Trudeau Considers Leaving ‘Crazy Job

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Canada’s premier said that he quite frequently reflects on leaving his “insane job” although he says that, at least, he is going to stick around until the next election is held.

Justin Trudeau’s perspective on whether or not he should continue as a leader of the country has deepened, as new polls suggested that his popularity was slowly diminishing among Canadian voters.

During an interview with the speaker of the French-language radio known as Radio-Canada, Mr Trudeau said that, in terms of every personal sacrifice the job as his leader involves, he had to withstand some difficulties.

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Public Opinion and Political Landscape

Canada’s next general election’s time frame is set for October 2025.

The latest opinion polls also show that the Canadian people have been expressing their concerns more often, especially about the areas of housing affordability, as well as the cost of living. The Liberal Party who are the governing are far behind the Conservatives who are the main opposition sometimes by more than 19 %.

Fears that the “Trudeau” image is a factor dragging down the Liberal party’s popularity index has led many political watchers in circles to argue that the time is ripe for him to resign while even some allies opine that he would be doing the general public a great deal of good by retiring.

But in a 24-minute interview released on Friday with the French-language broadcaster, Mr Trudeau said: “Certainly, I had no choice but to be the man I was born to be, and start fighting back now.”

The crushing fatigue and making the necessary personal sacrifices are to be pictured every day, and “It is a crazy job”, said the leader, who has held power since 2015. “It’s hard to deny, but it’s also pretty tough and difficult at some points.”

A year advanced, the couple already reported that would be going in the direction of separation. They are three and a half with kids.

Will Justin Trudeau Resign? Anti-Trudeau Sentiments Are On The Rise in Canada

Trudeau’s Commitment to Service

Mr Trudeau secured a clear win and came to power with a historic election majority that terminated the domination of the Conservatives party for the last 9 years. Nevertheless, their popularity fell for the Liberal Party throughout two subsequent elections.

A minority Liberal government is currently in a so-called “supply and confidence” pact with the New Democrats, whereby the leftist party backs the Liberals on crucial ballots in the parliament.

Trudeau, aged 52, told reporters yesterday that he was not filling that role “to be popular, not to get a self-indulgence because I want to serve and I am just sure I’ve got a lot to offer”.

‘ The vote Canadians will give ” in the year 2015 in the elections ” is going to be so fundamental.’

In a single high-stakes fight, some of Alberta’s premier and the federal Conservatives are almost willing to abandon the carbon price increase for April 1, which is one of the government’s key climate strategies.

Pr Trudeau, interviewed by Radio-Canada, signalled he would remain the course saying most citizens end up having a net increase after the rebate.

Oftentimes, specific taxes are attacked in politics these days rather than general measures. “It is very easy in these days to attack a tax, to attack concrete measures,” he said.

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