Savoring Sweetness: The Top 5 Bakeries in Montreal You Must Indulge In

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Montreal is one of the major cities in Canada’s Québec to attract international visitors. Montreal is the largest of all the cities in Quebec. Montreal lies on an island in the Saint Lawrence River. The name Montreal is inspired by Mt. Royal, a hill at its center.

Montreal attracts many visitors annually and is known for its range of food items. If you’re a sweet tooth, Montreal will entice you.

No matter where you are traveling, food defines your overall experience. So let’s not wait anymore and fall in love with the city more after visiting its top bakeries.

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1. Best Bakeries in Montreal

Baked goods are an absolute delight and have the potential to keep you wanting for more. Here is the list of 5 best bakeries in Montreal:

1.1. Boulangerie Guillaume

Boulangerie Guillaume is one of the most popular bakeries in Montreal. When Boulangerie Guillaume opened for the first time, it was a small neighborhood bakery.

Similarly, Boulangerie Guillaume has its name as a tribute to the talented baker behind this bakery. Guillaume Valliant, with his girlfriend, opened this French bakery without planning it.

There is a French tradition of naming a bakery after the baker’s name. Guillaume had a background in sociology. But little did Guillaume know that he’d open such a famous bakery.

Première Moisson is the bakery where Guillaume first started to work. Then, Guillaume fell in love with the tricks of baking. Guillaume decided to open a bakery after learning his craft on the job at Première Moisson.

It was 2010 when Guillaume opened Boulangerie Guillaume for the first time. Since then, this Montreal bakery has been serving mouthwatering desserts and baked goods.

Bakeries in Montreal
Image Source: Boulangerie Guillaume

Boulangerie Guillaume has seen several transitions in its menu and space. Boulangerie started by serving essential bakery products. However, the bakery kept adding several other items to engage more customers.

Currently, it has a workspace of 4000 sq feet. Laurent McComber helped Guillaume to design the current workspace of this bakery.

People adore the contemporary, modern, urban, and uncluttered environment of Boulangerie Guillaume.

To improve the administration of the bakery, Guillaume decided to incorporate long-term employees as partners in 2019.

1.1.1 What to Try?

You must be wondering what bakery products you must try at Boulangerie Guillaume. This Montreal bakery serves the best-baked goods to the guests.

Boulangerie Guillaume offers almost 80 types of homemade products every day. This fantastic bakery is famous in Montreal for its remarkable bread quality. Each homemade bread has a unique taste at Guillaume.

Even though all the bread at Boulangerie Guillaume tastes fantastic, the baker has a few favorites. He seems confident about Mediterranean breads like ciabattas and fougasses with Kalamata olives and other breads.

Croissants and baguettes at Boulangerie Guillaume also attract several customers.

In addition, Guillaume’s apple bun is famous among his regular customers. Guillaume’s mother’s recipes inspired this unique apple bun. Boulangerie Guillaume is a salty and sweet treasure of every food love.

1.2. Autumn Bakery (Automne Boulangerie)

The artisanal bakery Autumn Bakery is well-recognized in Montreal. Autumn Bakery is a minimalist shop for craft bread and pastries served with love. This bakery has been operating since 2016.

Two friends, Seth Gabrielse and Julien Roy, decided to open a neighborhood bakery. And here is the result of their dedication to Autumn Bakery.

Autumn Bakery has a beautiful workspace inspired by Scandinavian and Californian architecture. Kassandra Bonneville designed the workspace for Autumn Boulangerie. Architecture enthusiasts are easily attracted to this Boulangerie.

Bakeries in Montreal
Image Source: Autumn Boulangerie

Even though Autumn Bakery maintains good quality, you don’t have to worry about price and quality. Baked goods are available at Autumn Bakery at affordable prices.

Autumn Boulangerie has a hot home vibe. The baked goods are also homemade at Autumn Boulangerie. Locals love visiting this bakery for some fun-filled moments while having baked goods.

To sum it up, you can’t ignore Autumn Bakery if you love baked goods and want to enjoy the neighborhood feel.

1.2.1 What to Try?

You must be curious about what they serve now that you know a little about Autumn Boulangerie. Autumn Boulangerie has a wide range of baked goods as well as desserts. Autumne Boulangerie serves only homemade products to its customers.

Autumn Boulangerie is also popular among customers for delicious pastries. This Boulangerie serves seasonal fruit pies. Since this bakery believes in collaborating with local farmers of Quebec, you’ll get to enjoy the taste of seasonal fruits.

From cheese croissants to almond croissants, Autumn Bakery serves the best croissants. You will be amazed at how light and crispy these Autumn Boulangerie croissants are. The almond croissant of Autumn Bakery will melt your soul.

