elegance of your ensemble. Occasion

When dressing up for formal events, opt for brown pumps or wedges. While choosing brown boots or chunky heels for casual occasions. With blue suits, formal brown shoes are the most suitable.

3. Shoe colors to avoid with navy blue dresses and suits

Until now, you have learned numerous shoe colors that complement your navy dress, and you must have some outfit ideas, too.

But now we’ll explore some shoe colors that are not easy to combine with a navy blue dress. And it might be challenging to balance the color combinations of navy blue with a few bright colors.

Now, along with knowing shoes to wear with a navy dress, let’s know shoe colors to avoid with a navy dress. I have a list of numerous colors of shoes to avoid with navy dresses.

3.1. Red Shoes

What Color Shoes to avoid with Navy dress
Photo by Castorly Stock on Pexels/ copyright 2020

Firstly, avoid wearing bright shades of red shoes with your navy blue dress and suits, as the bright red color can clash with the navy blue color of your dress. But you can try deeper shades of shoe color, such as marron or burgundy.

3.2. Yellow shoes

Wearing bright shades of yellow heels and shoes might not be the right shoes for your navy dress. The bright yellow color of the shoes can prevent the navy dress from getting attention. While mustard or soft shades can be worn with a navy dress.

3.3. White Sneakers

Even though white sneakers are trendy, you should not wear them with a navy dress for formal events. They do not pair. However, white sneakers can be the right shoes for casual outfits.

3.4. Orange heels

Sometimes, it might be challenging to coordinate a vibrant shoe color with a navy dress, and the contrast can be striking. Orange heels with subtle shades, such as coral, can be worn with a navy dress. For navy suits, orange shoes are a big no.

Shoes to avoid with navy dress
Photo by Ann H on Pexels/ copyright 2022

3.5. Neon/Green Shoes

Neon green shoes can unbalance your look by overpowering the navy color of your dress. Instead, go for some pastel shades to add color to your outfit.


Throughout the article, we went through a delightful journey of fashion exploration and discovered the art of pairing. You can wear it with a navy dress or suit.

Now, you can pair your favorite shoe color with your navy outfit and transform it into a versatile and timeless hue.

Whether it is white vintage shoes or bold black heels, you can create a new outfit for every occasion. Fashion is free from any rules, so you can make your outfit unique by giving it your touch. Every shoe color challenges you and gives you a chance to look fascinating.

Moreover, we explored some fashion faux pas to avoid with your navy dress, such as shoe colors and styles. You can ace any look with your navy outfit by considering a few styling tips. And discover your unique fashion style.

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