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Savvy solutions and gadgets that improve the lifestyle of a senior 

As people get older, they need better support for facing health challenges. Many also find themselves alone ―an increasing trend due to the prevalence of today’s adults living alone since they postpone having a family for middle to late adulthood. This might be why 42% of seniors aged 85 or older live alone in Canada. At the same time, the number of people aged around 40 living alone has increased considerably from past decades, meaning we should expect a higher percentage of elders following the same lifestyle. 

Unfortunately, this asks for increasing support in healthcare for this part of the population. Older people are already having a hard time due to financial insecurity, lack of healthcare access and less mobility that hinders everyday tasks. 

However, technological advancements have led to the development of smart solutions and devices that assist seniors to have a better life. 

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Stairlifts prevent injuries

Typically, seniors have less energy and mobility than adults or young people, making it challenging to conduct their lives as fast or easy as before. Hence, even going up the stairs is difficult due to loss of balance and muscle mass. So, for elders whose homes include stairs, having a stairlift is essential to improving their movement around the house. 

Stairlift prices depend on the type of stairs. For instance, if it has curves, the product might get more expensive due to increased difficulty, but such a device is quite affordable for a straight stair. This solution has different features, such as an automatic swivel seat or an upholstered seat. Hence, according to each elder’s needs and requirements, a stairlift can be packed with all the necessary options. 

Usually, an expert will determine if the person’s house is fit for such a device with no further obligation, and they can even be eligible for reimbursements and grants, but this depends on the region. For instance, Summit Stairlift provides such benefits for Ontario residents, but more offers are available on their website. 

Fall detection systems can lower hospitalization 

Falling on the stairs can be prevented with a stairlift, but falling on concrete or other surfaces, in different settings, leads to grave injuries. In Canada, more than 30% of seniors experience more than one fall every year, and a considerable amount of this fall percentage leads to accidents that require hospitalization. Most of the time, elders get a hip fracture and need long-term care. 

A helpful solution that provides care as fast as possible includes fall detection systems. These devices have sensors that recognize when a person falls and immediately call for an ambulance. It’s a great gadget because if elders receive proper care, they’re less likely to develop further complications such as hypothermia or pneumonia if they’re immobilized for longer. 

At the same time, elders could be more independent, and their children would worry less about their well-being since there will always be someone to help them in need due to this revolutionary technology. More importantly, it could considerably lower the number of accidental deaths. 

Ring video doorbells could eliminate financial crimes 

Unfortunately, due to their lack of physical power and too much kindness, elders are one of the first victims of financial crimes. Although it’s a work in progress, around 128,000 seniors were the target of financial crimes in Canada. Generally speaking, it seems like most elders are satisfied with their safety from crime in their neighborhoods, but it’s still insufficient to provide security for them all. 

Whether they have savings or valuable possessions, elders are still easy to scam over the phone or online since they’re not that tech-savvy. However, there are methods through which they can protect themselves from scammers. 

One way would be for them to install a ring video doorbell in their home. This device helps them see who’s at their front door and decide not to answer if an unknown person tries to reach them. Along with a smart and reliable locker, seniors can be safe in their houses so that no intruders can harm them or their property. 

GPS smart soles can help people with Alzheimer’s

While old age is already challenging, some seniors are also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other health problems that cause memory and behavior issues. Unfortunately, these diseases often confuse them about where they’re at or the people they encounter, even if they’re family. Considering that more than 747,000 Canadians suffer from these diseases, healthcare staff and close ones might face difficulties in ensuring their security. That’s because most elders wander due to agitation or simply because they cannot retain guidelines for staying indoors. 

This might cause some elders to get lost, leading to injuries or other unfortunate situations. That’s why GPS smart soles are great for tracking their presence because they don’t require the person to be equipped with something specific since the GPS is placed in the soles of their shoes. Hence, tracking is discreet, but mapping is easy so that anyone can find the person with less effort. 

Such a sole can last up to three days if fully charged, so the person taking care of the senior must never forget to charge the pads. Moreover, the smart soles can be used for over two years, so they’re pretty sturdy if the elder wears a specific pair of shoes daily. Although these products tend to be expensive, some companies offer monthly plans so the family can balance their finances to ensure the health and safety of their older acquaintance. 


Technology significantly impacts healthcare because it offers fast and efficient solutions for caring for elders. For instance, high-tech products can help seniors live a secure life in their homes if they live alone, but also improve mobilization around the house through stairlifts. Other solutions ensure rapid emergency calls through sensors if the person has fallen and injured themselves, while innovative brands provide easy tracking of people with Alzheimer’s. Hence, technology ensures health and safety with minimum resources and maximum results. 

  1. My granny is getting old and I’m going to try the methods mentioned in this article to give her a good lifestyle. Not many people are talking about this and kudos to the writer.

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