Trudeau’s Foreign Worker Scandal Unveiled

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What Canadians want is a government that puts the needs of its own citizens first by creating jobs and ensuring economic growth. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau’s leadership has instead chosen to spend billions in taxpayer funds as subsidies for companies that prefer foreign replacement workers over skilled Canadian labour forces.

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The shocking truth was brought into light when a letter written by Canada’s Building Trades Union (CBTU) was sent to Trudeau blaming heavily subsidized battery plants located in south-western Ontario. These firms have not only denied employment opportunities to deserving Canadian union workers but also exploited their employees from outside the country which is against the spirit of promoting local manpower.

There is no comfort in Trudeau’s recent announcement of a $5 billion subsidy for Honda either; this comes after it was disclosed that the CEO admitted using foreign employees on another project funded by taxpayers. This worrisome trend shows that Trudeau has failed to protect Canadian jobs or lobby for their welfare.

Conservative Senators Are Going After Justin Trudeau

When Conservatives raised concerns about these positions being outsourced to foreign replacements, Liberals resorted to lying through their teeth with baseless personal attacks against anyone who dared speak out – including members from other parties such as NDPs. Additionally, while Conservative MPs were trying hard through parliamentary committees’ access contracts related information; Liberal and some NDP MPs engaged in deliberate filibusters aimed at concealing facts thus shielding government actions from public scrutiny besides keeping workers ignorant about what was happening around them.

Given the damning details now available, Conservatives will move at Government Operations Committee on Monday 29th April demanding full disclosure by Liberal Government concerning use of Canadian tax payers’ money in hiring overseas workers rather than locals.

NDPs are now caught between rock and hard place they must either side themselves with conservatives or choose working class Canadians along with taxpayers while leaving Justin trudeau scot free again. It should be easy for them since all it takes is deciding whose interest should come first; those struggling at work here in Canada or those being undermined continuously by Trudeau administration.

Marc Miller Claim Canada Is Highly Dependent On Foreign Workers

Canadians deserve a government that fights tooth and nail for the rights of its people within the workforce. Only conservative party will make sure jobs funded from public purse go to Canadians not foreign nationals who take advantage of such opportunities. It’s time to demand answers from Trudeau over his poor policies which have left many citizens suffering unnecessarily while they strive every day to provide basic needs for their families.

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