Pukaskwa National Park
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Pukaskwa National Park: 5 Superb Activities to Do!

Pukaskwa National Park is in Marathon, Ontario, in the Thunder Bay District of Northern Ontario, Canada. This park was developed in 1978 and is known for its beautiful view of Lake Superior and Boreal forests.

It is also famous for its Coastal Hiking Trail following the path of Lake Superior’s north shore. Furthermore, many backcountry campsites are located around the Park, including Hattie Cove campground at the park’s north end.

You can enjoy many fun activities at the park, such as hiking, swimming, visiting the sandy beaches at Horseshoe Bay or travelling to the white river suspension bridge.

1. 5 Fun Things to Do at Pukaskwa National Park:

1.1. Day Hike :

Hiking trails have good access for everyone to visit and go camping. The hike is usually liked by many, mainly youth.

This gives a good visit, the camping experience is at its best, you can also see animals there.

Southern headland trail is an hour away, surrounded by Hattie Cove. Hiking the southern headland trails offers a red chair experience.

Hiking Ontario: Pukaskwa National Park

1.2. Beach Trail :

The Beach Trail is an hour away from the visitor centre. Go for a walk in the middle of the beach to enjoy sandy beaches and cool weather. This place in Canada is lovely and gives a pleasant feel.

1.3. Manito Miikana :

The Spirit Trail is an hour-long walk through the rocky terrains of the west. It is in Horseshoe Bay on the west side.

The surroundings of it give you a beautiful view of lakes, rivers, animals, and dunes.

1.4. Anishinaabe Camping :

This place helps you to learn about the customs and traditions of the Anishinaabe people.

It will give a new learning experience about their people, lives, customs, and practices. Knowing about them will be something different.

You can learn about hunting, trapping, fishing, etc. You can love the wildlife here.

1.5. Swimming

You can enjoy swimming in Pukaskwa Parks Canada. You can enjoy kayaking in sheltered bays and also go camping.

This place is situated on the north shore and offers excellent hiking opportunities and gorgeous landscapes of Lake Superior.

2. Things to Pack for Pukaskwa National Park:

These are some essential things to carry while going to Pukaskwa National Park.

2.1. Illumination

This place is far from the city, so while planning a trip from Pukaskwa, bring a powerful torch to guide you through dark space there.

Keep in mind to bring sufficient equipment to travel in the dark.

2.2. Warm Clothing

The weather on Lake Superior can change anytime. This place has complex weather, which cannot be predicted.

Be it summer or winter, it can occur anytime. All types of weather were present simultaneously, which is being said by people there.

So, extra clothing that suits the weather must be noted while travelling.

2.3. Hiking Boots

You may use hiking boots or something that suits you for travelling over rocky or slippery places like this.

2.4. Wetsuit

Swimming in Lake Superior is so much fun, but wearing a wetsuit is needed because the water’s temperature is so cold here.

These kinds of equipment will always be helpful while going to these places. Always plan prior and make a checklist of what the things needed for this place are.

Also, carry safety to tackle any challenging situations that may occur suddenly, without expecting.

Do travel with a guide in new places when you are going for 1st time. And keep in mind the safety of people while creating memorable experiences.

3. What Is the Best Time to Visit the Park?

It’s open every time of the year, from May – October is an excellent time to visit.

Besides this period, check the weather conditions and availability of parks in Canada or the park directly while coming.

4. Some Must-Know Facts about Pukaskwa National Park

  • This national park is very remote.
  • Some of the meanings of Pukaskwa Park include: “eaters of fish,” “something evil,” or “safe harbour.”
  • This is one of the largest of six national parks situated in Ontario.
  • Hattie Cove Campground Canada can be accessed from Highway 627, only road access.
  • The national park is named after the Pukaskwa River, named after the Ojibwa word.
  • Pukaskwa National Park includes rivers like the Pukaskwa River, Cascade River, North Swallow River, etc.
  • Pukaskwa National is only Ontario’s wildlife park in Canada, as it is the national park system of Canada.
  • The park has three distinct natural ecosystems: the boreal forest, the Canadian Shield, and the Lake Superior shoreline.
  • Lake Superior is a cold lake.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Where Is the Pukaskwa National Park?

Ans. The Pukaskwa National Park is located on Lake Superior in Northern Ontario, Canada.

Q2. What Is the Meaning of The Word Pukaskwa?

Ans. Some of the meanings of the word include “eaters of fish,” “something evil,” or “safe harbour.”

Q3. What Does the Word “Pukaskwa” Describe?

Ans. “Pukasu” describes what people do when they cook the marrow inside the bones of animals.

Q4.What Is the Pronunciation of The Word “Pukaskwa”?

Ans. The word “Pukaskwa” can be pronounced as “Puck-a-saw”.


The Pukaskwa National Park in the south of Marathon, Ontario, is another best place to spend your journey. This place is one of the largest parks in Canada.

This place offers content-satisfying places to explore with our family and friends. You can choose from hiking trails, swimming, camping, and many more.

Pukaskwa National Park is a few hours’ drive from almost every place like Toronto. So travelling to this beautiful place won’t be a hurdle for anyone from Canada.

Pukaskwa National Park: Top 5 Activities in a day

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