The Internet: The New Wild West or Not?

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The Internet is rather like the Wild West of the twenty-first century and, rather like the Wild West, it can be full of outlaws and chancers trying to acquire the wealth of others by nefarious means! But legislation moves faster than villains would like, and much of the Internet is well-regulated with honest citizens largely protected from cybercriminals thanks to a number of regulatory bodies.

Bank On Safety

Financial authorities such as the Ombudsman and FSA ensure that online banking is held to standards as high and rigorous as high street banking, no matter where the bank is registered. This means that we can use online retail outlets, auction sites and online games’ communities largely without worrying about the security of our bank details. Credit card companies add an extra layer of protection, helping customers claw back money that has been unscrupulously taken from the account, and offering advice and warnings when unexpected purchases start occurring.


Fret-Free Flutters

Online gambling sites are also much safer than they used to be, when it was possible to accidentally overspend when caught up in the excitement of the game. More regulation has been introduced to keep all the fun elements of online gaming, while ensuring that those who need it can find advice about cutting back, put limits on their play, and generally get help with moderating their enthusiasm for having a flutter on their favourite teams if they need it. There are also split bets and Asian handicap which help to soften the impact of bets increasing the odds of having one’s stake returned if something goes a little awry with your team’s stamina, as well as penny accumulators which can raise your pulse without threatening your bank balance. The newfound safety mentioned above is thanks to a tightening of regulation on all online gambling sites which now, like banks, must adhere to local gambling regulations and be registered with the relevant local authority so that customers have recourse in the event of something going wrong.

Rooting for Retail

Online shopping was something to be wary of in its early days. But today, acquiring everything from clothes from the team’s online store to groceries from your local supermarket is just another part of normal life – and it is one that is more inclusive than many other facets of our daily lives. Shopping from the comfort of our own homes now that we know and trust the technology – as well as the security – is one of life’s new pleasures. After all, it is a lot easier on the knees to sit comfortably and make your choices rather than schlep around the shops and have to carry all your new purchases to your transportation! You can even have your favourite sports’ new kit delivered to your door on the day it is released – winning!


Regulation is often seen as something that interferes with easy living and freedom – but it can also often be a force for good. And in the case of the internet, this is very much the case!