Trudeau Government Implements Tax Hike for Wealthiest Canadians

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The government of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, declared on Tuesday that it would charge rich Canadians far more taxes starting with the upcoming budget completion.

The budget will be augmented by raising the capital gains inclusion rate, which means that the part of this profit to be charged as tax would also be higher.

Budget Allocation and Economic Justice

The taxable portion of the capital gains above $250,00 (CAD) would be increased to double or two-thirds, that is according to the statement made by the federal government. It will affect only 0.1 per cent of Canadian citizens but will add up to $20 billion (CAD) over five years in revenue.

I understand that my proposals will generate a lot of dissenting voices. Not one citizen considers it a pleasure to incur a higher tax burden — even or maybe especially those who can pay it the most, according to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland.

But before they complain too bitterly, I would like Canada’s one per cent and Canada’s 0.1 per cent to consider this: What type of Canada do you want to be shaped by in future years?

Freeland opened the budget package which was the federal spending summing up to 53 billion Canadian dollars (US$ 38 billion) and claimed that the spending was geared towards economic justice.

Freeland opined that her newly proposed federal budget was not necessarily an entirely political move but indeed submitted that most people younger than 40 in Canada will have to wrestle to get settled whereas their ancestors in the past were more fortunate.

The federal budget incorporation which Freeland said to be limited to the deficit not to exceed $40 billion Canadian (US$29 billion).

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Political Implications and Party Outlook

Liberals are behind and they don’t know how to deal with voters because they’re complaining that their living costs are very high in Canada.

Truly speaking, these efforts are not capable of bringing about much positive effect on the party’s performance. By all indications, they are exactly aware that they will have a defeat this November and Dr. Nelson Wiseman, a University of Toronto’s political science professor added.

They cannot believe that Justin Trudeau would remain Prime Minister eight years after he assumed this position and without a party leader. Moreover, the ogres will not dismiss the disastrous event with a single defeat.


Ultimately, the federal government, now the prime minister of Justin Trudeau, has talked about raising taxes for the rich citizens, mainly through the inclusion rate of capital gains. Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland, however, argued that the budget was an inevitable market necessity since the political battle itself was bound by economic justice pending discontent from the public.

However, to obtain better electoral results for the Liberals, political analysts argue that these steps may not gravely improve the Liberal Party. It must be remembered that doubts linger over Trudeau’s capacity in the position as the prime minister and the party itself in addressing the burden on the pockets of voters in this country.

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