Restaurants in Burnaby – 9 Must Try Places!

restaurants in burnaby
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The heart of Canada is multiculturalism and thus the picked-up restaurants in Burnaby are not of a similar kind. They serve cuisines from Asian countries as well as European countries.

Burnaby a city located in the centre of metro Vancouver. It reflects the soul of Canada by remaining culturally diverse and naturally beautiful. The name of the city is after Burnaby mountain a must-visit tourist destination.

By being the second largest country in the world. Almost all parts of Canada are heavily populated with immigrants from almost all the parts of the world. Especially Asia and Europe but on the ground level Canadian culture is a mix of French and American culture.

Canada has a lot to offer to a foreigner in terms of jobs, food, and housing facility because the country is a mix of many subcultures.

Keeping in mind the purpose of eating the below-mentioned restaurants in Burnaby are variety-oriented. They serve delicious food and have a heart-warming dining area suitable for family dinners, group lunches, romantic dating, and casual visits.

It would be really hard to hunt a restaurant in a city where very often new eating spots are being made. So are some of the reliable restaurants in Burnaby existing from some time and not popping up out of the blue.

9 Famous Restaurants in Burnaby

Here are few restaurants serving some of the amazing food in the City are

1) Tasty Planet Restaurant

Existing near New Westminster in Burnaby Tasty Planet is one of the best restaurants in Burnaby serving almost all of the Indian delicious food.

It is known as a multi-cuisine restaurant. Because the place is not limiting the menu by serving meals only like usually in the other Indian restaurant. But they prepare Indian style snacks, breakfast, and brunches as well.

The usual Indian meal comes with salad and basmati rice as complementary items until and unless the customer decides to order biryani or pulao as a replacement for basmati rice.

Tasty Planet, Burnaby
Image from Tasty Planet

Must Try Dishes

Lamb Karahi, Tikka Masala, and Dal Makhani, are some of the top-rated dishes, other than that naan bread are very much appreciated for its softness.

Samosa is recognized as one of the authentically made snack items with heart-melting filling. And Indian-style milk tea is also served made with authentic ingredients. The inside dining area is fine with a clean setting, prices are reasonable and service is commendable.

The most important part is that the restaurant is run by a chef who is Indian.  He has years of work experience in foreign countries so he has that skill of managing Indian taste in a foreign country.

2) Eat for Good Restaurant

Hitting another famous Asian cuisine keeping in mind the love for Chinese food all over the world. Because people all over the world love noodles but Chinese food culture is more than that.

One of the best Chinese restaurants in Burnaby BC serves fresh meals in seafood, meat, and veg items.

Eat for Good restaurant has a great dining area with fine serving tables under a big roof with dim lighting and a relaxing atmosphere.

The vibe is very relaxing due to the spacious setting making it pleasant and breathable.

Eat for Good Restaurant
Image from Eat for Good Restaurant

One can find here an escape from chaos, get excess to the comfort food of their choice, and chill for some time.

Must Try Dishes

Some of the top-rated food items are fried chicken buckets, chicken deluxe sandwiches, and spaghetti. If you are in hurry or the increasing list of items confuses you then try them out without any worry.

Peach mango pie is a great item for dessert and pineapple juice is best on the list of beverages. The place is good enough for throwing parties or casual family dinners. They have a whole lot of other items like grilled beef, steak, and pork meat.

3) Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria

We all love pizza, don’t we? so in the growing list of famous restaurants in Burnaby how can Italian food be left behind?

The most famous restaurant in Burnaby doing justice to the taste of Italy is Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria, just like the name of the restaurant their food items are authentically Italian.

The fresh local ingredients are imbibed with the traditional Italian techniques for preparing dishes.

Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria
Images from Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria

Must Try Dishes

Funghi pizza, Ceasar salad, caprice salad, pasta with meatballs, and mini doughnuts are some of the mouth-watering and must-try items.

The inside eating space and service are just commendable. As per the location the place is great for romantic dates.

This restaurant is famous for making pizza under the oven made of brick. Undoubtedly it tastes great that pizza is called Neapolitan pizza.

Other than that they have a fine collection of Italian and British Columbia special wines and craft beer among which Peroni beer is top on the list.

Spending money and time here won’t be regretted. If you love pizza and other Italian food so do give it a visit. Remember the Neapolitan pizza is their signature dish.

4) Hart House Restaurant

The most awaited culturally relevant restaurant in Burnaby is Hart House restaurant.

It is set in Tudor style mansion or building reflecting the very heart of Canada. The place is highly recommendable for visiting and eating because Hart House is regarded as one of the best restaurants in Burnaby.

Canada is mostly known for its natural beauty. And by being on the side of deer lake the restaurant offers some of the heavenly views from the inside like a mountain hill.

It has private dining rooms, a hall and garden for social gatherings, and space for organizing music events.

Hart House Restaurant
Image from Hart House Restaurant

Must Try Dishes

The Mediterranean cuisine has an increasing list of heart-winning food items like steak, seafood, pasta, scallops, beef, and donuts. With a fine collection of wine and beer served in proper portions.

The place is highly recommended to immigrants and tourists for the amazing experience. The place is very standardized and nicely maintained.

The bonus part about the Hart House restaurant is that the visitors get to explore other culturally rich Canadian spots like Burnaby art gallery, Burnaby village museum, and Shad bolt center for Arts.

So if you have come here for traveling and exploring then Hart House restaurant would be a perfect spot.

5) Persona Patio Restaurant and Lounge

As per the name it is already revealed that the place is for eating, enjoying, and staying.

The greatest advantage of being in such a place is the preservation of time and money and who doesn’t like receiving more than what they ask for?

