Ruby Sahota’s Powerful Speech on Nakba’s 75th Anniversary!

Ruby Sahota, a Member of Parliament who represents Brampton North in the House of Commons, has recently made a remarkable speech on Nakba’s 75th Anniversary.

Nakba which means Catastrophe in the Native Arabic Language. It was a mass displacement of the Palestinians due to the cruel attacks by Israeli forces.

Sahota emphasized the historical and current injustices faced by Palestinians and Israelis.

She remarked on Canada’s side to upholding international law and protecting innocent beings and giving them a secured livelihood in the fore coming years.

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Ruby Sahota
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Sahota’s Address: Historical and Ongoing Injustices

Sahota starts her speech with the gigantic number of seven hundred and fifty thousand Palestinian sufferers, which makes the Parliament’s Focus centered.

The number of sufferings doesn’t stop here, over 400 villages were destructed to dust by the stoic Israeli forces.

Several actions led to Palestinians losing 78% of their territory in the hands of Israeli forces.

This led to the division of the remaining 22% into the now-recognized, West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip, which has now become a land of havoc and instability.

These events aftershocks are still active and this is still the longest-standing refugee crisis in the entire world. Thus being named the Nakba. (Catastrophe).

This refugee crisis led to a huge movement of people looking for refuge in different parts of the world.

Nakba affected many residing Palestinian-Canadians, who came to Canada looking for a safer residence.

She expressed Canada’s stance on the refugee crisis. She also guaranteed that the country will work jointly with other countries to cool down the dispute, save innocent lives, and nurture the refugees.

However, these remarks showed Canada’s support for both the Palestinian and Israeli People’s right to continue living peacefully. She thanked Mr. Speaker at the ending of her speech.

Ruby Sahota
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Sahota’s speech was a strong statement in the Canadian parliament for the acknowledgments and commemorations of the Nakba incident and it’s effects continuing till today.

Moreover, from all over the world, Palestinian activists and supporters on social media praised her. She received applause for advocating justice and human rights on this huge stage.

The Nakba: Historical Context

The term Nakba was coined by Syrian historian Constantine Zureik.

He was an influential and prominent Scholar Historian, describing it as a catastrophic event in Palestine’s history and culture.

The Nakba or catastrophe holds immense significance in Palestinian cultural history and self-being.

Moreover, the Nakba marked their struggle towards their liberation and the grief of losing their homeland to dreadful Israeli forces.

Many consider Nakba as an accidental event in the war.

However, it has been proved it was a deliberate move by the Zionist command to cleanse the land and deficient the Palestinian Population.

This cruel also urge for maximum control was conquered by killing or expelling Palestinian inhabitants from their villages and turning them into refugees overnight.

Overall, innumerable and horrendous events for occurring the land were carried out by Zionist Militias. Many innocent lives were ended collectively by the armed forces, who once oathed to protect them.


Such massacres occurred all across the land mass including Tantura, Lydda, Ramle, Al-Saliha, Eilabun, Safsaf, and Kafr Qasim.

This Audacious in-human activity led to the complete wiping of numerous villages leading to huge ghosted places all across the country.

The Nakba: Effects in Present Day

Moreover, many such villages have been kept as ruins by the Israeli forces.

Palestinians hold the account for the loss of their homeland and long for the day to return to their native homes one day.

Also, huge treaties have been signed and acted upon by large institutions like the UN.

Yet the sufferings last over as the refugee population grows by the Grave conflict regions. Palestinians feel a sense of denationalization and statelessness even after platinum years.

However, the shockwaves of Nakba, the Catastrophe are still active even after the long time of 75 years.

In summary, Palestinian refugees continue to suffer in this ever-growing world till the present day, remembering the Cruelty of Nakba.

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