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Soccer fan’s guide to exploring Vancouver and Toronto

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport that transcends borders and unites fans. In Canada, the sport has also gained popularity, with Major League Soccer (MLS) teams like Vancouver Whitecaps and Toronto FC capturing the hearts of fans. With passionate fan bases, thriving professional teams, and a growing youth soccer culture, the cities offer a vibrant and diverse soccer experience.

If you’re a soccer fan, Vancouver and Toronto have a lot of activities to offer. In this destination guide, we’ll explore the best places to watch soccer games, play the sport, and discover other attractions in these Canadian metropolises.


Vancouver is home to BC Place, home to Canada’s national teams. BC Place is also home to the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, one of the most popular teams in MLS. The stadium occasionally hosts international matches. If you’re visiting Vancouver during the Whitecaps season, be sure to catch a game at BC Place. 

For a more communal experience, local pubs and bars like Red Card Sports Bar and Library Square Public House offer a vibrant atmosphere during matches. If you’re feeling lucky, you can also engage in sports betting from your phone. Online betting platforms like Sportybet add an extra layer of excitement to your soccer experience.

The city provides numerous public fields and indoor facilities for players of all levels. For outdoor soccer matches, Trillium Park and Point Grey Turf Field are your choices. The fields have lights to play friendly evening matches, parking spaces, and nearby coffee shops to replenish before and after your game. Joining local soccer leagues, such as the Vancouver Metro Soccer League, is also an excellent way to play with the locals.

For an indoor option, Sportstown Soccer is an excellent option. The facility has two turf fields available for public rental all year around, regardless of the weather. It offers a safe place for you to play, train, and compete with other players. Sportstown Soccer also sells a wide range of soccer equipment and apparel for your needs.

When not immersed in soccer, there are other things to do while you’re in Vancouver. Visit Stanley Park, the Vancouver Art Gallery, or Granville Island to experience the city’s rich culture and natural beauty.


Toronto is home to BMO Field, the largest soccer-specific stadium in Canada. BMO Field is also where Toronto FC competes in MLS. You can also catch soccer matches in a lively atmosphere at local pubs and bars like Scallywags and The Football Factory.

The best place to play soccer in Toronto is in The Hangar. It is a popular destination for soccer players of all ages and skill levels. The Hangar features four indoor soccer fields that are FIFA-approved. The fields feature the latest artificial turf technology, providing players with a safe and consistent playing surface.

The Hangar is also home to a variety of soccer leagues and tournaments, making it a great place to compete and meet other soccer players. The facility is also available for private rentals so that you can book a field for your team or group. The Hangar also has a variety of other amenities like a soccer gear shop, training room, concession stand, and viewing area that make it a great place to play soccer.

Another great indoor option to play soccer is at the Toronto Sport and Social Club. The club runs all year round, providing ample opportunities to play soccer with the locals. Including soccer, it also offers over 20 different sports with affordable fees to split with your group. For a more casual kickabout, High Park and Downsview Park are great options.

Toronto also has other attractions to try other than soccer. Explore the iconic CN Tower to get a bird’s-eye view of the city or the Royal Ontario Museum for a peek into the culture and history of one of Canada’s most prestigious museums. The Distillery District is also a historic neighborhood to stroll through for art, culture, and dining experiences.


Vancouver and Toronto offer soccer fans a diverse range of experiences. From world-class stadiums to local pubs to accessible playing fields, these cities cater to every aspect of the soccer experience. Moreover, their vibrant cultures and diverse attractions make them must-visit destinations for both local and international soccer enthusiasts.