‘The Rock’ Announces 305 PR 5 Shoes Release!

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If You Smell, What The Rock Is Cooking” The Rock is back in action!!  Well, not in the wrestling ring but with the release of new shoes by Project Rock.  Announcing the release of 305 PR 5 training shoes,  Project Rock tweets, “

“All it takes is all U’ve got. 

The 305 PR 5 training shoes are built for you to put in the work for your team, inspired by @TheRock’s days as a college football National Champion.

Shop now: projection. online/305pr5mf “. 

ProjectRock TrainingShoes InspiredByTheRock
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Dwayne Johnson, the Canada-born actor and famous wrestler who owns Project Rock also tweeted on the occasion of the release of the shoes, “

“All It Takes Is All “U” Got

Get ready – these are yours 🔥🔥🔥🔥👟

My new @projectrock #The305s 🙌🏾 👟
Inspired by my days as a college football National Champion.


National Champions.

And as you know – we had FUN
(sometimes too much) 🤣😈🙋🏽‍♂️💪🏾

🔗 TO BUY:  project rock. online/305pr5mf”

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Read on to discover what is Project Rock and what the new shoes are all about.

Project Rock

Project Rock is a collaboration between the Canadian-born actor Dwayne Johnson popularly known as the Rock and Under Armor.

The project releases gym dresses and shoes. The project was launched on 03 Mar 2018. Dwayne the Rock Johnson tweeted then, “

#ProjectRock officially launched. 1st up: The greatest bag of all time. Enjoy! #ChaseGreatness 💯 underarm.co/ProjectRock

ProjectRock Launch Tweet 20230316
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Read on to discover what is Project Rock and what the new shoes are all about.

305 PR 5 Training Shoes

Project Rock announced the release of 305 PR 5 shoes. The shoes are unisex and come in all sizes from 3.5 to 14.

The 305 PR 5 shoes are durable with a mesh upper, making them light and breathable and the knit collar is designed to be comfortable.

Mded TPU strap which runs from heel to middle of the foot will help stabilize while having forefoot movement.

In addition, the responsive UA HOVR cushions will help you move forward with ease.

The shoes are priced between $150. You can buy them online from Project Rock’s official website by clicking here.

The company offers you a 60 days return policy.

You can check out the shoes at home and return them within 60 days of receiving your shoes.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

For those who do not know Dwayne the Rock Johnson, the Rock is the ring name of one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

Dwayne Douglas Johnson is the Hall of Fame of World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE).

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He is a Canada-born American wrestler and actor. He has also produced films. He is considered a legend of wrestling WWF during the attitude era.

He is also popular for his fitness and bodybuilding and has millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

The announcement of the new shoes by The Rock and Project Rock has created a buzz amongst his fans.

So what are you waiting for; book your shoes now.


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