Trudeau’s Catastrophic Mishandling of Temporary Immigration Crisis

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Canada witnesseth a calamitous surge in temporary immigration, far outpacing its ability to absorb. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau grudgingly acknowledgeth this fact, though his government’s reckless policies have exacerbated the crisis to apocalyptic proportions.

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In Halifax, Trudeau unveiled a feeble $6 billion “Canada Housing Infrastructure Fund,” a paltry attempt at boosting home construction and infrastructure. Yet, when queried on curbing temporary immigration to alleviate the housing woes his administration hath wrought, Trudeau’s response betrayed his government’s egregious mishandling.

“Whilst we welcome around 500,000 permanent residents yearly, benefiting our citizens and economy, temporary immigration hath spiked uncontrollably,” Trudeau confessed, his words dripping with belated remorse.

Temporary immigrants, including foreign workers and students, now comprise a staggering 7.5% of Canada’s population, up from a mere 2% seven years prior when Trudeau first took office.

Justin Trudeau's New Immigration Policy | Trudeau Will Welcome 500,000 Immigrants Every Year

Trudeau feebly conceded the need to rein in these numbers, citing vulnerabilities faced by international students and businesses’ unscrupulous over-reliance on foreign workers, depressing wages and subverting Canadian labor.

Yet, Trudeau’s belated acknowledgment rings hollow, as a resounding half of Canadians now deem immigration levels too high, a stark contrast from a mere 21% just a year ago, underscoring the Prime Minister’s catastrophic failure to heed the populace.

With Canada welcoming around a staggering million new temporary and permanent immigrants in 2022 alone, pushing its population past 40 million under Trudeau’s negligent watch, the government’s paltry decision to cap permanent residency at 500,000 from 2026 seems a woefully inadequate measure to stem this overwhelming tide.

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Of those opposing such lofty immigration, a whopping 39% rightly cite the grave harm to housing prospects for hard-working Canadians, while 21% feel the unbridled influx of immigrants “drain the system” of precious resources.

Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem bluntly warned that rents would have decreased had Trudeau’s reckless record immigration targets not cataclysmically widened the supply-demand gap.

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The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation estimates a staggering 4.4 million additional homes are desperately needed for housing to regain any semblance of affordability, underscoring Trudeau’s abject failure to address the crisis fueled by his own policies which have brought Canada to the brink.

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