Surprising Support: Alex Jones Backs Poilievre, Critiques Trudeau

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In a surprising turn of events, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has received a controversial vote of confidence from an unexpected source. Notorious conspiracy theorist and internet personality, Alex Jones, took to social media to express his admiration for Poilievre, stating that Canada and the world are in desperate need of more leaders like him.

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Jones, a long-time follower of Poilievre, described him as the embodiment of authenticity and praised his unwavering conservative stance.

He shared a clip of Poilievre referring to Justin Trudeau as “illiberal” during a press conference in Brampton, Ontario. Poilievre, known for his strong conservative views, addressed the increasing rates of theft and crime in Brampton during an “ethnic media round table.”

Poilievre's Impact Is Shaking Up Canadian Politics

At the event, Poilievre vehemently criticized Trudeau’s policies, accusing the Liberal leader of attempting to exert control over every aspect of Canadians’ lives. He claimed that Trudeau’s agenda includes regulating finances, raising children, managing the economy, and even suppressing freedom of speech.

Poilievre emphasized that his primary objective is not to micromanage individuals but to run the government efficiently and in the best interest of the Canadian people.

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While Poilievre’s comments have sparked mixed reactions, the Conservative party made it clear that they do not endorse Jones or his controversial views.

They reiterated their commitment to listening to the concerns and priorities of hardworking Canadians, focusing on issues such as tax reduction, affordable housing, responsible budgeting, and crime prevention.

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This is not the first time Jones has expressed his support for Poilievre. In the past, he hailed the Conservative leader as being “totally anti-New World Order,” aligning himself with Poilievre’s staunch opposition to global governance.

Jones, who boasts a substantial social media following, was recently reinstated on the X platform after a poll conducted by Elon Musk, the platform’s owner, showed that the majority of voters, approximately 70%, favored Jones returning.

Jones had previously faced a permanent ban from the platform due to violations of its rules on “abusive behavior.” The decision to reinstate him was unexpected, especially considering his banishment from other social media platforms such as Twitter, which faced allegations of bias against conservatives.

Poilievre Is Angry With Trudeau's Leadership

With over 2.2 million followers on X, Jones’s influence should not be underestimated. Although his previous ban resulted in a significant decline in his followers, he has managed to rebuild his online presence. Despite Jones’s support and the potential boost in visibility he provides, Poilievre’s ultimate success will depend on the forthcoming federal election.

Current polling indicates that the Conservative party is poised to secure a majority in the House of Commons, potentially leading to a significant shift in political power within Canada.

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