Trudeau Slams Conservatives Over Budget Rejection

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticizes the Conservatives who accept to take the side of the rich and against justice by their opposition to the budget.

The latest works from the Liberals, submitted to the House of Commons yesterday, envision making sure that the corporations and the well-off citizens will pay higher taxes on capital gains.

Leader of the Conservatives Pierre Poilievre denounced it as a “wasteful and inflationary budget” and stated that his party would vote against it.

On Wednesday morning a meeting with the Liberal command, Trudeau stated that multi-millionaires should be paying the same amount of tax for their capital gains and income tax as teachers and electricians, as they are the ones who work on a daily basis.

He said the alteration would be absolutely alright for 99.88 per cent of the population, then added that the policy would not cover anyone’s sale of the principal residence.

He by no means mentions the New Demos or Leader Jagmeet Singh who hasn’t given the same commitment as him yet regarding his agreement with the Libs even though it has been a supply and confidence deal.

Coalition Dynamics

The Plan has the NDP goals featuring public health care facilities through the initial phase of national pharma care and the federal standards for long-term care facilities.

Bloc Quebecois leader, Yves-François Blanchet, went further in saying that his MPs would not vote in favour of the budget.

Translation: Just in case of this occurrence, the budget will be largely seen as a failure and the election will likely be held.

Singh has announced that he will indeed conversate with Trudeau and touch on the topics that are not mentioned in the budget namely, windfall taxes for corporations who may have simply made excess profits.

“He also believes that the Conservatives would certainly shut down crucial programs that are there at the moment if they form government. These are national child care and pharmacare.

Conservative Housing Criticism

Conservative housing critic Scott Aitchison said people should not place any hope on this because there is a big gap in promises every time; when they promised the housing overhaul it never materialized.

“In 2017, Justin Trudeau yells in front of a massive project with lots of hard-working people supporting him and ascribes a life-changing transformational National Housing strategy,” claimed Aitchison.

“And we see the transformation: House prices had doubled, rent had doubled, mortgage rates had doubled, and people couldn’t afford to put food on their table and pay rent at the same time.

Homes are the answer, according to Aitchison. Her view is that the government should not impede.

However, he stated that the Conservatives are the very ones that are the brakes.

“Trudeau said, ‘They will be voting against moderation as well as excessive wealth.’ He would be the leader who is competent, prepared, and willing to take Canadians ideas into consideration, invested with solutions for all Canadian citizens.”

Budget Overview and Spending

The budget up the spending to more than $530 billion in assets to 2024-2025, which is more than $11 billion in new spending as student aid and grants, pharma care and long-promised disability benefits.

However, such an impact for $200 a month can hardly be called sufficient for the supporters.

The budget, in a sense, could also be seen as a Hail Mary attempt by the government to lure millennials and Gen-Z voters who were once staunch supporters of the Liberals but the troubled affordability problem is now driving them to the Conservatives.

Prime Minister Trudeau in cooperation with Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland declares the budget as a fairness plan for not only the young Canadians but also the whole community.

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