Delight in Nature’s Beauty with the Top 4 Experiences at Sasquatch Provincial Park

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If you love hiking trails, then this place is a good one to visit. You can visit Sasquatch provincial park tours with your friends & family.

Being a dog-friendly place, you can bring them here at the provincial park for a good stroll, which would be a satisfying experience for our furry friends.

We all love traveling, so why not try this place to explore nearby attractions? Let us see the Sasquatch Provincial Park, the places to visit, and things to know about before traveling.

1) Knowing the History of Sasquatch Provincial Park

The park, in its current state, was established in 1968. Green Point Park, a 20-hectare inland fjord, was the area’s original name, first established in 1959. In 1960, it was expanded to include a picnic area.

Eight years later, the park was significantly expanded and renamed. It was named after the cryptid said to be endemic to the region, Sasquatch (a Halkomelem Salish word).

SASQUATCH provincial park BC canada

1.1) Quick Facts about Sasquatch Park

The north of Harrison Hot Springs, in British Columbia’s coastal region, is the charming 3,000-acre Sasquatch Provincial Park. The park, surrounded by pocket lakes, birch forests, and mountain slopes, is a popular spot for outdoor activities such as picnicking, wildlife watching, hiking, biking, and camping.

1.1.1) Why is it Called Sasquatch Provincial Park?

The park is named after Sasquatch (a Halkomelem Salish word), the cryptid said to be endemic to the area.

2) Things to do in Sasquatch Provincial Park

2.1) Hicks Lake

Hicks lake is in British Columbia of sasquatch park, Canada. Hicks Lake is only a couple of hours east of Vancouver, BC. It is said to be in the northeast of Harrison Hot Springs, having a travel distance of 11 kilometers.

The place is said to be very easy to access and has a minimal distance of travel with lots of activities to do, from fishing, hicks lake camping, hicks lake trail, etc.

The place provides fishing for two trout species, namely – cutthroat trout lake and rainbow trout of hicks lake. Trout fishing is famous in the place. When traveling, check for mobile phone service in the places you explore.

2.1.1) Facilities:

  • Shore fishing, boat fishing.
  • Suitable for family outings with children.
  • Picnic tables can be used while going on family outings.
  • Hiking trails, campground, picnic areas.
sasquatch provincial park
Photo by Ryan Arnst on Unsplash

2.1.2) Nearby attractions :

Lakes, namely – Some small lakes, namely Deer Lake, Moss Lake, etc.

2.2) Harrison Hot Springs

This Harrison hot springs resort, Canada, offers on-site dining, a marina with powerboat rentals, and many more facilities to list from on Harrison Lake.

This place, Harrison Hot Spring, is huge and serves as a family-friendly resort. It would be a perfect place to relax from daily tasks and pressure.

Free Wi-Fi on the shores of Harrison Lake. This resort has a mineral pool indoors and a large spa bath with a 30-foot-high pavilion. Chilliwack’s city center is 21 miles away.

Harrison Hot Springs travel guide: The weekend getaway

2.2.1) Facilities:

  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Spacious pool.
  • Family-friendly.
  • Good and clean rooms.
  • Friendly staff.

2.2.3) Facts and history about the place:

Earlier, a hotel called Alice was burnt down and rebuilt, and it is now called Harrison Hot Springs Hotel.

Later on, the hotel became well-known for its mineral pools and baths, horseback riding, hunting, lake boating, and fishing, and it continues to attract people worldwide.

  • The hiking trail inside Harrison Hot Springs is 26 miles.
  • As known, water is very rich in minerals.
  • Water is suitable for drinking.
  • The place is said to be a very small national park in the United States.
  • The park doesn’t have any life-threatening species.

2.3) Green Point Day Use Area

This place is located in the eastern area of Harrison Lake and goes a distance of 218 square kilometers. When you bring small kids, take them to Hic Lake Campground or Lakeside Campground for swimming, which may be very suitable and safe to swim.

This is a short hike that leads to the Green Point Day Use Area with a view of Trout Lake Creek’s beach. Along Hick’s Lake Road, keep an eye out for the pullout. The trailhead is not marked but close to the pullout.

sasquatch provincial park
Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels

2.3.1) Facilities:

  • Pet-friendly but should be leashed. Dogs can be off-leash when swimming or within 200 meters of the boat launch’s sides. Dogs are not permitted on the beach.
  • Have boat ramp access.
  • Restrooms are available, and many picnic tables are kept for people’s convenience, another great advantage.
  • Hiking available.
  • Beautiful scenic mountain ridges and its view will amaze you.
  • Wildlife viewing is another interesting activity there.
  • 37-minute walk awaits you, which is considered an easy one.
sasquatch provincial park
Photo by Oziel Gómez by Pexels

2.4) Deer Lake

Deer Lake in Sasquatch Provincial Park is said to be the smallest park of Sasquatch Park but has many amenities. The Deer Lake is the only campground in the park, which is known to be open all days and has around 42 campsites.

Deer Lake and Trout Lake in the park are well-liked fishing spots for rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and brook char, thanks to the distant view of Hope Mountain, a 1,844-meter peak. Remember that only electric motors are permitted on Deer Lake when launching a boat.

3.4.1) Facilities:

  • Open all day of the year.
  • The place is very big and considered to be private.
  • Restroom facilities are available for all.


  • The restrooms may be closed during some seasons.
  • Swimming is not allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

1) Where is Sasquatch Provincial Park?

Ans. The provincial park is north of Harrison Hot Springs.

2) What are the lakes to visit in Sasquatch Provincial Parks?

Ans. Some commonly known lakes are deer lake and hicks lake.

3) Which of the animals can be seen in Sasquatch Park?

Ans. The place has many wildlife species: bears, elk, deer, etc.

4) Is swimming allowed in Sasquatch Lake?

Ans. Yes, the Sasquatch lakes allow swimming for people during summer.

5) Why the park is called Sasquatch Provincial Park?

Ans. Initially, the park was called Green Point Park, which then went on to be expanded, and the park was named Sasquatch (a Halkomelem Salish word), the cryptid said to be endemic to the area.


Hiking, fishing, playing, and bird-watching are all popular activities. Swimming alone may be prohibited in some areas; check with local authorities.

So, why not take a break from your mundane daily routine and visit somewhere like this to keep your body and mind stress-free? One of Canada’s best places to visit is the Sasquatch Provincial Park.

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