Tim Horton’s Timbits – CA’s First Favorite Old Fashioned Plain Cake

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Tim Horton is a global chain restaurant that serves coffee and snacks. It is often called Tim’s, Timmies, or Timmy’s. It has its headquarters in Toronto and deals in various foods, including coffee, donuts, sandwiches, and other fast food items. They launched Timbits in 1976, which became an overnight sensation of sweetness.

He took his business forward by joining Joyce and making the company a million-dollar franchise. Tim’s father worked as a railway mechanic; in his memory, he showed interest in an auto dealership and invested in a Studebaker firm in Toronto. He loved food and added some culinary creations to the menu. In 1967, he met his partner Joyce and made the company a million-dollar franchise system. 

His father was a railway mechanic, so Tim was interested in the auto dealership of Studebaker in Toronto and invested in the firm. Tim Horton’s also opened its 2000th store in downtown Toronto in the millennium. It opened its store in the United Kingdom with its fresh bakery products.

1. What are Timbits

Timbits, a small ball-size sweet dough filled in a box that comes in your hand, appear to be jaw-dropping food. Yes, Timits are small dough balls made by Tim Hortons covered in glaze, syrups, and dips to enhance their taste and tickle your taste buds. They are a form of donut that does not have a center hole and were first served in 1976 at Horton’s. 

The word Timbit emerged from tidbit, meaning a delicate morsel of food. Tim prepared numerous flavors, which are available at different Tim Horton stores. More restaurant chains in Canada make donuts, but they are not as popular as Horton’s. Companies like Dunkin Donuts sell munchkins similar to Timbits, but Canadians love Timbit’s taste more.

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2. Flavours of Timbits

Since Tim Hortons started with its confectionary food, Timbits have become everyone’s favorite. They began with plain old-fashioned Timbits and then brought many new flavors. Flavors are always in demand to break the continuity. Fresh colors and new taste varieties changed food items, increasing the menu list. Many new tasty flavors were added, which became famous worldwide.

Chocolate flavor is popular among youngsters and kids. It is easy to prepare, and its glazed surface makes it delicious. It is simple to make and requires all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, salt, butter, oil, baking soda, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips. These little ingredients make the dough fried or baked and coated with glaze. They are moist and cakey, with a crunchy layer on top. 

Some other flavors are strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, vanilla, honey dip, lemon sour cream glazed, and more. The tasty syrups and extracts are mixed with the wet ingredients, leaving the other ingredients the same. These flavors are mixed thoroughly and evenly, bringing a lemon-tangy flavor to a honey-sweet flavor.

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3. Old Fashioned Timbits Recipe

One search for the recipe has landed on this page, so let’s talk about the oldest plain Timbit recipe. Buttermilk, or sour cream, is the special ingredient to prepare old Timbits that brings a sweet, tangy flavor. Timbits are made with flour taken in a bowl and mixed with salt, sugar, nutmeg, buttermilk, eggs, and baking powder. Mix properly to allow the buttermilk to make the mixture fluffy.

A yogurt is an option you can use at home in place of buttermilk. It is convenient and easily available at nearby markets, or you can prepare it at home using traditional methods. All the ingredients, when thoroughly mixed, take the shape of dough, which is then broken into small pieces of dough and fried in vegetable oil. You can sprinkle glazed sugar to enhance the taste or serve them warm.

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4. Nutritional Value

Nutrition is valuable for individuals, and any firm making snacks and confectionary should check the nutritional facts. Tim Horton’s favorite confectionary timbits provide 367 kJ or 88 kcal per serving. It contains 3.8g of fat,  1.7g of saturated fats, 12g of carbohydrates, 8.2g of sugar, 0.29g of fiber, 0.84g of protein, and 0.16g of salt.

If you walk 2km a day, you can burn the calories gained for one piece, but if you take a box of 12 or 24 pieces of Timbit, the calories can shoot up with sugar, fat, and carbohydrate intake. Control your temper, as these little balls are tempting and tasty. Have a walk and keep exercising if you love Tim Hortons snacks and sweets.

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6. What More at Tim Hortons

Tim Horton’s started as a coffee house; you can view a big menu card, including varieties of coffee flavors. Coffee is available in hot and cold beverages—different latte flavors like chocolate, vanilla, caramel, iced, French, frappe, oreo, mocha, macchiato, original, and light. Hot coffee in the form of espresso, hot chocolate, and vanilla latte are in demand. Some other beverages, like coconut milk, skimmed milk, soy milk, green tea, and peppermint tea, are loved by customers. 

Snacks are tummy-filling and famous for takeaways; one can easily take them in hand and walk while eating or doing their work. They are famous in the Canadian working class and among students. Tim Hortons provides muffins, rolls of bacon, sandwiches of bagel and sausages, both plain and grilled, cheese-filled muffins, vegetable wraps, egg wraps, and many more.

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7. In Summary

It is good some days to forget about calories and walk to a restaurant like Tim Hortons. Pick your favorite coffee, sandwich, and Timbits pack, and enjoy the meal happily. Isn’t it easy and cool to have friendly evenings and nights out with friends and family after a long hectic working week? These numerous flavors of Timbits elevate the mood and relax your soul. Let’s enjoy your favorite flavor box with the best beverage in town.

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