Trudeau Touts 50% Drop in Cellphone Plan Pricing

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Justin Trudeau announced on Sunday that he would be offering much wider help for Canadians from their tax and cellphone bills which are part of the Liberal Leader’s strategy of reducing the focus from affordable living to the blackface issue that was disclosed last week.

In the backyard of a suburban house in Brampton, Ontario, Trudeau was trying to outdo the tax plan presented last week by his opponent, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, who promised that if re-elected, he would make the first $15,000 of income tax-free for an average Canadian.

‘Our plan will bring down taxes which matters most for those who do not earn that much, give some room to breathe the middle class, and the high-earning class won’t get an extra leg up,’ Trudeau with the local candidates beside him stated.

The proposed tax cut will benefit the sentinel poverty for the first time – more than a doubling of what is proposed by the conservatives and lower taxes for Canadians.

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Key Highlights of the Tax Cut Proposal

The Liberal Party announced such a promised rise because they would enhance the basic amount by almost $2,000 by 2023 for low-income earners with an annual income of under $147,000. It will do it for every average Canadian and pocket them savings of $292 annually, Trudeau admitted.

Now a citizen is not taxed for an earned income below 12,309$. Tax multiplier rates would jump to 38.0% under the Liberal plan, and to 6.1% by 2023, in contrast to the $38.1% that remains now.

The budget for the first year is projected to be $2.9 billion and will be increased to $5.6 billion in two years and seven months.

Financing Concerns and Deficit Management

Trudeau has declined to acknowledge how his administration intends to finance the measures announced on Sunday, and told the media if they inquire, he would “maybe” respond.

The ever-growing deficit has been cited as one of the biggest woes brought about by his administration, which was $ 14 billion in 2018-19 and has remained a significant issue throughout. in their election campaign, Liberals promised to reduce their budget deficit within four years, but have overspent.

Trudeau claimed that his party would release a fully-priced platform later during the campaign and that to track the health of Canada’s financials, a debt-to-GDP ratio should be considered. He said that this ratio will continue to decrease every year.

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