In the centre of the grand villa casino in Burnaby lies Persona patio restaurant and lounge where you can play sports of your choice.

They also have live entertainment arrangements for their customers, great service is the priority of the restaurant. And they have eating items to offer for free. Their great staff put a lot of effort to make their customers happy and satisfied.

Persona Patio Restaurant and Lounge, burnaby
Image from Persona Patio Restaurant and Lounge

Must Try Dishes

Some of the top-rated dishes are lettuce wraps, tuna burgers, hamburgers, yam fries, and coconut prawns.

The go-to dish is mainly the burger and lettuce wrap because it tastes great with the combination of two sauces combined with the freshest ingredients, and a cottony soft bun.

The trio is suitable for people coming from across to explore Burnaby. Because it has a bar, the place has vegan options and the atmosphere is always party-type.

They believe in winning hearts than in making a profit because quality food and service derive value. And builds up a good reputation in the market.

6) Cockney Kings Fish and Chips

The restaurant is set up in a quiet place at the corner of the city and has a very elegant eating space outside and inside both. Cockney kings fish and chips are reliable because it is twenty-five years old. It was established in 1965 serving the best fish and chips in Burnaby.

The traditional Canadian techniques are used to prepare food here. The menu primarily contains seafood items which is a mix of British and Canadian seafood recipes.

Cockney Kings Fish and Chips
Images from Cockney Kings Fish and Chips

Must Try Dishes

Among them the outstanding ones are sushi, halibut, salmon, and fish chips.

The restaurant offers amazing dishes at a reasonable price with a good portion of food. They have special services for handicaps as well and it is a perfect spot for lovers of seafood and fish dishes.

The place is really popular in the city due to which it is mostly filled but they have takeaway options. So if you are only interested in eating then use this option and save your time.

7) Chad Thai restaurant

Enjoy the authentic and popular street food items of Thailand in Burnaby because Chad Thai is here to fill the gap by bringing the taste of Thailand to Canada.

Earlier this restaurant used to sell street food only but using the traditional method they have started converting the dishes into lunch and dinner.

Must Try Dishes

Some of the most demanded dishes are drunken seafood, fried rice, curry rice, boat noodles, such as Thai noodles (soupy and non-soupy) and much more.

The restaurant is vegetarian friendly and provides gluten-free food. The tables are set closely at a smaller distance and they have friendly staff who take special care about their customer tastes. Due to which they ask for the number of spices to use in the dish.

The very popular boba tea and iced tea are a must-try at these restaurants. Because of the amount of authenticity they bring while preparing the food and drinks. It is a great place to eat and chill.

8) Gray Olive Cafeteria

Gray Olive Cafeteria is one of the nice, chirpy, and compact cafes plus restaurants opened to solve your untimely food craving problems. The size is suitable for smaller college friends or office friends groups looking for refreshment and chill.

They serve some delicious breakfast, lunch, brunch, soup, sandwiches, coffee, and evening tea. They keep bringing something new to the table, though their snacks look simpler they are tastier also.

This place offer breakfast and brunches both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Gray Olive Cafeteria, Restaurants in Burnaby
Image from Gray Olive Cafeteria

Must Try Dishes

Though they have an increasing list of items on their menu. Some of the most amazing dishes are chicken fried eggs, braised pork, grilled beef, beef benny, avocado toast, veggie breaky, and the most refreshing drink Thai iced Yang.

They have a unique list of items, you can find your comfort food here for sure because they have something new for everyone.

It’s a nice cozy place for a family lunch or a cute date. The staff takes special care of their customers and due to less number of people, the task becomes manageable.

9) The One Restaurant

The location is set amidst the crowded space in Kingsway Burnaby, the one restaurant serves Taiwanese food and the menu consists of meals only (lunch and dinner). The inside is elegant and clean with brightly colored painted walls making it lively and beautiful.

The menu consists of so many delicious food items. Some of the must-order dishes are deep-fried squid tentacles, chicken nugget fried rice, Taiwanese beef tendon soup noodle, deep-fried oyster, and tasty dumplings.

The One Restaurant
Images from The One Restaurant

The signature item of the one restaurant is bubble tea and the highly popular sweet item is the various fruit slushes.

The serving is done in  unbelievable portions and are worth every penny according to the online reviewers the top-rated beverage is the mixed berry drink.

The one restaurant is very popular in Kingsway due to the modern outlook, great service, and not so expensive prices of very tasty dishes.

Anyone can enjoy ordering comfort food to make their tummy happy without burning their pockets.

What is Quality Food?

The restaurants that are value-oriented provide the best kind of food which is cooked hygienically using fresh and local ingredients and is served in reasonable proportion.

The best restaurant focuses on quality food and great service which helps them in maintaining goodwill in the market. It makes them stand out from the crowd and helps them in surviving in the long run competition.

Places like The Pear Tree and e.b.o used to be a part of Burnaby but have loosened their grip and are out of the competition from the food service market.

Some of the best restaurants in the above-mentioned list serving quality food are Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria, Hart House restaurant, Cockney Kings Fish and Chips, and Gray Olive Cafeteria.

Concluding Thoughts

Keeping in mind the concept and values of Canada the above-mentioned restaurant is very much indifferent from each other in terms of food. And location but they are situated in Burnaby city.

The most famous restaurants in Burnaby which are highly recommended are way too Canadian are Hart House restaurant, Persona patio restaurant and lounge, Cockney kings fish and chips, and Gray olive cafeteria.

The interesting thing about the restaurant is the menu which is way too much different from each other though Canadian.

It becomes very convenient to hit a restaurant when you know the kind of food they are going to offer. So as per the location and taste anyone can make an appropriate choice.

Trust your gut feeling and follow your heart.



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