Trudeau Faces Declining Support: Reports From Scoop Canada Polls

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Recent polls by Scoop Canada suggest a significant decline in support for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party, highlighting various challenges and public sentiments affecting their popularity.

We started a poll on our Scoop Canada YouTube channel, asking our subscribers to vote on their feelings about Justin Trudeau. And more than 1600 people have voted that they don’t want Justin Trudeau to be their Prime Minister.

They want Trudeau to step down. If you feel the same way, you might as well give your valuable votes by clicking here.


Factors contributing to the shift in public opinion include economic concerns, with a significant portion of Canadians living paycheck to paycheck and expressing dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of inflation, housing, and the cost of living​​.

Furthermore, Abacus Data’s survey from January 18 to 23, 2024, reflects a competitive political landscape where the Conservatives lead by 15 points over the Liberals, with potential voter intentions leaning towards the Conservatives (40%) compared to the Liberals (25%)​​.

The mood remains negative, with only 15% of Canadian adults believing Trudeau and the Liberals deserve to be re-elected.

This sentiment is reinforced by a growing desire for change among the public, with 54% indicating it’s time for a new government, showcasing the highest point of such sentiment in tracking​​.

Furthermore, we started one more poll on our YouTube channel, asking people who they want to see as their next Prime Minister of Canada. And no surprise, Pierre Poilievre rises to the top with more than a staggering 98% of votes from 2.3K votes.


These trends suggest that Trudeau’s leadership and the Liberal Party face significant challenges, with public opinion influenced by economic issues, governance concerns, and a desire for political change.

If you feel like someone else should be the Prime Minister of Canada, then consider giving your valuable votes by clicking here.

The data underscores the importance of addressing these critical issues to regain public trust and support. Also, check out our latest video on the channel, where we discuss the possible candidate to become the Prime Minister of Canada.

Polls and States Suggests Canada Is Ready For A Change in Government

Public Sentiment and Voter Concerns

Public sentiment towards the Trudeau government in 2024 reflects a complex landscape of dissatisfaction among Canadian voters, with several key issues and concerns contributing to the declining popularity of the Prime Minister and his party.

Economic challenges, including inflation and the cost of living, have become prominent areas of concern for Canadians. Surveys indicate a significant percentage of the population is living. Paycheck to paycheck, with many attributing rising inflation to government spending.

The handling of the housing crisis, with a substantial portion of respondents blaming federal policies for exacerbating affordability issues, further compounds economic grievances​​.

Another major factor influencing public opinion is the government’s approach to social and political issues.

All of this crisis has led to the downfall of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. Specifically, Justin Trudeau has fallen to number 17 in the most popular leader lis from Canada.

Justin Trudeau's Ranking Slips in Latest Poll

With all the recent polls and stats, Justin Trudeau’s days are numbered. People from all over Canada are going against him. Even Millenials who voted for him and made him the Prime Minister of Canada want him gone now.

Check the video out to learn more about Justin Trudeua’s position as a leader in Canada. And do not forget to subscribe to our news letters and YouTube channel. And a small donation from your side, can motivate us to start more surverys.

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