Trudeau Questions NDP Climate Stance Amid Singh’s Carbon Tax Shift

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he supports Jagmeet Singh but no longer gets his party climate-change position after Singh seemed to backtrack on his support of consumer carbon tax.

“I feel with NDP and Jagmeet. This is the moment of hardship. There are political obstacles,” Trudeau said speaking at the press conference in Vaughan, Ontario on Friday.

‘Political noise is there. I have experienced it, and it’s time to feel it for everyone, who cares about those issues like affordability, and environmental change.’

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Jagmeet Singh’s Vision for Climate Policy

Singh, Leader of the New Democrats, enthused that their climate policy would not be marred by the “us” versus the “them” divide but instead would be an example for the people of Canada to emulate through their environmental actions. Singh believed that the current Grits’ leader, Trudeau, was using the climate issue as a political tool to divide the Canadians.

“To achieve so, we will not pull the burden of the climate crisis on working families that are being exploited by the biggest polluters for making further profits,” highlighted Singh. “No one wins if being able to live an affordable life means our people need to sacrifice to fight global warming where instead we have to build a strong community model.”

Regardless of the address, when Singh voiced reporters on that initiative he wanted not only the employees to be able to fight climate change, but to do it without being pressed – and he declined to mention the fact that he wants consumer carbon tax to be abolished.

The Controversy Surrounding Consumer Carbon Tax

In a statement he made to CBC News, Singh said the position of the NDP on consumer carbon price has not been changed from what it was earlier.

“By promising to develop a plan that makes the big polluters pay, reduce the costs to the consumers, achieve our emissions goals, and unite people in the fight against climate crisis; whereas the Liberal government has been in power for the last nine years and has not done this,” declared Singh.

The Prime Minister declared Friday that Conservatives’ arguments against the consumer carbon tax made “an impression on the NDP” as efforts to pass legislation were postponed.

“At this point, I don’t comprehend the NDP’s stance on loss, compounds, and climate change. But, let me tell you this is my government and of course, we are focused on the fight against climate change. We’ll raise affordable housing measures.” – Trudeau.

By rebate, the prime minister refers to when the NDP will withdraw “affordability measures.” The Liberal government states that eight out of 10 families who live in jurisdictions where federal carbon levies apply obtain more rebates with the aid of federal taxes than what they are paying.

Meaning that Singh’s response, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre wrote on his social media platform, “It seems like Singh is about to jump ship on a carbon tax”.

“Jagmeet Singh voted with his group partner Justin Trudeau to sustain his prudent carbon tax,” Poilievre wrote. “It’s his track looking back at him as he tries to run. We’ll never let him forget, and we’ll make sure Canadians will know.”

In early March the Liberal government survived the vote of non-confidence on the carbon tax thanks to the support of the Bloc Québécois and the NDP.

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Conservative Criticism and Political Maneuvering

“The Conservatives are choosing to pretend the climate crisis does not exist and has no real impacts on us. The current situation with an increased risk of another record-breaking forest fire season is not what we need and so, we can’t afford the Conservative’s do-nothing approach at this point,” Singh said in the statement sent to CBC News.

New Democratic pollster David Coletto, founder and CEO of Abacus Data, suggested the NDP leader, Jakob Singh, might be strategizing to pave a way for New Democrats to stand out in voters’ minds against the Liberals.

“I can tell you that more and more of these blue slide voters are browsing the purple side of the spectrum. A large number of people who used to elect the NDP for their provincial government are starting to prefer the conservative candidates. Coletto said this in an interview with CBC on the 20th of June.”

“The shift might be showing that the policy was meant to, on the one hand, signal that the Liberals are, still, focused and care deeply about climate change, but on the other hand, they are taking into consideration the cost of living of people that expresses the sensitivity of the party to a matter that became the trademark policy issue of the Liberals.”

In the last election of the past three, the NDP ran under a carbon pricing brand.

Canadians will face a rise from $60 to $80 per tonne starting April in the federal carbon price. That moves driver pains an extra 3.3 cents per litre at the pump.

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