Trudeau’s Reign: Canada’s Car Theft Catastrophe

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After eight years of Justin Trudeau’s governance, car theft does reign supreme, spiraling out of control. Since the Liberals assumed power in 2015, the number of car thefts has surged by 34% across the vast expanse of Canada.

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And in our nation’s largest cities, car theft has exploded with unbridled fury. Toronto and Montreal has witnessed a rise of 300% and 100% respectively, painting a grim picture of chaos and lawlessness.

Under Justin Trudeau’s watchful eye, Canada has become a veritable candy store for car thieves, a truth confirmed once again by the Toronto Police Chief, who revealed that a staggering 12,000 vehicles were pilfered from the city’s streets in 2023 alone, equating to one car being stolen every forty minutes.

A Crisis Unabated

And Canadians should not expect respite this year, for the number of carjackings has increased by a staggering 106% thus far, compared to the same period in 2023. The combined value of these stolen cars is a jaw-dropping $790 million.

The Costly Aftermath

Justin Trudeau’s car theft wave has made life even more expensive for drivers, with the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) decrying the number of car thefts as a “national crisis.” Insurers were forced to pay out a record $1.2 billion in 2022, a burden ultimately passed on to Canadians, with the IBC reporting that these thefts are costing every driver in Ontario an additional $130 per year.

Shocking results emerged when we posted a query on our YouTube channel’s community section, asking Canadians for their thoughts on the car theft situation under Justin Trudeau.

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The Root Cause

Justin Trudeau created this problem by transforming federal ports into parking lots for stolen vehicles. He also introduced reckless soft-on-crime policies like Bill C-5 and Bill C-75, which instantly allow career car thieves back onto our streets, where they continue to spread chaos and disorder.

This truth is evident in Toronto, where an inspector at the Provincial Carjacking Joint Task Force revealed that 25 car thieves had been released on bail, a testament to Trudeau’s misguided policies.

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The Conservative Solution

Only Conservatives have a plan to address Trudeau’s car theft chaos. We will keep criminals in jail and protect our ports by investing in new equipment and CBSA officers.

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