Bakeries in Montreal
Image Source: Photo by Polina Tankilevitch / Pexels 

Baguettes and cookies are also excellent at Autumn Boulangerie. Additionally, you can enjoy delicious sandwiches at this Montreal Bakery. There is no better place to enjoy baked products with coffee from Café Barista than Automne.

1.3. Boulangerie Jarry

If you are near the corner of St. Denis and Jarry, Boulangerie Jarry is the right place to satiate your appetite. Boulangerie Jarry is famous among locals as well as tourists. The quality of freshly baked products attracts customers to this Montreal bakery.

Boulangerie Jarry took over the space of a former bank. The bank’s vault door is still there in the dining area of Jarry Bakery. It would be best if you did not miss out on checking the vault area of Jarry Bakery.

Boulangerie Jarry is one of the few establishments in Montreal that can claim the bakery title. Indeed, customers are greeted with a fine blend of flour fully featured in a sunny space.

The house also trades with a farm in Baie-Saint-Paul specializing in organic grains. For Dominique, promoting producers is essential because, she says, people in the city forget where products come from.

In the same spirit, he worked with wheat flour to create a more nutritious product.

You will find wheat bags ready for grinding. In addition, the flour is sifted after grinding at this bakery. This process at Boulangerie Jarry makes the flour lighter.

The freshness of bread is the priority of this Montreal bakery. The in-house flour grinding gives customers something to look at behind the curtains.

The breads at Boulangerie Jarry are baked with whole wheat flour. Thus, the nutritional value of breads at Boulangerie Jarry is very high. Gauvrit believes in adding nourishment to the diet rather than making it empty.

1.3.1 What to Try?

After learning about Boulangerie Jarry, you must be curious about what makes it attractive. It’s the quality of baked goods at Boulangerie Jarry that attracts customers.

Boulangerie Jarry has great bread made with fresh flour. This bakery has a few varieties and a wide range of breads for you to enjoy.

Boulangerie Jarry is known for its good croissants, judiciously balanced with a deep, clean, fresh, buttery flavor. The bakery is French-forward and is located in the Villeray neighborhood.

In addition, Boulangerie Jarry is famous for cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon rolls come in different varieties at this bakery. People also love vegan cinnamon rolls from Boulangerie Jarry.

Boulangerie Jarry is an excellent choice for vegans as well. You will easily find plant-based alternatives to milk at Boulangerie Jarry if you’re vegan. Vegan sandwiches and chocolates are also available at Boulangerie Jarry.

The best part about eating at Boulangerie Jarry is that the selection of bread, cakes, sandwiches, and other sweets is reasonably priced.

1.4. Chez Potier

Chez Potier is a gourmet grocery shop on Wellington Street in Old Montreal. This pastry shop cum grocery store is a perfect place if you’re craving baked goods and desserts.

Bakeries in Montreal
Image Source : Chez Potier

Oliver Potier is the mind behind Chez Potier. The pastry chef, Oliver, is French by birth. Oliver entered into the world of large restaurants and got his training. The pastry chef learned boutique pastry making during his initial days. He knew this art at the Parisian House of Laduree.

Later, Oliver shifted to Montreal and started working at several hotels and restaurants. The Saint James Hotel, Saint Paul, Christophe Morel’s, and the Renoir Restaurant at the Sofitel are a few places where Oliver worked.

After working at several places, Oliver decided to open his pastry shop. Thus, Chez Potier began its journey.

Oliver believes in providing his customers with freshly baked goods made with the help of local artisans. So, Chez Potier serves fresh food and attracts customers.

Oliver has experimented with different recipes. The work of the pastry chef at Chej Potier is both inventive and creative. Customers love well-balanced flavors in the baked goods at this Montreal Bakery.

You will fall in love with everything at Chej Potier. Chej Potier has earned several loyal customers. Oliver made many loyal customers at Sherbrooke Street during his early days. These customers choose to visit Chez Potier again and again for Oliver’s magic.

1.4.1 What to Try?

After learning so much about Chez Potier, you must be curious about what to try. There are several baked goods and desserts at Chez Potier that you will love.

Chez Potier is popular among customers for its unique ingredients. The chef adds Zacapa, a 23-year-old rum in the rum babas. You should try having these rum babas at Chez Potier.

Pastries at Chez Potier use an exceptional butter from Prince Edward Island. You will uplift your mood with a good pie and a happy vibe.

In addition, you will find desserts irresistible at Chez Potier. The must-try desserts at Chez Potier are milk chocolate golden square, black coffee truffle, and lemon tart. Citrus desserts at Chez Potier are filled with balanced flavors.

