Trudeau Tightens Immigration: PR Hopefuls Face Scrutiny

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The unemployment incident is accompanied by inflation and this has a negative implication on the Canadian’s attitude towards immigration and most Canadians believe that the numbers are too high.

This is a sensibility that may have taken the federal government so far, and possibly in a somewhat irresponsible manner – at last, after nine years of substantial immigration support, this government has started to hit the brake.

The most notable example in this turnabout was after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged that student immigration from outside the country, as well as temporary immigration, had surpassed what Canada could sustain

Trudeau, before, would get upset at any kind of talk relating that immigration might be proportion too much. Last Tuesday in Nova Scotia, he affirmed, that the government was now in the phase of scrambling to scale down the number.

Will Canada Stop Immigration After Justin Trudeau?

Rapid Growth in Temporary Immigration:

“And over the last few years, we’ve seen a sudden boom of temporary immigration whether those are temporary foreign workers or international students that grew far beyond what Canada right now can handle.

“You can take it from that 2017 example, these people represented 2 per cent of Canada’s population who were temporary immigrants” – Justin Trudeau said at a housing event in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia So number is 7.5 per cent here. That is (the control of gun violence) something which we need to get back on track as soon as possible.

The inferiority of this process is that it is specifically for Canada, having 41 million population, according to Trudeau, the country has 3 million temporary immigrants. Up to now, the majority of these writers are international students.

“We aim at dipping the statistics so that we eliminate this challenge.” It is then an accountable way that we have always done with our permanent residents, however, while this takes place aggressively, we need to hold the line a little bit more on the temporary immigration that has put a lot of pressure on our communities,” Prime Minister Trudeau expressed.

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Shift in Government Policy:

Trudeau’s statement displays an undisguised difference from the open-door standpoint that the government has encouraged for too long.

Two years ago, federal government servants informed the country that they feared housing affordability and services may crash due to a huge population of immigrants in the country. The Trudeau government neglected the warning and even doubled its immigration target at that time.

Now that they messed it up, the presidency of Tommie wants to cut the number of yearly immigrant arrivals to 5 per cent of the population, which comes down to about 2 million people.

In the same way as this raises the question of who can become a permanent resident and guarantees certain rights and benefits, this also gives us pause about episodic immigrants who are in Canada today, and temporary migrants abroad who plan to come to Canada simultaneously.

Immigration experts say recently arrived immigrants, especially those aiming for permanent residency, are better off here as the government prefers to fill PR positions with individuals who are already in the country. This would allow them to bring down the number of immigrants seeking asylum as well as to explore their annually given permanent immigration targets.

Difficulties for those overseas to get into Canada paradoxically will occur and a set aside of fewer permanent residency as more applicants will arise.

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