Trudeau Slams Poilievre’s Silence on Infamous Conspiracy Theorist’s Support

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau further escalated his criticism of opposition leader Pierre Poilievre, tying his main political challenger for the office of the Prime Minister with an American conspiracy theorist accused of murdering children at a Florida elementary school.

Trudeau hit at the news conference held in Oakville after the media asked him about the video going viral and Poilievre tells people at the anti-carbon tax protest saying — a symbol of a group that police have found have connections with ideological extremism is visible at the trailer door — that whatever the Prime Minister says is just “bullsh*t.”

Trudeau’s Speech on Far-Right Extremism

When Trudeau responded to this, he mentioned how Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist from the United States who was recently in the news because he supports Poilievre, has called our candidate “real deal.” The Liberal party then took this opportunity and developed a web campaign to attack Poilievre.

While Trudeau focused his speech on the strategies his government was currently taking to combat far-right extremism, he also went the extra mile by highlighting Jones’ false claims about the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting.

Jones had claimed that the shooting was fake and was ordered to pay more than $1 billion in damages over the falsehoods he spread. In the year 2022 Jones was made to pay a damage amount of $1 billion which was more than ordered to the victims’ family by suing him for defamation.

“Whether you are a politician or not you have to make decisions every day but not every day for such an important role like of a leader,” Trudeau said Wednesday. 

The burning question “Are they these types of a leaders that will spread the divisions, will promote fear and polarization across the country, will personally make attacks and accept the support from the conspiracy theorists and extremists?” Even after all this, Pierre Poilievre continues to break that trust.

Response from Progressive Conservative Leader’s Spokesman

This takes into account the fact that he adds “Poilievre wouldn’t reject and condemn the support of Alex Jones”. As a proven truth distorter and conspiracy believer who had to pay for telling lies about the shooting at Sandy Hook where 20 innocent kids were murdered, Alex Jones is on the edge of bankruptcy. They generally do not endorse our candidate that well, they just say Pierre Poilievre is on the right track.

This statement shows “He will stop at nothing, nothing at all to ignite the energy of negative us and fear”. Trudeau concluded.

The spokesman of the Progressive Conservative leader replied to the question of why the same person has not rejected or disowned his endorsement. He said the Conservatives do not listen to and follow this man, and that the party is only looking for an endorsement of the middle class.

“Unlike Justin Trudeau, we do not focus on what some American says,” is what Skamski expresses.

His accusation was made on the fact that “if Justin Trudeau is sceptical about extremism, he can check on parades on Canadian streets that publicly promote the slaughtering of Jews of October 7 by Hamas.”

That undoubtedly was a quote from many rallies apropos of the war in Gaza, including the one that was held two weeks ago on Parliamentary Hill, which caused a criminal investigation.

In that protest, there was recorded a man who was philipping up the massacre of civilians by Hamas in Israel that killed nearly fourteen hundred people. The death toll of the more than 34,000 men and women from Gaza, who were killed during the conflict by the Israeli forces, is cited by local health officials.

Skamski’s letter mentioned the video that was being shared online and that was shot when Skamou was travelling in Atlantic Canada where he “noticed an anti-carbon tax protest” on the side of the road. Skamou spontaneously decided to stop and have a few words with these people, Skamski said.

Background on Diagolon Group

A father of the accused in a supposed plot to do away with police at the blockage told the Star subsequently that his son was brainwashed online while in confinement specifically during the pandemic and was also found sharing conversations with Diagolon.

The vast number of documents that were released at a public inquiry into the use of the Emergencies Act by the Ontario Provincial Police to dissolve an occupation against the COVID-19 pandemic response demonstrated the former intention to use the Diagolon as an “ideological group” that communicates with the help of rhetorics that establish the goal of “government collapse”.

In September, of 2022, Poilievre said that he had no information regarding the Diagolon group and he degraded them as ‘odious’ after their leader and an online provocateur called Jeremy MacKenzie, announced on his webpage that he wanted to molest Mr. Poilievre’s wife.

which MacKenzie has claimed that Digalon is a satire-oriented online community only.

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