Trudeau’s Tyrannical Actions: Demand for Justice

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Conservative commentator Dave Rubin has condemned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a damning critique that called for his imprisonment over the decision to freeze the bank accounts of protesters during the Freedom Convoy.

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Rubin, speaking on The Dave Rubin Show, referred to Trudeau as an “awful communist”, deserving incarceration according to him.

He also discussed the issue of governmental overreach and gave examples of instances where totalitarian governments gradually encroach on people’s rights without much resistance. By referencing insights from Jordan Peterson shared during Joe Rogan Experience podcast, he shed light on the incremental erosion of liberties.

Rubin explained how Trudeau’s response to COVID-19 such as vaccine passports and other very strict measures indicated a worrying authoritarian streak running through Canada’s government.

Specifically, Rubin flagged the freezing of Freedom Convoy protester’s bank accounts as an egregious abuse of power disguised under Emergencies Act by Trudeau.

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Governmental oppression tends to cycle back; one should not be too complacent about violations of civil liberties; cautioned Rubin.

Expressing his anger at this state of affairs, he maintained that Trudeau should be imprisoned since there is no justice in today’s world.

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Meanwhile, Chris Barber currenty facing trial for organizing Freedom Convoy protest becomes one among many plaintiffs who are taking legal actions against federal government for its unconstitutional and unreasonable use of Emergencies Act.

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The reverberations following the Freedom Convoy have brought growing calls for accountability and justice in relation to state powers versus individual freedoms within modern democracies.

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