Even though Chez Potier is famous for desserts and baked goods, several items are on the menu to entice you. The patisserie in Montreal also offers ice cream, scones, and fresh sorbets. Each of these items is made in-house at Chez Potier.

If you want to try something other than just desserts and pastries, you must have sandwiches, fresh salads, and quiches at Chez Potier.

1.5. Hof Kelsten

Hof Kelsten is undoubtedly one of the best bakeries in Montreal. This famous bakery lies in Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

Jeffery Finkelstein is the mind behind the Hof Kelsten. Jeffery worked in classical cooking. It was Zynga’s restaurant where Jeffery started.

Jeffery always had a passion for baking. The Hof Kelsten chef went to the French Culinary Institute of New York. Jeffery kept interning at popular restaurants like Per Se, French Laundry, Toque, and the Late Hibiscus.

But Jeffery found his passion in becoming a pastry chef. He decided to train under well-known pastry chef Oriol Ballaguer.

Afterward, he took lessons in making croissants, chocolates, and other delicacies at El Bulli.

Moreover, Jeffery interned at a world-famous restaurant, Noma. After learning every little detail about pastry making, Jeffery returned to Montreal.

Alexander Baldwin’s teasing turned into a successful bakery. Thus, Hof Kelsten began its journey in 2013.

Bakeries in Montreal
Image Source : Hof Kelsten

Initially, Hof Kelsten started with the aim of simply showcasing the products. Bongard, one of the most exclusive ovens in the city, was used for the bakery.

But the simple setting of the aisle for customers to stand up and grab a bite while sipping coffee has now changed. You will find several tables and the ordering counter in Hof Kelsten.

Jeffery has succeeded in his mission of establishing himself as one of the best pastry chefs.

1.5.1 What to Try?

Now that you know Hof Kelsten is Jeffery Finkelstein’s magic, you must wonder what food items you should try. Hof Kelsten serves several desserts and pastries to customers.

Hof Kelsten has a fantastic collection of breads. These breads at Hof Kelsten have crisp crusts and a fresh feel.

Moreover, Hof Kelsten offers Jewish baked goods. You will love babka and challah at Hof Kelsten. Babka at Hof Kelsten has been calling several times again and again. Chocolate Babka at Hof Kelsten is loved by kids as well. Several customers undoubtedly recommend Babka at Hof Kelsten.

Croissants at Hof Kelsten are also superb. You will get to explore several croissant flavors at this Montreal bakery. Banana Croissants are a fantastic choice if you want something fruity.

Hof Kelsten also serves sandwiches in case you get bored with all the sweet recipes. Sandwiches at Hof Kelsten are not huge, but they are delicious.

People love brunches at Hof Kelsten. Sweet and salty make a fantastic combination at Hof Kelsten. Gravalax and rye with cream cheese on rye and a loaf of bread make a delicious brunch at Hof Kelsten.

2. Other Bakeries in Montreal

Several other bakeries in Montreal need to be considered. Here are a few other bakeries that you can surely rely on to keep your taste buds happy:


2.1. Boulangerie le Marquis : Glute-free Bakery

Boulangerie le Marquis is another bakery in Montreal that needs attention. This boulangerie is famous for offering 100% gluten-free baked goods. Bread is a must-have on the menu.

2.2. Fairmount Bagel: Bagel Bakery in Montreal

When Eastern Europeans settled in Montreal, they brought their customs to Montreal. A bagel is one such dish in Montreal that shows the adaptation of Eastern European culinary traditions.

Fairmount Bagel is one such store in Montreal that serves the best bagel. You will love these fresh bagels at Fairmount Bagels.

Old Montreal’s bakery, Cookie Stefanie, is the perfect place to explore gluten-free and vegan baking. Double chocolate cookies at Cookie Stefanie are must-haves. In addition, you can try carrot cake, apple cinnamon muffin, and date square.

You will find some fantastic collections if you reach Cookie Stefanie early in the day.

3. Final Thoughts

To sum it up, Montreal is a fantastic place to visit. Besides sightseeing and fun activities, you can see the best bakeries and pastry shops.

If you are one of the bread lovers roaming in Montreal, you will never be disappointed by the bakeries in Montreal. Each bakery in Montreal has something unique to offer. From excellent breads to sticky cinnamon rolls, each bakery has something to call you back.

No visitor can forget buttery croissants and seasonal fruit tarts from Chez Potier. Boulangerie Jarry has a reputation for using fresh, in-house flour.

From Italian pastries to French pastries, bakeries in Montreal know how to attract people with different demands.

Bon Appétit!

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