Trudeau’s Desperation as Poilievre Surges

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In an obvious effort to discredit the resurgent Conservative Party of Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went on the attack in his speech to the Liberal caucus, but it came across as a desperate move as Pierre Poilievre’s star continues to rise — particularly among young voters who had previously pushed Mr. Trudeau over the top. For eight months now, Poilievre has been ahead of the Liberals by double digits.

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The federal budget tabled this week by Mr. Trudeau’s Liberals purports to be a roadmap for “building back better” with about $53-billion in new spending on housing, pharmacare, defence, Indigenous services and research and innovation. But really it amounts to throwing money at a base that is rapidly shrinking. The Tories haven’t so much lost support as gained it; they are now drawing almost even with the governing party in some polls.

Mr. Trudeau wants us to believe that Pierre Poilievre is a champion of the “ultra-rich.” This conveniently ignores Mr. Trudeau’s own privileged upbringing and his acceptance of trust-fund largesse and luxury holidays from billionaire pals during his years on the public payroll.

Pierre Poilievre Smashes Trudeau In The Parliament

The heart of this budget is raising $19.4-billion in new tax revenue by increasing what’s taxable when you make money selling stocks or other investments — known as capital gains — from one-half to two-thirds for corporations; and making that same increase apply to individuals who make more than $250,000 a year in annual capital gains. But really all this does is vilify successful Canadians and corporations while doing little or nothing to bring down debt or reduce inequality.

If anyone still believes Mr. Trudeau when he claims he’s just trying to make the system “fair,” let me tell you: He once gave out millions in corporate subsidies while making construction workers and teachers pay HST on 100% of their income while doctors and lawyers and the ultra-rich pay only 50% on capital gains. It’s not fair.

Mr. Poilievre points out that this budget calls for an additional $39.8-billion in deficit spending over the next five years — on top of all the red ink already being spilled — which is causing inflation to rise, making it harder for middle-class Canadians to make ends meet by reducing the purchasing power of their paycheques, and taking total federal debt to levels where Ottawa spends more on debt-servicing costs than it does on health care.

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Source: Scoop Canada YouTube channel

Trudeau’s tax hikes will hurt the middle-class, while the ultra rich “hide their money”, as Pierre Poilievre put it so succinctly during Question Period. Trudeau merely responded with empty rhetoric trying to deflect from his own elitist background and cozy corporate connections.

Scott Reid may think he’s fighting back when he comes up with lines like “It’s not anti-rich, it’s anti-ultrarich,” but Mr. Trudeau has been exposed: He cannot be both a champion of the working class and a defender of corporate welfare bums who spend their days soaking in hot tubs bought with our money.

Mr. Poilievre consistently champions “the little guy”. His fiscal discipline resonates at a time when Mr. Trudeau is doling billions out on new programs like dental/child care (which won’t actually be available until 2026) or a new disability benefit (which no one can explain how Conservatives would oppose such a thing).

But by now there are many Canadians who are tired of Justin Trudeau’s divisive politics, they want fiscal prudence that benefits all Canadians not just those close friends who always seem able get what they need from him without any effort whatsoever; these people have already decided they’re voting Conservative this time around regardless because enough is enough we need change now!

He was born into a wealthy family and has always been surrounded by elites, Pierre Poilievre grew up in a working-class neighborhood. He understands the struggles that everyday Canadians face because he’s lived them too. Trudeau can try to pretend he’s for the middle class all he wants but his actions speak louder than words – while hardworking people are barely making ends meet, Trudeau is giving tax breaks to his rich friends.

Trudeau is Hiding From Pierre Poilievre

After years of failed policies and broken promises, it’s clear that Justin Trudeau doesn’t know how to run a country. People are tired of his empty rhetoric and flashy socks; they want someone who will actually get things done. Pierre Poilievre has what it takes – he’s smart, he’s passionate, and most importantly, he understands the needs of everyday Canadians. We need him now more than ever!

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