Tim Hortons’ Finest: 7 Must-Try Coffee Flavours

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You might need a coffee when you think about refreshing your mind. If the answer is yes, you must try Tim Horton‘s top 7 coffee flavours, and if you have tasted them earlier, you might be a Timmy fan.

Coffee is a mood elevator with several health benefits. When we say coffee, our minds think of caffeine, but it has many other active substances and antioxidants that protect us against several diseases and internal inflammations. Let’s know Timmy’s top 7 flavours of coffee.

1. Original Blend Double-Double Flavours

Two packets of sugar and two shots of cream—the exact blend of original roasted beans with nuts—have the right creaminess and sweetness. Double-Double-Flavour is the brand’s signature coffee and the most popular customized drink. The cream of milk added accurately makes the drink savorier. It pleases the acidity and warms you in the cold winter mornings.

The authenticity of the beans tells their story of origin from the farm’s fresh crops. The farmers work hard on these medium-roasted Arabica beans for this most-bought coffee flavour. This standard flavour brings a considerable amount of earnings to the company. One can buy sandwiches, burgers, donuts, and other fast food items with this flavour, which makes you love coffee more.

2. Caramel Latte Supreme Coffee

Syrups are interesting when added to espresso. The original latte is combined with steamed- velvety milk and caramel sauce and topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. This caramel coffee is a caffeine shot filled with energy and a fantastic alternative to standard coffee. The coffee flavour gives a great taste in the mouth and should be tried.

3. Cafe Mocha Coffee

The lovable flavour of Tim Horton’s is Cafe Mocha, a mix of coffee and chocolate. Everyone has a sweet tooth, and for chocolate, it’s a big yes! When combined with coffee, it tastes like heaven for coffee lovers. The mocha is rich espresso with frothed milk and the signature cocoa mix, flavoured with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. If you are visiting Timmy’s for a coffee flavour search, try this flavour.

4. Mint Chocolate Mocha Coffee Flavour

When the incredible flavour of mint gives our gut the needed relaxation, Coffee with mint is unique. It is available at Tim Horton in the winter. Peppermint is combined with a classic mocha latte and topped with chocolate sauce to give it a warm, soothing flavour. It is the most popular drink at Timmy in the winter. It will add an exceptional coffee flavour to your list.

Espresso coffee is prepared from original Arabica beans and topped with steamed milk, whipped cream, micro foams, mint, sugar pearls, and a chocolate drizzle. It is also available in cold brew, ice latte, and latte. Its other excellent flavours are equally tastier. The mocha is a famous Christmas holiday beverage that gives warmth and an extra kick of energy.

5. French Vanilla and English Toffee Lattee Coffee

Vanilla is a classic flavour and adds a standard taste to the coffee preferred by all. Toffee is a caramel and chocolate-mixed flavour. These flavours of latte are exceptions at Tim Horton. The beverage might seem like a customized drink, but it is not. The drink is prepared by the company based on the customers’ tastes.

The toffee latte is a standard coffee blended with French vanilla sauce and English toffee. It has a sweet taste with the aroma of flowers, crunchy nuts, and caramel. The latte feels like a warm toffee melting in the mouth with chocolate. One can order this special drink from the menu and book it online.

6. Buffalo Latte Coffee

This new flavour at Tim Horton’s brings the spicy taste of buffalo wings to coffee. The coffee contains the liquid part of espresso, the mocha with the buffalo sauce flavour, and the topping of thick steamed milk and cream with the zest of buffalo seasoning. It is most commonly available in Buffalo, NY, where the spicy buffalo wings flavour was born.

The latte has repulsive flavour combinations, tasting like poultry. It contains both buffalo sauce and zesty buffalo seasoning . This unique flavour is perfect for anyone who loves buffalo wings, which are hot and spicy. One must visit the coffee shop to try this unmatched flavour. The standard ingredients, like espresso, steamed milk, and mocha, balance the classic flavour with a new experiment.

7. Cold Beverages

7.1. Iced Macchiato Flavour

Coffee, when brewed hot and served with ice, is iced coffee. It can be brewed like hot coffee or brewed over ice directly. It is served with milk and cream or just black with different added flavours of maple or caramel. Tim Horton’s presents premium iced coffee in various flavours customized with dairy and sweetness.

7.2. Hazelnut Iced Capp Flavour

Hazelnut iced capp is Tim Horton’s cold beverage. Timmy’s creamy blended frozen coffee is mixed with hazelnut syrup and whipped cream topping. Hazelnuts are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, which are helpful for healthy skin, delay aging, and reduce wrinkles. Hazelnut coffee is smooth and nutty, rich in aroma, and sweet. It is medium-boiled and low in acidity.

When mixed with cookies and cream, coffee has a chocolate flavour. When cold, it has a fantastic taste and is loved in summer. It is a favourite of kids. Cookies of different types are mixed into this flavour to give it the best shot. At Tim Horton’s, creamy blended coffee is mixed with cookie flakes, shortbread cookie syrup, and whipped cream topping.


Among other coffee-selling brands, Tim Horton’s has its place, with dozens of flavours for coffee lovers. These marvellous coffee flavours have their own identities. Both hot and cold beverages have enormous flavours that enhance mood, health, and stamina.

The black flavours care for your heart, and the milk flavours rejuvenate the mood. Tim Hortons locations in Canada that serve favourite coffee recipes. Wherever you are in Canada, if you wish to freshen yourself with coffee, do visit Tim Horton.

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