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Sweets are tempting, mouth-watering, and attractive pieces of food everyone needs. After food, walking by the lane or visiting a shop is always exciting. Canadians love sweets in various flavors, and kids’ favorites are especially chocolate-dipped. Candies, Nanaimo bars, pie, ice cream, butter tarts, and blueberry grunts are a few delicacies that Canadians look for. 

Tim Horton’s is America’s largest restaurant chain for coffee and snacks. It was opened in 1964 by Canadian ice hockey players Tim Horton and Jim Charade. They are famous for their flavor of coffee and donuts, “Timbits.” Some popular food items they sell include breakfast sandwiches, muffins, soups, and bagels. Tim Horton’s coffee chain restaurant is popularly known as Tim or Timmies.

1. What is a Timbit

Timbit is a bite-size dough made of flour with a sugar coating that varies in flavor. Tim Horton’s (a Canada-based franchise), a fast food and coffee chain, launched Timbits in 1976. The word Timbit means “tidbit,” a small morsel of food. They are available at Tim Horton’s in various flavors like old-fashioned-glazed, cherry cake flavor, chocolate-gazed, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, apple cider, orange-tangerine, honey cruller, pumpkin spice, toasted coconut, and more.

Some other donut chains sell Timbits as “doughnut holes,”  and Dunkin Donuts(an American coffee and donut company) sells Timbits as “munchkins.” Canadians mostly recognize this food morsel by the name of Timbits. Kids love to eat these bits, which are available at most parties as confectionaries. These morsels are quite soft and dissolve in the mouth simultaneously, giving them a melting texture. Timbits are available all day at the restaurant and vary in flavor depending on the area’s taste and demand.

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2. Recipe of Honey DipTimbits at Tim Horton’s

2.1. Ingredients

  • To make timbits, Tim Horton uses all-purpose flour, eggs, vanilla extract, milk, butter, sugar, and oil.
  • Glazing is an important step that requires sugar, hot water, and vanilla extract.

2.2. Dough Preparation

  • For the dough, flour is taken in a bowl, and sugar, baking powder, and salt are mixed.
  • In the second bowl, milk, butter, vanilla extract, and eggs are mixed with the dough to obtain a smooth mixture.
  • A soft dough is prepared, and small balls are made with it.

2.3.Timbits Frying

  • Vegetable oil is heated in a heavy-bottom pan to fry the Timbits.
  • The dough balls are added for frying when the temperature reaches its optimum. 
  • The balls are fried till golden brown and crispy, then taken out.

2.4.Glazing the Timbits

  • For glazing, powdered sugar, hot water, and vanilla extract are mixed into a smooth glaze mixture, and food color is added for the desired colors of Tim Horton’s.
  • Timbits are dipped into the glaze to coat them with syrup.
  • The glazed timbits are placed on parchment paper and allowed to set.
  • When the Timbits are settled, they are hardened with a glaze and served warm and fresh.
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3. Nutritional Value of the Tim Horton’s Honey DipTimbit

With a serving size of 18g, one piece of Timbit provides 258 KJ or 62 kcal of energy. The piece of one Timbit contains 1.5g of fat, of which saturated fat is 1.5g, carbohydrate is 11g, sugar is 6.4g, fiber is 0.17g, protein is 0.89g, and salt is 0.89g.

The total calorie is not more than 45 g, so if someone has taken a pack of Timbits, they can easily burn the energy by walking. Don’t worry. You can enjoy the taste of Timbits without gaining any extra pounds.

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4. How Timbits are Different From Doughnuts

Timbits are also known as doughnut holes, which are small balls of flour that don’t have holes in between like traditional doughnuts. They are soft and given various flavors, sweetened and coated with sugar, honey, and chocolate. Doughnuts were initially called olykoeks, meaning “ oily cakes,” made by Dutch settlers who lived in New Amsterdam. 

Elizabeth and her son put a hole in the doughnuts to make them fry properly from each side. The name doughnut segregates into dough balls filled with nutmeg, hazelnuts, or walnuts in the middle. Elizabeth Gregory developed this taste of donuts to bring change to the ordinary donuts. They were also served to soldiers in World War 1 to give them the taste of home, also the soldiers were known as doughboys.

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5. Some Doughnut Terms

Crullers are long and twisted donuts that are rich and light-weighted with a rigid surface. They are also known as French crullers. A pastry filled with fruits, nuts, and cheese and fried is known as the Danish pastry. In the early 1870s, doughnuts were named Sinkers in the United States. Another rectangular donut named Long John is filled with jelly and custard with a frosting layer.

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6. In Summary

Tim Horton’s hockey event was one of the biggest events in Canada. On May 17, 1964, Tim Horton started the company by opening its first-ever coffee shop in Hamilton, Ontario. When its owner, Tim Horton, died in 1974, its franchisee, Ron Joyce, bought the shares and became owner of the company. In 1983, it was the first location to have a non-smoking zone. 

The restaurant started its double-double coffee and opened the shop’s fast food by selling sandwiches and confectionaries like bagels, Timbits, ice cream, and cookies. It merged with Burger King to form the parent company, Restuarant Brand International. Its famous snack is donuts or Timbits. Doughnuts are popular in all countries with different names; they are called oliebollen in the Netherlands, youtiao in China, puff-puff doughnut balls in West Africa, and Beaver Tails in Canada.

They seem like fried sugar cubes, which are luscious and tempting. Tim Horton was a hockey player, so he organized Tim Horton’s hockey festival in December 2021, which was quite popular in Canada. 140 teams and 1400 players participated in the event to play ice hockey. Face painters, balloon artists, and magicians also participated in the event. So, plan a visit to Tim Horton’s, taste these amazing Timbits at different locations, and enjoy your walk with these sweet morsels.


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