Trudeau’s Podcast Appearances Hint at Liberal Strategy

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Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, knows that the citizens of Canada don’t listen.

He knows that his defence against Conservative attacks on his signature climate policy is proving to be inadequate at this point.

Yet he predetermined to keep on attempting. But beyond that, it is his team’s objective to try a “new thing” to share the Liberal party agenda.

In the last days, Trudeau guested on four podcasts as he dishes out his government’s latest budget labelled to be a program steering more economic fairness among the populace of the age groups below 40 the voting block which has held power for Trudeau since 2015 but tends to be moving towards the camp of the Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre.

The interviews cover numerous topics varying in extent and duration — from 30 minutes to even one hour — and the podcasts are listened to by myriad different audiences.

At one end of the spectrum, Vox’s “Today, Explained” is transmitted across the United States via the public radio network.

They are YXE Underground, which is about the life stories of Saskatoon’s unsung community heroes, and they are also YXE Stages, a festival setting where local young artists can showcase their talent.

The prime minister’s availability to such a smaller market came as a surprise: first of all, the manager who was in charge issued an email to the host of the show thinking it was a scam and so she deleted it.

A Trudeau who has tilted more toward dialogue and the reveal of his self as well believes that he will not only win over the millennials and the Generation Z Canadians, but he wants to also convince those who believe that he is not serious enough about policy challenges.

The Canadian Press attune their auditory organs to the string of interviews to clearly understand where his thoughts are heading with the next federal election around the corner.

We started a poll on our Scoop Canada YouTube channel, seeking our subscribers to vote on did they support the budget proposed by the Liberals. The majority of our subscribers say no they didn’t support it. If you feel the same give your valuable votes by clicking here


Carbon Pricing Defense

The significant proposition regarding consumer comprehensive green pricing championed by Trudeau is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Poilievre as well as most premiers were giving hard blows to Trudeau on the day when it had been planned for an increase to the levy, which added about three cents to the cost of a litre of gas. Those claimed that what the Liberals were doing was making their hardships even more unbearable.

“Carbon tax is never fairly and accurately labelled as ‘Nobody will think of this, it’s only three cents higher than it was before.’ This disproves the fact that high gas prices are, indeed, the main cause of the grudgery among the citizens.” As the prime minister explained it to The Big Story.

“Carbon taxes went up alongside these, but we cut spending to maintain fiscal responsibility,” he stated.

“The zone is for those folks to get something that they get pissed off about; because they’re feel pissed off so it’s a very easy scene.”

Liberal MP

Election Strategy

While the battle to woo voters against the carbon price might be trending the leader’s way, it remains to be seen whether that can be done before election day.

“Factually, we are still far from the next election and sometimes it is easy for people to be annoyed about several things. It is the time to realize if my choice is to bow to something that I think is wrong while running for a leader.” Said Trudeau.

‘I believe that’s a wrong reason behind their worries. But I see why they’ve got them.’

But he does not skip the opportunity to compare Poilievre, who has pledged to find anti-tax solutions to tackle climate change rather than increasing taxes, with a child unable to start working on addressing climate change.

And then he goes on to say that Canadians as they always do end up with their money back through rebates, with the lowest income Canadian benefiting the most — though he said not being a “patient person” they had to wait for the message to sink in.

“Nobody heard anything even yet,” the premier claimed.

“However, I won’t get discouraged even if I’m told this every day, and I will show people over and over what the alternative is so that by the time half a year or a year comes and people go to vote they will have more information about the alternative.”

He would be the modern-day people’s choice if he was eager to do what is just popular. He would swerve from his path, said Trudeau.

And that would run through a cost.

This will be quite an emotional moment for him as he will realize that it was not worth all the years that have been spent away from his family during his involvement with politics, he said, with his voice cracking, showing his emotions.

The exit polls that have been conducted over the last year show that the Liberals, led by Poilievre, are comfortably ahead of the Conservatives. The surveys which have been done after the release of the budget by authorities have not revealed any sent of growth yet.

Personal Reflections

In an interview with Vox, Trudeau defined the scale of the fight he is entering as another key attribute of the broader battle against the tide of populism and dictatorial world leaders.

According to him, “Democracy is surely on the verge of the decline.”

He argued for it to be treated as a ballot box issue which Canadians will head to the polls next and the election is scheduled to take effect before the latest date which is October 31, 2025, at the most.

“Canadians are about to have a serious choice on what kind of nation they want for themselves in the next one-and-a-half years,” Trudeau noted.

“Do we see ourselves as a country that bases its actions on facts and science, or as one that only thinks about its survival and does not believe that the government should intervene to create a safe and secure world?”

Once more, he asked, “Would you take the path to help a person develop better understanding, love, unity and empathy? In this way, the government stays in the background and lets the people solve things themselves?”

He added, as he said previously, that he is willing to take that fight up.

However, he added when the need arises, he would draw from his deep knowledge of indigenous herbs and healing methods for alternative remedies.

Just added on, he said, “I’d still be a teacher.” I will do everything in the form of giving back to the young generation because indeed education changes lives.

He described his work in French as an occupation for the mentally ill podcast host but better to transpose it as a crazy job.

Trudeau said that his belief system includes being Catholic, even if he hasn’t done as good of a job at teaching that to his kids as it is supposed to be for a good Catholic.

According to the prime minister who is a major promoter of cannabis legalization, he had had a chance to smoke marijuana before, but “the drug had never been my thing.”

He is more like a “‘beer and bourbon kind of guy'” and “even then, not too much.”

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