Top 10 Bars In Toronto for Getting Hammered!

Canada is a beautiful country with a vibrant landscape and a notorious nightlife, which may get you addicted to the nights in the beautiful cities of Canada. Canadian locals love a great party, and the country may not be sunny throughout the year, but its nightlife is always bustling.

Canada’s nightlife scenes are full of leisures to choose from, and the tourists and locals can get along. Whether you want to enjoy dancing at the clubs or be part of pub crawling, the city has something for everyone.

The bars have a certain appeal to them, with vintage jukebox and mahjong bar located in Canada’s largest city, home to exceptional restaurants and a massive range of drinking options.

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1. What Are Some of The Best Bars in Toronto?

1.1. Call Her Juliet

One of the top bars in Toronto is Call Her Juliet. A new club on King St. West, the club is usually referred to as Juliet by the locals.

The place is based on a modern era theme with beautiful, well-lit rooms with an aesthetic of purple and pink neon lights.

Juliet has a refined musical taste with hip hop, rap, and Afro beats.

The menu consists of an enormous number of cocktails along with other alcoholic beverages to enjoy, and the place has an extensive food menu that can be enjoyed in a light neon blue and pink ambiance. The location is worth visiting if you want a fun night out.

Location: 510 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4

1.2. Lost and Found: The Proper Place for Hard Parties

Screenshot from Lost and Found
Screenshot from Lost and Found

One of the most exclusive clubs in Toronto, the place is popular enough to attract celebrities from all around the ambiance site and has an exquisite ambiance as it is well known for its dimly lit basement venue.

Lost and Found draws large crowds on Saturday and Friday Nights, and the club is famously known for hosting celebrity nights on Mondays that are highly exquisite and quite difficult to get included.

The music at this place can lift the roof and is undeniably fire as Lost and Found plays the hottest soundtracks throughout the night.

The place has a bottle service for mixed groups or a group of males, and the club is so exclusive that you need to make a reservation to ensure your entry. The club will pass your table so you must be punctual to get into the club or take your seats with someone else.

Location: 577 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M1

1.3. The Dive Shop

Screenshot from The Dive Shop
Screenshot from The Dive Shop

This Toronto bar was originally a Finnish restaurant that was then turned into a bar and has been in business for over 40 years.

The place is infamously known as ‘The Beast’ and has become a popular place for craft beer, cheap shots, and a range of delicious cocktails with an old-school back patio and a small gift shop for purchasing souvenirs while visiting this rustic place.

Here, the beer is served in aging plastic jugs and the bar is well known for its exquisite appeal due to its authentic culture with spilled beer and worn carpets; the place has an old charm to it.

Location: 197 Baldwin St. Found in Kensington Market

1.4. Sweaty Betty’s

This famous bar serves cocktails and is one of the oldest bars in Toronto. The place is beautiful with its glass-tainted art pieces and scenic environment.

It is managed entirely by a woman, and the glass-framed art pieces and maroon walls give a vintage look along the ill-lit front area and the sitting area with twinkly lights.

Location: 13 Ossington Ave, Toronto

1.5. Mother Cocktail Bar

Screenshot from Mother Cocktail Bar
Screenshot from Mother Cocktail Bar

The delicious drinks and refined cocktail menu make this bar one of the best to exist in the area. The place is well known for its delicious food servings and its lavish architecture.

The place has a distinguished cocktail bar and is famous for its constantly updated menu. The tourists can enjoy a fine collection of bottled natural wine, beers, and local specialties.

The bar is a gem of Toronto and is famous for cooking the best-cured sausage in Toronto.

Location: 874 Queen St. W, Toronto

1.6. Black Dice Cafe – Japanese Rockabilly Bar

This bar is famously known for its authentically made Japanese whisky and is one of the greatest bars in Toronto.

The second floor is a rooftop that provides a place for calmly relaxing and sipping on cocktails and drinks designed to keep body and mind aligned with one another.

Location: 1574 Dundas St W, Toronto

1.7. Bar Volo


Bar Volo is a beautiful brewery combined with a restaurant that samples and sells a large range of beer and wine.

Located at Nicholas T. in downtown Toronto, Bar Volo has a vibrant cocktail and drinks menu.

If you are looking for a huge range of beers, the place has taps of beers that can range from locally brewed beer to imperial stouts.

Location: 17 St. Nicholas St. in Toronto

1.8. Paradise Grapevine

The beer and wine bar is popular for extracting raw wine from grapes and fermenting them to give the best results while processing the wine served to the customers.

The places during the night are vibrant, and Paradise Grapevine is one of the best bars in Toronto due to its well-manufactured beer and the civil liberties it provides to people who want to relax.

