Rising Concern: Canadians Prioritize Cost of Living Over Climate Action

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There was a recent poll that revealed that most Canadians prioritize high cost of living over climate change policies. Research by the Angus Reid Institute asked respondents about their thoughts on the April 1 carbon tax increase which will see tariff go up by 23%.

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According to the study, 56% of people tend to think that cost of living is more important than global warming with other 40% indicating the rise in expenditure resulting from taxes. Also, other 25% experienced an increase in their monthly budget because of carbon charges.

The survey was titled: “Perceptions of insufficient rebates, cost of living concern & questions over efficacy send support plummeting”, and sought to study Canadian’s perspectives regarding Carbon Tax and its dwindling support.

A noteworthy increase in its following is observed among Liberal, NDP, BQ voters; however, there is an emergent number within these including 16% of NDP voters who currently speak for freezing or getting rid of the tax completely. Conversely, among all Conservatives’ supporters only 75% are ready to remove such a tax altogether.

Additionally, sixty-eight percent of those surveyed were not convinced that Canada’s GHG emissions could be diminished via its carbon levy (carbonpricingleadership.org). Seeking better understanding and clarity for Canadians as well as reducing opposition against it following increased criticisms over time led to rebranding this levy into Canada Carbon Rebate. Despite changing its name only four percent out off hundred believe rebate makes them save money while two out five are certain they have already received it.

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When Trudeau gave exemption for home oil heating last fall several premiers demanded same exemption for natural gas heating. The poll showed that sixty-five percent want this exemption expanded to include all types of home heating. For instance, only three percent live in Canadian homes with oil heating but within this group, thirty percent reside in Atlantic Canada where liberal party enjoys strong support.

Moreover; 68% perceive the oil carve-out as political rather than cost of living in nature. Support for the tax is strongest among voters in British Columbia and Quebec with their provincial taxes while Alberta, Saskatchewan have at least one third against it.

A post we did share in our YouTube channel’s community section, where we queried the Canadians on their thoughts regarding the Carbon Tax Policy, And shocking were the results that came to be revealed.

You can also Join the conversation on our Scoop Canada YouTube Channel! Cast your vote and share your thoughts. Click here to make your voice heard!

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Additionally, this number is surpassed by Atlantic Canada, another region where liberal support is strong. The carbon tax was initially implemented in 2019 with a $15 annual increase planned until reaching $170 per tonne in 2030.

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