Trudeau’s elitist rant shows little respect for Canadians, Promoting Tax hikes

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The Conservative leader appeared on a left-leaning podcast, where he went on an anti-populist tirade. He referred to the average Canadian as someone who has “negative sentiments” and subscribes to dangerous ideology that should be avoided at all cost. What Trudeau did was vent his disdain for those people he claims to represent by portraying their economic fears and frustrations as being inimical to his government’s objectives.

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Trudeau, who has been losing the support of younger voters and looking for ways to gain them back, used the “Today, Explained” podcast as a platform to communicate the party line. But in so doing, he demonstrated that he does not understand what regular Canadians are going through. According to him, it is when young people start worrying about their finances because they can’t get jobs or pay rent that negative sentiments arise leading individuals into populism which is against his ideology.

He roundly criticized off-base information spreading theories such as conspiracy theory-based politics saying; “That is false information, conspiracy theories.” However, it’s actually true most Canadians think this nation is divided between a group of self-serving elites who enrich themselves at everyone else’s expense otherwise known as populism.

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In an incredible display of hubris, Trudeau mocked anyone questioning experts or expertise by casting doubt on whether Canada could still be called generous or kind if we became less open minded about things like immigration due partly because some experts disagree with us more often than before? While at same time accusing populists feeding selfishness while ignoring own governments policies redistributing wealth upwards creating division among rich/poor.

Instead of directly addressing Canadian concerns head-on like any responsible leader would do during times such these; Justin Trudeau instead decided scare monger around stating only problem recognition happens without solutions provided, from those parties opposed currently running government. This is coming from someone whose approach has always favoured rich over poor; He stated conservatives don’t believe government has role solving these problems but his administration hasn’t done enough for average citizens either.

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Although he mentioned his government’s plan to raise capital gains taxes on high-income earners and businesses, claiming it will not stifle innovation, Justin Trudeau did not say anything new. With Californians already paying 13.3% in state taxes alone while New Yorkers are charged 8.82% on top of federal government’s 20%, no Canadian should be expected believe such hollow assurances about these tax hikes’ impacts wealth creation being minimal at best.

As if insulting us was not enough already; according prime minister there will be two choices during next election: protectors vs fear mongers who only “protect the wealthy.” That’s rich and a slap in our faces too coming from someone like Trudeau! His policies have consistently favored elites over working class families leading wider income inequality gap across country while eroding financial security among hardworking Canadians like never seen before in this nation’s history.

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The true colors of Trudeau were revealed by his rant, which elitists do. It shows that he sees the problems faced by Canadians as mere stumbling blocks on the way to his government’s agenda, although he may try to present himself as a champion for people. Any leader who dismisses populism like this, as being dependent on conspiracy theories and misinformation, clearly does not care about real issues affecting ordinary Canadians. When choosing between understanding their worries or labeling them dangerous “populism” driven by negative sentiments, voters have got two alternatives before them in an election.

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