Location: 841 Bloor St W, Toronto

Paradise Grapevine has Toronto's best new backyard patio

1.9. Cocktail Bar

The elegantly built, laid-back bar is known for serving delightful and refined cocktails. The place is known for classic cocktails with exquisite taste. It is famous among locals of Dundas St. Dundas West.

The area is also well known due to the famous owner’s reputation, creating favourite bars such as Rhum Corner.

The space has a chic vibe along with civil liberties, with a large variety of appetizers to choose from, and beers and wines are also quite tasteful. The entrees are always delicious, and the place has a certain charm with a refined wine list.

The cocktail choices are highly variable, and drinks are served in beautiful glass cups.

Location: Dundas St. Dundas West, Toronto

1.10. Bar Raval: Go to the Spot

Bar Raval is a bar always bustling with the crowd due to its cheap brewed beers and range of cocktails. The place attracts many college students due to its proximity to Toronto University.

It has a well-crafted wooden interior with elegantly themed bars in Barcelona style, which was designed by the owner Grant Van Gameren himself.

The bar is a covered patio with people enjoying themselves and having the time of their lives, sipping sophisticated cocktails and enjoying fresh seafood appetizers.

Bar Raval in Toronto might be the city's best Spanish restaurant

The bar snacks and bar menu are popular amongst the locals, and the place has a Gaudi interior and a vintage vibe, attracting people quickly. Bar Raval is always jampacked with people and is trendy for its cheap rates and the heartful experience that entertains both the locals and the tourists equally.

Location: 505 College St, Toronto

2. What Cities Are Best for Partying in Canada?

2.1 Toronto, Ontario:

Toronto is the most happening place in the snow-laden country of Canada, which is always busting with energy and brimming with youthfulness all through the night.

It is well known for its vibrant nightlife with ravishing themed clubs, club hopping, and live music jams, which are enormously popular amongst the people of Toronto.

The tourists can also easily mingle with the crowd as the people are pretty friendly. The locals have a wide range of drinking options, the local favourites being natural wines and funky ciders.

2.2 Montreal, Quebec

The chic city with a European touch will give you the experience of both the vintage era of gambling and modern clubs. Its live jazz music clubs are famous for their well-crafted martinis and cocktails; this place is home to captivating casinos and high-end hotels.

Montreal is always brimming with energy as the locals always indulge in festivities that the tourists tend to enjoy and can also experience a scenic evening with beautiful art galleries. The place is worth visiting if you want to share a nightlife like never before.

2.3 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia, is well-known around the globe for enjoying the experience of pub crawling. The nightlife is vibrant, and every pub has its charm; the streets of Halifax are always alive, with the town crowd not sleeping till four in the morning.

The place has its energy with friendly locals and a range of alcoholic beverages to choose from.

2.4 Regina

Regina is a small, vibrant city with extensive nightlife; the sunniest town in Canada. It is a place with gorgeous nightlife supported by beautiful nightclubs.

The site is full of adventures, and the party never stops; if you enjoy endless parties and beautiful venues, Regina is a perfect choice.

3. Why Is Toronto The Best Choice for Enjoying Nightlife?

Toronto Nightlife | filled with surprises every night - CANADA 2023

Toronto is well known for its diverse culture and scenic beauty, which attracts many tourists. It is a place with a multitude of subcultures and multiple hotspots devoted to different cultures so everyone can enjoy it.

The bars in Toronto are a place that is always brimming with life, and the parties in Toronto are immaculate.

Along with a vibrant nightlife, the site is the best destination for travelers to visit to have the time of their lives.

With the clubs ranging from vintage-era beauties to modernized groundbreaking jazz clubs, the place is full of adventures, and everyone gets to choose from a range of options while enjoying their stay.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (F&Qs)

Q1. What do you wear to a Toronto Club?

Ladies are required to wear tailored dresses or suits, something more elegant than casual, whereas men are allowed to wear casuals, and ties with suits are optional.

Q2. What’s the minimum age for entering clubs in Toronto?

The minimum age for entering clubs in Toronto is 19 and older.

Q3. Where do celebrities party in Toronto?

Rebel and Toybox have a notorious image for attracting celebrities pretty easily and if you are lucky enough, you might have a chance to meet a celebrity.

Q4. Is there any underground club in Toronto?

Rebel is a well-known underground club popular for its beautiful interior and the diversity in types of music that are played in the club.

Q5. Can you dance in bars in Toronto? 

No, the bars only allow the hired dancers to perform for the visitors.

Final Cheers!

The city of Toronto is vibrant, bustling with energy, and a perfect place for parties and a buzzing nightlife.

The clubs are highly exquisite, with each having its charm, and the tourists can choose from a wide range of activities and indulge themselves in different experiences that can become very memorable.

They have an enchanting vibe that captivates anyone’s heart and soul and are pretty addicting and promising, as people tend to enjoy the city’s diversified experiences with its visitors and locals.

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