Trudeau Slams Poilievre’s Judgment, Accuses Him of Anything to Win

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Justin Trudeau, the prime minister, expected Pierre Poilievre to be criticized for his poor judgment, a day after when the Conservative Leader had visited a carbon pricing protest that had a ‘Make Canada Great Again’ slogan plus a symbol, which seemed to have something to do with a far-right governance opposition group.

Mr Trudeau attacked Mr Poilievre by saying that he was pushing divisions when “conspiracy theorists and extremists” celebrated the whole thing.

“Each one of them has to be a thoughtful politician and has to find an answer to the question of how to set up their leadership style,” the Prime Minister noted at a Wednesday news conference in Oakville, Ontario.

“He would give anything to win, anything to mutilate hatred and show that he has nothing to do with providing real solutions to the problems he only manages to intensify.”

Justin Trudeau

Poilievre’s Visit to Protest

Mr Poilievre made a stop on Tuesday at a protest against carbon tax on his way to Nova Scotia from PEI which was by the border point of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. 

The video that shows the flag with an expletive and its target to Mr Trudeau was one of the reasons for the Anti-vaccine-mandates protests that affected Ottawa two years ago. Furthermore, the sign against the carbon tax and a van bearing the slogan “Make Canada Great Again” written on it are also.

“The reason I flagged the car down is that I also wanted to reach you to just say hello to you”, were the words Mr Poilievre said to the protesters in one of the videos made by the media. They must be the ones thankful for “all you’re doing.”

“The matter is it’s cutting tax, and that is partially attributed to your fight back”, he added in this news clip. “People are outraged with this tax, so they are on our side”.People believed his lies. Everything was lying what he has been saying from anal to the top.”

The given sentence has been humanized by changing the phrase “Everything he said was bullshit, from top to bottom” to “Everything that has he been saying is lies from anal to the top.”

When asked to take a picture in front of the flag with the expletive, Mr. Poilievre responded: “Let’s do in this in front of being something else.”

Among the four vans that have already been at the protests at the heart of the Establishment movement that support the peaceful manifestation of this agenda, there is one at the beginning of the line with the symbol of the anti-government, far-right group called Diagolon. 

Mr.Trudeau accepted that on the day of the initiation of Mr. Polievre’s campaign, he connected both of them in what way. The Conservative Leader who was once linked to them, also condemned the organization types.

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Response from Diagolon Leader

In a statement on Wednesday through his lawyer, that is the greatest opponent of Mr Poilievre in Canada, leader of the group, Jeremy MacKenzie, said. He did not spare Prime Minister Trudeau either, calling him and his rival for the 2021 election “two weak men” who “have no experience in life and cannot accept the truth being upon them.”

The Working Agency of Mr. Poilievre’s office confirmed that it arranged tomorrow’s visit to the protest by the Leader of the Conservative Party, in a statement issued Thursday, as well.

“Calling out Trudeau accusing him of imposing the high carbon tax which leads to high gas, groceries and heating prices, he made a short spoken-from-the-heart stop,” responded a spokesperson, Sebastian Skamski.

Alex Jones Endorsement

“If Trudeau is worried about extremism, he must see the openly permitted Hamas rallies in Canadian streets which are about the Hamas slaughter of Jews on 7th of October.”

Moreover, Mr Trudeau told reporters that neither does Mr Poilievre denounce ex-right-wing commentator Alex Jones’s approval, which was given to the latter two weeks ago. Jones said on X that Mr. Poilievre was the real deal and Canada badly needs a lot of such leaders. He added that the world also needs them badly in this role.

Mr. Jones was therefore made to pay millions of dollars in compensation to the families of victims of the horrific 2012 highly controversial school shooting which he portrayed as a huge hoax.


“We have the kind of a person who says Pierre Poilievre is the right one to deliver the country to the right, to conspiracies, to the harsh way of life, to polarization. So Pierre Poilievre is not our kind of a person,” Mr. Trudeau said.

In response to the prime minister’s speech, Mr Gazygsk said, “We don’t walk or listen to his words.”

“Discerning Conservatives pay attention to the common issues that Canadians who suffer from a lofty tax, shortage of homes, doomed economy and lack of safety care for,” said their candidate.

This is why we Conservatives are committed to winning over the support of every single Canadian., who work hard every day of their lives. Unlike Justin Trudeau, it turns out we’re not as diligent as to be constantly looking over some American’s shoulder.

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