Trudeau, Poilievre Spar Over Federal Budget

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Over one day ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed that Poilievre has been less than excellent at making decisions after the Conservative leader had stumbled across a “Make Canada Great Again” ordinary citizens’ protest in opposition to carbon pricing, and a symbol was seen among the crowd that seemed to be affiliated to far-right, anti-government group.

Mr Trudeau said that Mr Poilievre was only making divisions worse by getting cooperation from the “support of conspiracy theorists and extremists.”

“Every politician has to make choices about the type of politician they want to be,” said the Prime Minister at a press conference in Oakville, Ontario, on Wednesday.

“Character assassinations will be promoted as he promises to do anything that will taper into his lie, and will only bring positivity and fear, as he has always been concentrating on the problems that he manufactures.”

On Tuesday Mr. Poilievre stopped by a demonstration at a carbon price picket toward the New Brunswick-Nova Scotia border while he was traveling from PEI to Nova Scotia. 

The video captures a man shouting an expletive full of hatred toward Mr. Trudeau and his administration who are the symbols of last year’s anti-vaccine-mandate protests which occupied the city of Ottawa. It also shows an anti-tax sign and a van with the “Make Canada Great Again” written on it.

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“Well, for a change I think we were just driving past but I saw you so I told the team to stop and say ‘hi’,” Mr. Poilievre can be heard telling the protesters in one of the videos that went viral on social media. He opts for “thank you for everything” instead.

The congressman told us, ” The state will be able to do that because you guys did not let us on such a rule and that’s why everybody hates a tax so much. It is because people have been screwed over for many years.”People believed his lies. Everything he said was absolute shit, from top to bottom.

In a Wednesday statement made through his lawyer, a group’s leader, Jeremy MacKenzie, proclaimed that the group’s biggest detractor in Canada was Mr. Poilievre. As well, he finishes up by expressing his dissatisfaction with Mr. Trudeau, saying that “neither of these men is in touch with the reality, and that they are incapable of telling the truth.”

Mr Poilievre’s office defended the Conservative leader’s participation in the protest via a statement on Wednesday, 25/01/2023.

“Being a vocal critic of Justin Trudeau’s punishing carbon tax which has led to increasing prices of groceries, gas, and heating, he made a brief and spontaneous stop,” Sebastian Skamski, spokesperson, said.

“If the reason for Trudeau’s worry about extremism was that of parades on the streets of Canada commissioning the action of Hamas on October 7 of their deaths of Jews.”

In response to a question during Mr Trudeau’s news conference, Mr Trudeau also claimed that Mr Poilievre had no comment on fellow right-wing Alex Jones’ endorsement earlier this month, which was published online. On my recent trip to X, Mr. Jones bowled, Mr. Poilievre, “the real deal” and then added, “Canada and the rest of the world also need more such leaders.”

Mr Jones, who was judged to pay more than $ 1 billion in damage to the families of the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hoo shooting whom Mr Jones had exposed as hoaxes, was ordered to pay.

“This is the sort of a man who defines Pierre Poilievre’s theory of the world as ill-intentioned: such a move will take the country into the so-called conspiracy, into extremism, into polarization us,” Mr Trudeau emphasized

In response to the Prime Minister’s words, Mr Skamski said “We do not follow” Mr Jones “or listen to what he has to tell”.

“Common-sense Conservatives are listening to the millions of Canadians who want to chop the tax and fix the issues they’re concerned with, such as the building of homes, growing of the budget and the cutting of a crime rate.” He also said.

“It is the acceptation of the used-by-all Canadians that is why the Conservatives are now working on to deserve.” Unlike Justin Trudeau however, we have been listening to what has been important to us; why so and so from America is saying is not our business anymore.

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