Vancouver’s Ghost Patrol Mystery Game is Here!

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Ghost Hunters of Vancouver! Grab a flashlight and get ready to be part of the thrilling Vancouver Ghost Patrol: A Paranormal Investigation, the latest and most fast-paced mystery game in Vancouver, being organized on various dates and time slots at an undisclosed location near Waterfront Station. 

 It is the Vancouver of the 1970s. The town feels spooky and creepy. Howling spirits ghost the eerie buildings. Now, it is up to you to solve this supernatural case. The clock is ticking! Move fast, crack the codes, and collect the clues. 

Are you brave enough to get the town free from ghosts? Then grab a ticket right now from Fever for only $36.75 per person.

Investigate the Hauntings in Downtown in Vancouver Ghost Patrol

Spirits from the other world want to contact you. Can you decipher their complex codes? You and your team have to be intelligent enough. Time travel to the 1910s, 1930s, and 1970s at four haunted spots in downtown Vancouver. 

Wander through the dark buildings, looking for the spirits roaming there. What is the reason behind these wandering souls? 

Run through the eerie streets and work with your team of expert paranormal investigators to solve this complex challenge. Compete with other teams, collect clues, complete the challenges, and be the first to solve these paranormal cases. 

What’s More to Expect?

The game consists of four fascinating supernatural tales of past times.  Use your unique investigative skills. 

While solving the case, you can also explore downtown Vancouver society. A lot of excellent bars and trendy restaurants are available to satiate your hunger pangs after the paranormal patrol.

A fantastic offer of a 15% discount is available at Stock & Supply Downtown’s regular menu to enjoy a good meal, excluding happy hour and alcohol. Just show your booking to avail yourself of this offer.

Additional Information

No additional gadgets are required to play this game. All the necessary game gear is provided, including a gamebook and a city route map. You will need to walk approximately 3km on the whole game route.   

It is one of the most challenging games by Vancouver Mysteries unless you are a pro at playing escape room games, so it is better to try some other easier games first.

You get 2.5 hours to win this game, and the game route involves a walk of about 3 km. So you require good time management skills. A simple trick is not to waste too much time on a single task. If it feels too tricky, move to the next one. 

The age required for this mystery game is a minimum of 12+ for minors accompanied by one adult who must be at least 19 years old). The game route is entirely wheelchair-accessible.  For any query, look up these FAQ sections.


It is easy to join the investigator team of this mystery game through Fever. Visit or download the fever app on your phone.

Select a suitable date and time for yourself from the ticket selector. A standard admission includes one person and 2-6 people per team. The maximum capacity of a single game is 48 people.

Bust the Supernatural Mysteries at the Vancouver Ghost Patrol.

  • What- Vancouver Ghost Patrol- A paranormal investigation in Vancouver.
  • When-  Numerous dates are currently available for this mystery game.
  • Timings-  Various slots are available between 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.
  • Where- The game starts from a hidden location near Waterfront Station, so keep checking your email for further instructions after purchase.
  • Tickets-  Grab from Fever

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