Trudeau’s Environment Minister Threatens Quebec Forestry Jobs

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Statement issued by Pierre Paul-Hus, Conservative Quebec Lieutenant and Richard Martel, Conservative Shadow Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec opposing out-of-touch threats made by Justin Trudeau and his Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault to block logging on several thousand square kilometers of Quebec forests in order to protect woodland caribou.

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The Quebec economy is supported by thousands of workers employed in its forestry industry who receive reasonable remuneration from the sector that enable them to feed themselves.

The proposed order will put these paycheques at risk jeopardizing around 1600 direct and indirect jobs in this industry.

How Trudeau Policies Affect Québec’s Economy And Workers

This threat comes when Canadians are more than ever unable to make ends meet. Only now has Trudeau approached people living there stating that they should be ready to lose their jobs soon as cost of living has gone through roof; groceries and fuel cost a fortune, housing prices have doubled and food banks all over Canada have become overcrowded.

We shared a post in our YouTube channel community section and asked the people of Canada about should Justin Trudeau step down as Prime Minister or not, And the results were shocking.

It was no surprise, that 99% of the Canadians agreed with that he should step down right now. You can also Join the conversation on our Scoop Canada YouTube Channel! Share your thoughts here to make your voice heard!

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Respect for Provincial Jurisdiction Necessary

Instead federal government takes an Ottawa-knows-best approach while making decisions affecting lives and jobs Quebecers.

Conservatives understand it is possible to safeguard environment without necessarily sacrificing employment prospects.

Collaboration and Balancing Environmental And Economic Interests Are Important

Moreover, a conservative government would assist businesses located in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area so as high-earning compensation could be realized by local residents.

In achieving these objectives environmental interests need to be balanced with economic ones, while provincial governments and business community are involved in such measures.

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The federal government threatens not only the forests but also thousands of workers’ livelihoods directly related with this industry. At last it’s time for respecting provincial jurisdiction with Ottawa striking partnership with both Quebec administration coupled with business.

It is only thus that Quebecers are able to take home large salaries and steer the province towards economic growth.

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